Princess Nagger thought the overabundance of snow we got was the best thing ever.  Especially when she was able to not only slide down a big pile of snow like a penguin, but had another slightly smaller pile of snow that was the perfect mountain for her dinosaurs to play on.  I came out of the Summer House to head into the main house, and was a bit startled at this sight:

The largest dinosaur is about 2-feet tall, and seemed to be making great progress chewing his way to the top – the smaller ones looked like they were having a slightly more difficult time getting up the mountain:

Especially this stegosaurus, who looks like he might have encountered a small avalanche:

The next day brought much better weather for the adventurous climbers – the big guy was able to successfully arrive at the top of Snow Mountain:

His friends, however, didn’t seem to have made much progress overnight:

Although the stegosaurus did look like he was able to clear some of the avalanche for a better chance of making it to the top:

Sadly, the only dinosaur that made it to the top of the mountain was the big guy.  The smaller dinosaurs were snatched from their precarious perch by the nefarious Rolexasauraus, who thought carrying them out to the snowy tundra was much more satisfying than seeing them struggle to the top of snowy mountain:

But this carnivorous creature would soon learn that he would get no satisfaction from his stolen prizes, since they were far from juicy and tender and had more of a rubber texture to them.  So he abandoned them out in the snowy field and chased some flying dinosaurs for a while instead; the Penguin Princess lead the wayward dinosaurs to safety, and everyone lived happily ever after.


PS:  Mother Nature warmed things up after a long cold spell and sent rain to melt some of the overabundance of snow.  Just when we thought we could anticipate seeing green grass again, another storm is moving our way with a warning for tonight until Friday morning.  Three words we really didn’t want to hear again this winter, “Significant Snow Event”.  So we just might have a sequel to the Dinosaur Snow Mountain…stay tuned!


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  1. Those dinosaurs would be much better off at my house, where the grass is starting to get a little green in it and the buds are on the trees! Everything is in bloom with anticipation of blueviolet’s arrival!

    Enjoy your snow! LOL
    .-= Otin would like you to read ..Slightly annoyed =-.

  2. OH that is too cool. I have to show this to my little guy. He loves doing stuff like this with his guys.
    We get snow and it melts..or it’s too wet.

  3. Your pictures help to remember how much fun snow is for the kids. The dinosaur at the top with the victory roar is great! It was minus one point two degrees fahrenheit here this morning. Now it is plus one. I like it on the plus side. Hope you are warm and doing well today.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..COUNTRY LIVING =-.

  4. Those look like some chilly reptiles! They are probably thinking “what happened to Global Warming?!”

    Looking forward to seeing you in Baltimore~ Let’s hope we don’t have a “significant snow event” that weekend!

  5. This post was so cute, Stacy! The dinosaurs looked DEAD in the first few pictures. Your kid has got some imagination. I don’t know how she can keep those things in her room though. Would scare me half to death!

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..Sunday Scramble 2-21-10 =-.

  6. That is one HUGE dinasour! 2 feet? Ca-razy 🙂

    I have a feeling the big guy isn’t dreading the coming storm, the little guys however, could probably go without!

  7. cute! i’m so sick of snow though. with all the rain we’ve gotten the past 3 days, most of it has melted. just in time for the blizzard we’re supposed to get for the next 2 days!
    .-= jaime would like you to read ..Heaven and Hell =-.

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