One of Princess Nagger’s homework assignments yesterday was actually a fun one – she had a packet of Sweethearts the teacher wanted her to create sentences from the sayings on the hearts, gluing the selected hearts in the actual sentence.  Did you follow that?   I’m a little incoherent today with the cold PN so generously shared with me.

Here’s her completed assignment:

Here are the sentences she came up with (the words in red are the ones actually on the heart…but you probably figured that out already):

ASK ME” to marry you and I might “SAY YES“!

Will you “BE MINE” forever?

My “FIRST KISS” will be when I get married.

I will bring my “LOVE BUG” with “ME“!

One thing I noticed about these hearts is that they definitely aren’t like they used to be – the printed text isn’t clear and stamped like they were when I was a kid – in fact, on a majority of the hearts in the packet the words were only half-stamped, most of them were either faded or only partially on the heart itself.  Like they were the budget version of the original.  Princess Nagger decided to re-write one of the hearts so it was more clear:

She penciled it in better than the stamping machine.

She was a little bummed she wasn’t going to be able to eat all of the hearts, since the instructions said to glue them to the paper –  there were plenty left over for her to snack on, since the words on a lot of them couldn’t be deciphered.  Fastened with glue sure didn’t deter the dogs from circling the coffee table like vultures after she was done.  Their long noses sniffed the air delicately, waiting for the prime opportunity to snatch the paper and run.

I shooed them away and put the paper out of their reach on the kitchen counter to allow the glue to dry overnight before putting it into her backpack to take to school, chuckling at the thought that there just might be a time when the Princess Nagger may have to beg her teacher for mercy when the dogs actually do eat her homework.  Especially if she’s snacking on Cheeto’s while she’s working on her homework.

The dogs are, after all, perfect paper shredders.  This time they were disappointed that not only were they unable to hone their skills on paper shredding, they missed out on the sugary bonuses they were so intently interested in.


  1. What a fun homework assignment! She came up with some great sentences.

    You were the poster before me on SITS today, I had to come by to say Happy Fausnaught Day!

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. You ARE going to keep this and when she goes on her first date, bring it out and remind her of the solemn promise to have her first kiss when she’s walked down the isle!

    sweet post and wonderful teacher!
    .-= Janean would like you to read ..Paper Drapes =-.

  3. What a neat assignment, and she did a great job! And hey, Strudel HAS eaten the girls’ homework. And a workbook. And a text book. And just yesterday she ate a whole bunch of Sweet Tarts and Smarties. Oops.

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..Sunday Scramble =-.

  4. Ok, I want to have kids just so I can help them with cool homework assignments like this! What a cute idea! And I love PN’s sentences, especially the “first kiss” one. We’ll see if that one comes true!
    .-= Pooba would like you to read ..D’oh! =-.

  5. does she like the conversation hearts? I never did, so having an assignment where I had to glue them on would be fine with me. Cheetos tho, no way. Gimme them all! I love them, and it ain’t easy bein cheesy!
    .-= rxBambi would like you to read ..Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

  6. That’s such a cute assignment. Although we hate the conversation hearts around here. Yuck. They’ve got nothing on a nice piece of chocolate.

  7. What a fun assignment, she did such a great job! I love that she wrote on the heart where you couldn’t read it! I too noticed it was hard to read the words on the hearts this year, weird huh?
    .-= LT would like you to read ..Take Me Back Tuesday =-.

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