This week’s Spin Cycle is all about Pet Peeves.  Man, this post is going to seem like I’m ragging on Hovering Hubby.  I’m sure he has some pet peeves about me, but it’s my blog, so I get to be in charge.

I’m a pretty laid back person, so I don’t let things get to me.  But there are some things I don’t understand, but could be considered pet peeves:

Leaving the cupboard doors open or the silverware drawer open.  Constantly.

Moments after I have the kitchen counter cleaned, either Princess Nagger or Hovering Hubby will load it up with crap.  That I end up having to clean off once again to make room on the counters to do my thing in the kitchen.  It’s almost as if the gleaming surface beckons to them and invites them to lay junk mail, toys, paperwork, toys, or random stuff piled on top of stuff.

Half empty Pepsi cans scattered in odd places.  The bookshelves, the kitchen counter, the water pump outside – you name it, there will be a half-full Pepsi can sitting somewhere.  Since I drink Vanilla Coke, hubby’s the culprit on that pet peeve.

I’m the first one up and the last one to go to bed.  Why?  Because I’m the alarm clock.  Hubby won’t stir a muscle when the alarm goes off, so I have to elbow him awake.  Some mornings I may elbow him a little aggressively if I’m jolted awake having had little sleep the night before from his loud snoring.  Now that I think about it, the amount of times I kick or elbow him when he’s snoring is probably his pet peeve about me.  I accidentally kicked him out of bed one night (he literally fell out of bed trying to avoid my elbow, knee and foot – I felt bad, but I also tried very hard not to laugh.)   I’m the last one to bed because I’m the one making sure all the HH and PN plates, silverware or bowls and cups are actually in the kitchen and not scattered around the living room, kitchen or dining room.  Sometimes Hovering Hubby will do what he does best – hover – while I scurry around and pick up random things to put away before bedtime.  Then I’m up for at least another half hour switching laundry or loading the dishwasher.

Which brings me to my next pet peeve – when HH knows that I’m going to run the dishwasher, I have him collect his random coffee cups that are sitting by his computer so I can sandblast them rinse them out before putting them in the dishwasher.  Then I’ll get up the next morning and find that he has made a midnight trip downstairs for a bowl of cereal.  Which took place while the dishwasher was running – and instead of adding his now dirty bowl and spoon to the running dishwasher, he leaves them in the sink.  Without rinsing them.  So I find a bowl with the spoon stuck to the inside of the bowl from the partially dried milk.  After I had made sure the sink was clean and empty before going to bed.

When I’m in the middle of doing something that someone else can’t help with – like cooking dinner or making wine, HH will ask every five minutes if he can help with something.  And every five minutes I tell him “No, thanks.”  But when I’m doing something that he could help with, he makes himself scarce.  It’s like he knows when I do not require help, that I can’t complain because at least he asks.  Every five minutes.   On the weekends he’ll ask what’s on his ‘list’ – I tell him he’s a big boy, he can figure out what needs to be done on his own without me making a list for him.  But when I do decide to give him a list, he pouts.  Go figure.

So that this isn’t all about the Hovering Hubby, let’s see what other pet peeves I have:

People who tailgate when I’m already going over the speed limit.  I’ll slow down to 5 mph below the speed limit just to piss them off.

People who drive while talking on their cell phones – especially those that cut me off in the process.  I’ll end up tailgating them.

People who block the aisles in the grocery store and ignore your polite “Excuse me” because they’re too busy chatting with a friend or on their cell phone.

People who run into you and don’t say “Sorry” or “Excuse me” when they practically knock you over, but throw you a dirty look like you’re the one in the wrong because you were in their way.

That’s probably enough Debbie Downer Pet Peeves for the day – what are your pet peeves?  Do we share any?  Do you do what I do and let most of them roll like water off a duck’s back?

This Spin Cycle was brought to you in part by Jen, who isn’t a pet peeve but is Sprite’s Keeper.  Head on over and check out the other spinners – find out if they share the same pet peeves you have!

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  1. Ha, I could have written most of these myself. My husband is great at putting stuff down on my just cleaned counter too and it drives me NUTS. Thankfully, my counter is rarely clean so it’s not a problem.

    I had the grocery store blocking experience yesterday at Whole Foods. People just would not move out of the effing way. I give two polite “excuse me’s” before I raise my voice. I’m done being Ms Nice Guy.

  2. I hate when people say they’ll call you back and they don’t. And then I’m gonna have to agree with my sweetheart, Otin, on his pet peeve, but I’ll be there by summertime.
    .-= blueviolet would like you to read ..My Secret Shame =-.

  3. oh yes, we have the same pet peeves, but i will add a couple more. hair in the bathroom, on/in the sink, the back of the toilet, the bathtub walls, i absolutely hate it! how hard is it to wipe the hair away or rinse it off the walls, seriously. putting empty containers back in the frig, what the hell. dirty laundry on the floor right beside the basket. i better stop there before i get carried away. just wanted to stop in and say hi and wish you a wonderful day…hugz!
    .-= PJ would like you to read ..Phone Pics =-.

  4. “People who run into you and don’t say “Sorry” or “Excuse me” when they practically knock you over, but throw you a dirty look like you’re the one in the wrong because you were in their way”

    SOOOO THIS ONE! I am pretty tolerant of most things but when someone bumps into me, pushes past me and then acts like it was MY fault… I’ve been known to get an attitude…
    .-= Eternal Lizdom would like you to read ..I’m So Not A Quitter =-.

  5. I could have written those myself. Those darn Pepsi cans! I get so aggravated! I tried buying a bottle of soda so that he would only pour what he wanted, and then my kitchen glasses started migrating out to the porch, into the basement, out to the garage. That was worse, I guess. Great spin.
    .-= Mama Badger would like you to read ..The Spin Cycle- Happiness =-.

  6. Looks like a lot of us have grocery store pet peeves. I do not understand the person behind me in the check-out line continually bumping me with their basket and attempting to breathe down my neck while I’m trying to pay. Do they think they can make me suddenly disappear?
    .-= Granny Annie would like you to read ..SHOCK AND AWE =-.

  7. LOL @ “Debbie Downer”

    Like you, I used to be pretty laid back and little things really didn’t irritate me that much. However, I find the deeper I get into the whole menopause thing, I am much more touchy about things – poor Beloved and The Young One have been snapped at quite a bit for joking and fooling around (which they seem to be able to do for absurdly LONG periods of time…)
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup =-.

  8. the knocking into me and it’s my fault thing: argh!
    how about, when I hold the door open for someone and I don’t get a thank you, like they are the queen or king and it’s my job to hold doors open for them

  9. This is actually pretty good description of most households I think. First of all I so like the cartoon!!
    If I tell you some of my secrets, don’t tell anyone, okay?
    I hide to cans of coke way back with the veggie cans. In a low cupboard where he will not get down there to look for anything. So every once in awhile I will get a coke and bring it in to the room he is in and ask if he would like to share a coke with me. He will say “Where did you find that!!!???” Hah, he’ll never know. Next, hubby uses one cup. When he picked one cup that was unbeknownst to me sentimental because the first time he came to my place for dinner when we were just getting to know each other I used this cup for him. So. That is the cup he uses and the only one. Every so often during the day I wash it out with dish soap and he starts out with a fresh cup. But. The. Same. Cup. I would put a love note on a bowl left without at least rinsing it, and would request that he please fill the bowl with water when he sets it in the sink. You can even mention how little things like that would give you a few minutes more to nuzzle his neck instead of standing in the kitchen trying to scrape dried on goo on something left in the sink. Whew. These are some of my secrets. No no, no need to thank me.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Everything But The Kitchen Sink, But Wait! There Is A Kitchen Sink! =-.

  10. “People who run into you and don’t say “Sorry” or “Excuse me” when they practically knock you over, but throw you a dirty look like you’re the one in the wrong because you were in their way.”

    This is totally one of mine too, and it makes me want to punch something when the only thing they DO say is, “Excuse you.” It makes me crazy!

  11. All of the above! It’s always fun to rag on the hubbies! Why their mother’s didn’t teach them how to put dirty clothes in the hamper is beyond me. That’ll be priority number one if I have a boy!
    .-= Pooba would like you to read ..I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus =-.

  12. Oh yes, you hit them well. My husband does not like to close the pantry doors, he doesn’t like the sound they make. Same with the coat closet 🙁 I am always closing those doors. He will make a salad and leave the messy bowl on the counter. Salad dressing stinks! I ask him to please put some dishsoap in it and fill it with water!
    People on the phone in the car, I really get mad about that. Okay I will not get on my soapbox. Good post.
    .-= Debby would like you to read ..RANDOM DOZEN =-.

  13. I think I can relate to almost all of those. I seem to be a magnet for those people that block the aisles and then compare tuna can prices completely oblivious to the person standing five feet from them quietly clearing their throat and saying “excuse me”. Ugh.

    And my dining room table is a catch-all for everyone else’s junk.

    Peevish much? 😉
    .-= mrsbear would like you to read ..Because We Don’t Throw Anything Away =-.

  14. I’m with Jan, the whole menopause thing is making me peevish about everything. I hate it when people walk (very slowly)down a corridor side by side and won’t move aside to let someone who is in a hurry (me) pass by them.

    I hate is when I’m in a public bathroom that has 15 stalls, and the only other person in there besides me has to take the stall RIGHT NEXT to mine! Give a girl some space, people!

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