Where in the world did January go?  I woke up yesterday, and it was February already.  So here we are the first Random Tuesday for February.  It’s also Groundhog Day – I wonder if the Groundhog will see his shadow or escape back into his hole with the loud noises and bright lights anticipating his prediction of an early Spring or longer Winter?

Apparently Punxsutawney Phil is going ‘high tech’ – his prediction will be sent out via text (provided you sent a text asking for the text…yeah, I passed on that).  I’ve always wondered how it’s determined that a stuffed groundhog can actually see his shadow or not.  I don’t know, if I were the stand-in groundhog, I think I’d be retreating back into my hole if a dude with a top-hat was waiting for me.  Not to mention the zillions of people:

Updated to add (8:14 am): PP saw his shadow – 6 more weeks of winter.  Since those that are they are calling whomever they call for snow this afternoon, I could have predicted that PP would have seen his shadow this morning.  Bundle up!

I think I finally stopped writing ’09’ for dates.  Only took me about 25 days to realize I kept making folders on my computer for 1-x-09 instead of 1-x-10.  At least when I’ve had to hand-write something, I’ve been getting it right.  I think.

Tonight is the return of LOST!  It’s been a long anticipated return, and it’s the final season.   It started off really strong, but the third season it was almost painful to watch as it kept creating more questions and no answers.  Luckily seasons 4 and 5 went back to the the original formula of intrigue and suspense, so here’s hoping its final season will let it go out on top.  There were a lot of people who were concerned about the President’s State of the Union address possibly being scheduled for tonight, but apparently the White House didn’t want to incur the wrath of fans, so they scheduled it for last week instead.  Gotta love the White House scheduling around a television show.

If you heard an ear-piercing shriek of excitement coming from Pennsylvania or your dogs were acting funny because their ears were bothering them this weekend, no, that wasn’t an alarm, it was just Princess Nagger all exhuberant over what came for her in the mail on Saturday:

She had been nagging me about getting her some more dinosaur goo, since hers is long gone (you know, it accidentally fell into the garbage can when it got left out and turned yucky…)  and we had a particularly dramatic scene when she got off the bus last week all in tears because the dinosaur fossil replica that was in the original dinosaur goo had fallen out of her pocket at school and was lost forever.  Since I couldn’t find any goo in any local stores, I resorted to finding it online.

Since you can’t pick and choose the specific dinosaur you want in the goo,  I bought all 4 hoping she didn’ t get four of the same, but one of each.  She did.  She was especially happy that one of them happened to be her absolute favorite – the Pteranodon.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was just a random Pterosaurs –  since it was a winged creature, she was happy:

Since I wanted to make my shipping worthwhile, I also got a couple of extra items that really made her happy.  A Happy Nagger means a Happy Mama.  Except when she’s doing the dig kits on the coffee table and making a mess I end up cleaning up.  Then I have to rethink that happy.

I have the weather.com add-on for Firefox, and while I like the convenience for it showing the 3-day forecast and what it’s currently doing, the Weather Alert can be a good thing, or simply annoying when it keeps popping up letting me know there’s a Warning.  Like Saturday – there was a warning of significant snow fall for the afternoon/evening.  Any time I’d be in the middle of typing something, the warning kept popping up and halting my progress.  I think it wouldn’t have been so annoying had we actually gotten snow, but it bypassed us completely, except for a few random taunting flurries.  Apparently Mother Nature decided that the folks in Tennessee and the Carolina’s needed to have a ‘snow event’ instead.

I did notice that the bird feeders were empty, so I decided to fill them up just in case.  Plus I really want to get a good picture of the red cardinal that likes to hang out on the grape arbor.  I think he’s onto me, though, anytime I retrieve my camera to get a shot, he flies away immediately.  I’m pretty sure I hear him laughing as he leaves.

Friday night was the biggest and brightest full moon of 2010 – also known as the “Wolf Moon”.  I stayed up late to see if I could get a picture of it, but we had overcast skies, so I missed out.  I did grab my point-and-shoot camera and took a picture at 7:00 am Sunday morning as it was getting light:

In my blurry-eyed ‘I need coffee’ state I didn’t notice the power lines infringing on the quick shot.  But it’s actually kind of funny, because the power lines make the moon look like a paper lantern.

The weather has been so crazy and warm-ish that the back yard is turning into a mud pit.  I was glad that we ended up with some really cold weather this week so the ground would freeze and the dogs could have a bath.  Of course not five minutes after Travis was released from the confines of the tub he decided to go dance in the stream and must have found a non-frozen mud puddle.  He came back in the house looking like he had little brown boots on.  He was not happy he was redeposited into the tub promptly.

That’s about all the random I’ve got for this week – head over to Keely’s place for some more Random Fun!



  1. My son is a huge dinosaur lover. Where did you get the goo? I would definitely earn some mom points if I could surprise him with something like that.

  2. Tell what, if I got mail like that I would shreak and scream too. Speaking of Lost, we watched the first 3 seasons and then just had enough.
    .-= Mo would like you to read ..Warlords =-.

  3. I started watching Lost the first season, but I think that they did not really have a plan with the show. I lost interest quickly.

    Ahhh, Dinosaurs! I would read those books! 🙂

    I hate when stuff just pops up on your computer(Except Blueviolet) and you have to keep deleting it!
    .-= Otin would like you to read ..A Peek Into Our Lives =-.

  4. While I really have it bad for Otin, she really has it bad for dinosaurs! That moon looks more like a sun to me because it’s so bright!! And does anybody even buy into that groundhog thing? There’s always at least 6 more weeks of winter regardless!
    .-= blueviolet would like you to read ..Underneath the Diaper =-.

  5. Great shot of the moon. It does look like a lantern. Especially since the moon seems to be in front of the wire.

    We got that snow you were getting bugged about. It’s still here.
    We’re not much into dinosaurs but my kids would love that goo. I already have silly putty stuck in my carpet though, so I think I’ll pass.

  6. that rodent just had to go and see his shadow now we have 6 more weeks of blasted winter
    I believe I heard the squeel of excitment all the way here in Illinois but after all how could she contain such happiness?

  7. I hate that damn groundhog.

    And I have always watched Lost, and will watch it this season, but I am sort of over it. Season 3 was awful.
    .-= Kristina P. would like you to read ..Deer John =-.

  8. We made sure to get out to see the moon with LG that night. It was relatively clear over our way, though. You could see it well before the sun went down.

  9. Random… yes… love the dinosaur goo… my naggers love them too. Never did get the whole Groundhog thing?? just a little off center to me…and I hate that movie!!!
    I am positively craving Spring at this point… sigh!!

  10. I got a picture of the moon and didn’t even know it was a Wolf Moon..looks like it though.
    I hope Lost does answer some ????. I have been so confused.. would keep asking my husband …is this past or present. I really hope it’s good.
    .-= gayle would like you to read ..Week #4 Eating Healthy and Working Out =-.

  11. Great picture of the moon no matter time of day! Yes the groundhog did his thing today and apparently we will have six more weeks of winter. We have a couple beautiful birds here that take off as soon as I raise the camera so we haven’t gotten a picture yet. Hope you get to take a picture of your though.
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..Happy Groundhog Day =-.

  12. I lost interest in Lost during the 3rd season and never went back. Maybe I’ll try it again on Hulu or Netflix.

    That’s some pretty cool dinosaur goo! I’m glad PN likes her stuff.

    That’s a beautiful pic of the moon even with the power lines.

    Have a great day!
    .-= Raven would like you to read ..Mellow Random Tuesday =-.

  13. Well, now you’ve solved the mystery as to why my dog was covering his ears over the weekend!

    I can’t wait for LOST too, I’m still on season 5 (on dvd) so I’ve got to hurry and catch up!!!
    .-= Pooba would like you to read ..Suck Face =-.

  14. PP isn’t STUFFED! He’s real!

    Okay, you need to set PN up with her own research lab for all her dinos.

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..Sunday Scramble =-.

  15. OMIgosh, I completely forgot about Lost. I love the show but I don’t think I have the mental stamina to remember the plot. Maybe I’ll just tune in to see Jack. Hubba hubba.

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