Me:  “Will you do me a favor?  Can you please bring me a Vanilla Coke in a freezer sleeve?”

PN:  “Sure!  I knew you were going to ask me that!  I read your mind!”

(about five minutes later she returns empty handed…)

PN:  “I couldn’t open the box.”

Me:  “Oh, is it too hard?  Do you need help with that?”

PN:  “No, no, it’s not that it’s too hard, it’s illegal for me to open it, because I’m only seven!”

Me (bursting out laughing):  “Illegal?  What makes you say that?”

PN:  “Because on the box it says you have to be 13 or older.”

Me:  “It does?  This I’ve gotta see – come on and you can show me.  Let’s go check it out!”

Here’s what she read:

“Literal Girl” thought it meant you had to be a legal resident of the US and 13 years old or older to open the box.

In case you were wondering (because we know you were), yes, we do have a shelf in the fridge dedicated to drinking:

Vanilla Coke for me, Pepsi for the hubby, and juice bags and juice boxes for the Princess Nagger.  I always have to make sure I have both bags and boxes of juice, because if I’m out of one or the other, that will invariably be what the Princess Nagger wants.  The one I don’t have.

And for those that are wondering where the wine is…that has a fridge all its own.

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  1. brilliant girl she is;) I think I might have thought the same thing she did, lol

    I love my wine fridge’)
    .-= stevenanthony would like you to read ..Silly Sunday… =-.

  2. At least she is trying to follow the rules! LOL

    As a side note, I wish we had a shelf dedicated to drinking. All we have is stuff randomly shoved in the fridge which may or may not be suitable for drinking.
    .-= WickedStepMom would like you to read ..Scarred =-.

  3. Of course the wine has it’s very own! I wouldn’t expect less from you.

    In my dream house I will have a huge wine cellar in the basement. It’ll be awesome! lol

    Ok, PN is hilarious! First of all, it’s funny that she even thought to read the fine print on the box! I would have just opened it at her age. She is so stinkin smart! Love that girl!

  4. Oh yes, we have that shelf too and sometimes part of the next shelf. That was so cute that she wouldn’t open it.
    .-= Debby would like you to read ..SKYE B =-.

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