I haven’t had a chance to do a Friday Fragment post in a while – I’ve sure missed reading the fun fragments!  I was going to say “I can’t believe it’s the last Friday in February already!” but I’m sure you’re already thinking it.

Do you ever get so caught up in blog hopping you lose your train of thought?  I tend to do that when I have 80-million tabs open…I start to forget where I was or who I was reading and then panic and wonder if I left a comment for a different post on the post I just read but then breathe a sigh of relief that I left the correct comment on the correct post.  See?  It’s sometimes hard to keep track of my brain, let alone the tabs I have open.

We finally got a break from all the snow – in the form of rain earlier this week.  Not sure that would be considered a ‘break’, because all the ginormous piles of snow that are still prevalent were melting at an alarming rate.  Luckily our current sump pump did its job effectively – I really didn’t want to have to clean up another mess in the basement should it flood.  It’s annoying.  And extra work I just don’t need right now, I have enough on my plate already.

Of course as I type this we’re waiting to see what direction Mother Nature will take the current storm that’s slamming eastern PA, and NY  – we’re looking at either 1-6 inches of snow overnight (Thursday into Friday) or 6-12 inches.  More or less depending on which direction the storm track shifts and how long it decides to hang around.  Right now those that are they are thinking this storm will hang around until Saturday.  The snow I don’t mind, it’s the brutally cold wind we’ll be dealing with today – as long as the power doesn’t go out, I can handle the cold.

Speaking of snow or bad weather in general, whatever happened to the Post Office Motto?  You know the one:

“Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow nor heat of day nor dark of night shall keep this carrier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.”

Yeah.  That one.  The one they apparently don’t follow anymore.  Or at least our post office doesn’t.  The last two snowstorms we didn’t get mail delivery.  At all.  Sure, I can understand not delivering on the day of the snowstorms, it would have been crazy to try to deliver mail in that mess, especially the blizzard day.  I’m talking about days after the snowstorms – the roads were plowed, and we even made sure we dug out the 6 feet before and 6 feet after the mailbox for easy ‘approach and departure’ for the postal carrier.

When I called the Postmaster to find out, I was told that the carriers were instructed to return to the post office when it started getting dark.  So those of us at the end of the lazy mail carrier’s route wouldn’t be getting delivery because she didn’t get her route finished before it started getting dark.  Nice.

I guess their new motto must be:

“Rain, hail, sleet or snow or heat of day or dark of night shall keep this carrier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.  We’ll deliver the mail when we f*ing feel like it.  Or not.”

You’d think we were back in the early 1800’s when this house was built – they probably only got mail delivered once a month.  On horseback. 

Before we had the ‘warm up’, the icicles were getting pretty impressive – especially those on our neighbor’s house:

Though not quite as impressive as the ones on a house a friend of ours saw while out for a walk:

I’d be a little nervous entering or exiting the house – those icicles look deadly!  But oh so pretty.

If I wake up tomorrow (this morning) to several inches of snow on the ground and Princess Nagger has a Snow Day,  I think I’ll make the special Storm French Toast and cook up a bunch of bacon slices for PN.  She loves bacon – she’d eat it every day if I let her.  She found out yesterday that they’ll start taking away summer days to make up the Snow Days.  Bacon will definitely help.

Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

PN:  “Tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life!

Me:  “Why do you say that?”

PN:  “Because it’s “Pizza Party” day!  We finally get to have our Pizza Party for winning the contest!”

Me:  “How exciting!  I know how much you love pizza!”

PN:  “Oh, but that’s not the best part!”

Me:  “What’s the best part?”

PN:  “We get to eat our pizza in the classroom!! We’re not allowed to eat in the classroom, but our Pizza Party is going to be extra special since we get to eat in the classroom!  It’s going to be the best. day. ever!!

And now, time for Happy Hour!

  • I’m happy that I was able to convince my doctor to call in a prescription last week which means my sinus infection is almost gone.  Now if PMS would take a hike, I’d be ecstatic.
  • I’m happy that so far we’ve not had any power outages during the extremely high (and cold) winds (knock wood).
  • I’m happy that Princess Nagger is still thoroughly enamored with dinosaurs.   So far it’s the one thing that hasn’t been a fleeting interest – maybe she really will become a paleontologist when she grows up.
  • I’m happy that Spring is right around the corner.  It sure doesn’t feel like it today, but it’s going to be nice to change the calendar page on Monday and see “First Day of Spring” looming ahead.

If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. I just saw this morning that eastern Pa and central and north Jersey were supposed to get feet of snow! I hope that PN gets her Pizza party!

    I am happy that I can still see my grass!
    .-= Otin would like you to read ..Slightly annoyed =-.

  2. Yeah! I was wondering what happened to the mail also!

    Well, we did get over 20 inches up here in Orange County so I guess I can’t really blame them….this time (-:

    .-= mrsblogalot would like you to read ..It’s My Time =-.

  3. We lost postal service the day of our big 4 inches of snow a few weeks back. I didn’t realize the postal service changed their personal creed so easily!
    .-= brainella would like you to read ..Toss it, baby! =-.

  4. Another part of that USPS motto is that they don’t deliver if they have to back up. For example, if a car is parked just beyond the mailbox so that the USPS driver has to back up to get around the car after delivering to the mailbox. This was announced by our letter carrier and confirmed by his post master.
    .-= Caution Flag would like you to read ..FF: Planning for the Future =-.

  5. I’m actually glad that your icicles don’t look like those of your neighbors! Isn’t it a sign that your insulation is not all it could be???

    Princess Nagger gets a pizza party? The joys of childhood are so wonderful. That just makes me smile!
    .-= blueviolet would like you to read ..Quick Update! =-.

  6. So sick of the snow! My friends and I are bringing the kids for lunch to the restaurant/bar up the street….drink specials all day! We need it!!

    Do me a favor please–all of my readers lost my feed this weekend when I switched to Word Press. Can you visit my site at http://www.lifeasaceo.com and re-subscribe to my feed or re-follow me through google? THANKS 🙂

  7. Oh that ice looks so dangerous, there are a lot of buildings here in town that have “danger falling ice” signs on them in the historical district. It’s pretty scary and even if you go and bash them all down with a shovel,if you can reach, they will be back in the evening due to more melting. It’s also amazing just how much heat people are losing out their roof.
    The snow here is melting and our “30cm of snow+rain and wind warning” came as all wind and rain. I’ve got the door to my deck open today because it’s warm. Amazing really as I remember last years snow all too well. Maybe sspring will be that much better? oh and I’ve decided on supper. 🙂 Pizza of course
    .-= kyooty would like you to read ..So Much Packed into 5 Years =-.

  8. It’s snowing now. Again. And I’m here griping about it. Again.

    Thank you for letting me.

    Now I would like to join PN for her pizza party – she is SO cute and funny, I know she’d cheer me right up.
    .-= Jan would like you to read ..Smoulder, Baby, Smoulder =-.

  9. I just saw the weather report and I’m guessing you got the snow you feared. Which means that I’m jealous about that special French toast and bacon. Lucky Princess!

  10. As you know, we here in the eastern part of PA are getting hammered, as I type this. And the winds are really picking up too. The neighbor boy and his shovel are doing our driveway right now. I feel bad for him. He’s so small and only 9 years old. He came inside for a break and had a cold drink. It’s a big driveway. He will be paid well.

    I so relate to the multi-tasking on blogging. What did I say, did I send it yet, ooops I sent a blank email, ooops I sent a blank comment. Yeah, been there, done that.

    As for the mail, we get ours the next day after a storm. But I do like that ammended creed for the post office.
    .-= Matty Thoughts would like you to read ..Friday Fragments =-.

  11. We have two days in a row without mail delivery here because of the snow/ice but third day they delivered it all. But that only happened a couple times this winter.
    Our house had icicles like your picture but I go out there with the hoe and knock them down. One fell on me and down my bra one day as I walked out the front door. Did not like that one little bit!
    .-= Technobabe would like you to read ..What Do You Really See =-.

  12. Cool. Your site ROCKS!
    I hope mine will eventually be like yours.
    WEll not in a copycat sort of way. You know what I mean.
    So you are a CCWA addict too?
    I love comments. The meaty ones that ask something or make me laugh. It NEVER hurts to compliment or make me blush out of thoughfulness.
    i love your handle Stacy the random cool chick! So awesome. Where did U think of it?
    Your header ROCKS too.
    Well I love it.
    Thanks for stopping by once again.
    .-= One Vlogging Mama would like you to read ..My soap opera *sigh* =-.

  13. now the comment that says something bout the post. OOPSIE.
    Mail- Rain or shine we will deliver the mail. Totally agree with YOU on that one. They will deliver when they get around to you. Whenever they feel like it.
    Icicles–Awesome and pretty but I bet you can’t wait until they melt.
    I’ve been to Ann’s GNO out before. It’s cool. Maybe I’ll check it out and link up.
    .-= One Vlogging Mama would like you to read ..My soap opera *sigh* =-.

  14. Oh my gosh those icicles are CARAZY! Reminds me of the christmas story “You’ll poke your eye out!” lol

    What’s up with your post office dudes? So not cool. When we have bad snow, they still come but when the snow has covered the mailboxes we have to set out a stick with a bucket for them to put the mail in. Their too lazy to come to the house apparently.
    .-= Pooba would like you to read ..Observations From A Candy Dish =-.

  15. those are some scary lookin’ icicles…and I was a little confused by this post at first but oh yeah.. it’s FRAGMENT FRIDAY!!!!! I need to go to bed!!! or get a pedicure!!!
    Hugs.. happy weekend!

  16. Whoa, those icicles are actually gorgeous. I’ve always thought an icicle would be the perfect murder weapon. It melts, so no weapon/fingerprints can be found. Good, right?

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..I’m Dumber Than a 7th Grader =-.

  17. I’ve never heard of Friday Fragments, but love it!!! Those icicles were impressive. We missed out on the snow today unfortunately. I was kind of hoping for a bit more since all the snow is melting for our big blizzard a couple weeks ago. Have a great weekend.
    .-= Mel’s Box of Chocolates would like you to read ..Sticker Stamps? =-.

  18. I keep seeing all of these beautiful houses covered in icicles lately. Apparently I am the only one who is scared to death of them. I knock mine right off the house as soon as they get long enough for me to do so. Happy Friday!
    .-= Upstatemomof3 would like you to read ..Coming To An End =-.

  19. I was wondering about the mail person motto too!

    We have not lost power yet either. We did lose cable tv and that was horrible – especially when the boys were home from school. What a nightmare!

    Here in bucks county, pa we only ended up with an inch or two. That snow storm really fizzled out!
    .-= Christine @ Propeller Head Mom would like you to read ..Friday Fragments =-.

  20. Our mail usually comes in the afternnon- Thursday they delivered at around 8 am!

    There are some days however, where I get NOTHING…that does not seem right.

    I think the mail carrier is taking an unauthorized break those days 🙂

    Or has junk mail gone down?

    Hope you had a great VGNO!
    .-= Carolee would like you to read ..There’s Snow use cryin’ about it! =-.

  21. All so funny! I seem to get lost frequently on the internet and my husband always wants to close everything I have open, I try not to let him though, who knows which of those pages I meant to go back to. Good luck with the snow and our post office is just like yours, in our freak snow storm, snow on the ground for 2 weeks, freaky in Portland, Oregon….we only got the mail 3 or 4 days. I don’t think the people who take all my money…electric & gas co, mortgage co, etc. really care if I have a snow day…..

    Hope you had a great VGNO! Stop by & visit when you get a chance, I’m always looking for a few more followers on my blog & FB! http://juliechats.blogspot.com – Thanks! 🙂 -j

  22. Damn that beotch of a mail carrier; she really has it in for you, doesn’t she?!

    Her best day ever, huh? Gee, I sure hope not! haha

    I, too, get lost with all of the tabs open!!

    Hope this finds your sump pump continuing to do its job 🙂 Have a great weekend.
    .-= mrs4444 would like you to read ..The Writing is on the Palm =-.

  23. Thanks so much for playing along with HHF. Sorry it took me so long to get here.
    Those icicles were freaking fantastic! But I agree, I’d be a little worried walking under them =)

    hope you had a great weekend!
    .-= rxBambi would like you to read ..10 Things That Nurture Me =-.

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