Mother Nature really has been pulling a fast one this month, hasn’t she?  We got what’s being called a ‘one-two punch’ with two big snow storms hitting us within days of each other.  Today I’m going to keep things fairly simple since we had sporadic internet during those 2 storms, which caused me to fall way behind on my blog reading.  But I thought you might enjoy seeing what Mother Nature laid on us.  Remember these pictures from the Friday/Saturday Storm?

My Grand Caravan buried (the windshield wipers up in order to make clearing the snow off the windshield after the storm easier and not ruin the wiper blades).  Then this picture of hubby on Sunday, kindly digging out both vehicles from the deluge:

This is what we woke up to on Wednesday morning…not even 3 full days after all that shoveling we did on Sunday:

Those were taken at 8:00 in the morning.  It snowed steady until about 9:00 that night.  13 hours, which gave us another 24 inches on top of the original 30.  54 inches of snow is way too much snow.  We had a Blizzard Warning until 10pm Wednesday night – we were at least trying to keep the back brick patio as clear as possible, to keep maneuvering from the Summer House to the House easier.  I took this picture not 10-minutes after shoveling the bricks clear:

The reason you can still see the bricks were the dogs are is because that’s where the wind kept coming through between the house and the Summer House.  Cold, blustery and blowing snow all over.  It just kept snowing…

And snowing…

And snowing.  At one point, hubby realized he had left the bags of pellets for the pellet stove in the back of his car.  So he had to dig a quick path to his car and bring at least one 40-lb bag in.  He looked like Frosty the Snowman by the time he made it back to the house, he was covered in snow.

I was glad that I had filled up the bird feeders before the snow started – the blowing snow didn’t slow them down from getting a snack.  I realized that I was going to have a chance to finally take a picture of our resident Red Cardinal as he was chowing down on the seeds the other birds were dropping from the feeder:

He was having a chat with another bird on the ground while the female Cardinal was hanging out in the nearby tree:

Of course Rolex foiled my plans of getting a good shot, he decided it was the perfect time to go chase after them and scared them away:

I’ll get a good picture of the Cardinal one of these days.  Princess Nagger kept picking up the snow shovel every once in a while and tried to help keep the bricks clear:

As more snow continued to fall…

First thing Thursday morning I took these next two pictures out of an upstairs window looking down.  See that nice flat plain of drifted snow on the right?  That’s the driveway.  The wind at least blew the snow from the front to the back of the driveway, so instead of creating larger drifts to deal with, we ended up with drifts that were only 3 to 4 feet.  It could have been worse.

Luckily Princess Nagger got another Snow Day, so we didn’t have to worry about shoveling the sidewalks and the front porch to the street, but hubby had to be at work by noon, so we had to get started digging out the vehicles.  And possibly the driveway.   We weren’t sure if it was going to be too deep for our neighbor’s plow.

Thank goodness the neighbor showed up to plow the driveway just as hubby was starting to eliminate the deep snow one shovelful at a time.  What took the guy maybe 10 minutes to accomplish would have taken us all day.  All we had to worry about was digging out the vehicles.

Princess Nagger’s pathways she made with the first round of snow were all completely buried.  It looks like the dogs tried to start making a path on their own, but it got too deep for them to continue, so they’ve pretty much carved some paths around the shed and the flower beds by the grape arbor.  They sure love playing out in the snow!

There is talk of more snow on Monday night into Tuesday – they keep saying that it won’t be anything significant, but they’ve been saying that a lot lately and have been wrong.  I hope this time they’re right.

After all those chilly pictures, how about we warm up with RxBambi’s Happy Hour?

In spite of the overabundance of snow and all the back-breaking shoveling, I actually do have things to be happy about!

  • I’m happy that the neighbors only charged us $20 each time to plow our driveway.  Considering it would take at least 8 hours each time to shovel, it was well worth it.
  • I’m happy that there will be no more inclement weather at least through the weekend.  We can use the break.
  • I’m actually happy that the temperatures won’t rise much above 36 degrees over the next week – with the ginormous piles of snow everywhere, the last thing we need is a rapid warm-up.  I much prefer the slow evaporation by the sun so we don’t end up having the piles of snow turn into rivers of sludge.
  • I’m happy that hubby’s work decided to stay closed on Wednesday so he didn’t have to drive his little car in the blizzard.
  • I’m happy the Princess Nagger ended up being off school Wednesday and Thursday for Snow Days, and today for Teacher In-service.  She came down with a fever and a cold late Tuesday night (probably from all the outdoor activity over the weekend), so she had a chance to rest and recuperate (without taking sick days) and is already starting to feel better.


Have a great weekend!


  1. I am happy that I do not live where you live! They will be tilling fields here for planting in a couple of weeks. I hope your snow does not melt as fast as blueviolet has melted my heart, or you guys will get flooded out!
    .-= Otin would like you to read ..Where The Fuck did Otie go??? =-.

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Boy, I thought we got a lot of snow. After looking at your pics I really can’t complain. We didn’t get nearly as much as you. That looks like it not going to melt till April! Hopefully mother nature will take it easy on you for the rest of the winter.
    .-= Kim would like you to read ..Snow Day…..NOT! =-.

  3. Look at how sweet Otin is to me in his comment. How did I get so lucky, Stacy, to have found the perfect man? As for you and your snow, please tell me all that will be cleared out of PA, Gettysburg included, by next month!!!!

  4. Whoa. Utah is having unseasonably warm weather so seeing that much snow somewhere else is so strange. Love the pictures of the puppies outside.;)
    .-= steenky bee would like you to read ..Bad Romance =-.

  5. Holy crapola, that is a LOT of snow!!!! I sure wish I could be there right now. Just as long as I wouldn’t have to shovel!

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..Boundless Joy =-.

  6. Look at all that snow. Some of it is ours, give it back! We got barely any with the last storm. You will probably have snow until spring.
    .-= Anne would like you to read ..Snoremageddon =-.

  7. Oh my! That photo of your car is too much. Good for you for having the good sense to leave the wipers up…although they almost disappeared completely!

  8. All that snow is just amazing! I hope it melts slowly too – clearing the streets first so you can all go outside and get on with your lives!! Have a great weekend!
    .-= Teri would like you to read ..3 things =-.

  9. great pics and all that snow is crazy! glad you guys are getting a break. Happy hour is thee best and thats where I am actually headed to in about an hour.woohoo!
    stopping by from Friday Follow

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