As I was going through all my files to back everything up before I do a clean sweep on my limping-along laptop, I ran across this photo of Princess Nagger from 2008:

Yes, that’s a real live snake, and yes, she’s wearing a pair of my gardening gloves for ‘protection’.

Hubby has always been a ‘snake keeper’ – when he was growing up, he used to have a pet Blue Indigo (Drymarchon corais erebennus, also known as ‘Texas Indigo’).  They’re an endangered species, and the largest non-venomous snake in North America.   When we first met, he had recently purchased a new baby Blue Indigo since his original one was long gone.  He stays away from all venomous ones, and only likes to raise snakes from the King, Corn, and Pine families.

Over the years he’s bought baby snakes, raised them into adulthood then sold them to fellow snake aficionado’s.   He even made the great sacrifice of selling his precious Blue Indigo when we were getting ready to buy our house seven years ago, just so we could add that extra money to our down payment to reduce our monthly mortgage.

I’m not a fan of snakes – but over the years have learned what are ‘good’ snakes and what are ‘bad’ snakes.  Princess Nagger has shown great interest in the pet snakes hubby has had over the years, and asked for her very own pet snake.  Which is what you see in the picture above.  A Pine snake, very mellow and tame, he traded several other snakes in order to obtain that one for the Princess Nagger.

Of course, as usual for kids, Princess Nagger’s interest waned as she focused strictly on Dinosaurs, so the Pine snake was sold at some point and there were no complaints from PN (or me) when that took place.  The snakes are (thankfully) not kept in the house, but in aquariums and plastic shoe boxes (with holes drilled, of course) in the Summer House.  Out of my line of sight.

Good thing there are no real live dinosaurs left.  We’d be nagged to get one for a pet.  Specifically a Pteranodon, Princess Nagger’s favorite.

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  1. Hey There..Im a new follower from “Life with a little one”..had to check your blog cuz I knew a Stacie, awhile ago..and although she was’nt random..she was cool..I like here I am…to check out your random far so good..except for the snake..LOL..!
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..…Wordless Wednesday…. =-.

  2. My kids would do anything to have their own pteranadon. Or an ankylosaurus. Hmm, giant flying meat eater or armour plated plant eater the size of a school bus?

    Ya, I’d totally buy them one.

    Quick note: If you’re using IE at all, why?

  3. I think it is quite cool that you are raising a fearless girl! and since your hubby knows a lot about snakes, then she understands/appreciates the safety issues while still appreciating the animal. Love it!

  4. I think that’s what we call a “Blue Racer” around these parts..As Cub Scouts, we chased one once, and he turned and chased us for a while! Fast and pretty big- but harmless to humans..

  5. Snakes give me the heebie jeebies. I don’t think we could co-exist in the same household. I am trying to raise my kids so they are not afraid (So far, so good) but I can’t stand them.

  6. I love when kids show interest in animals and pets, and when kids (girls especially since fear of snakes is thought of a girly fear) show interest in snakes. But I do understand the fear, heebie jeebies, etc. even though I personally love (non-venomous of course) snakes because it is the same feeling I have towards spiders and other bugs/insects.

    Also, isn’t it great to ‘clean-out’ the harddrive sometimes, the treasures you can come across!

    (Not participating in WW today, just trying to get around to more blogs than I’m usually able to 🙂 )

  7. No way!! Not me, not in a million years! The Crocodile hunter knew the difference between good animals and bad animals, also. Just saying!

  8. I love snakes and had one as a teenager. Makes me a little sad though… them being in aquariums and bins.

    Btw… WHY does your blog bring me back to the TOP of the post when I hit “leave comment”? Arghhhhhhhhhhh

    Justine 😮 )

  9. Hats off to her for not being scared of snakes like I am!!! I have a photo of myself with a snake but I have a very very different expression.

  10. Oh…and I meant to tell you that if you are ever in the Tampa, FL area and PN is still into dinosaurs, go to Dinosaur World in Plant City, FL (about 20 minutes outside of Tampa). We went during our recent vacation and I was thinking of how much PN would LOVE it the whole time.

  11. My sister used to collect snakes. Once we went on a horse ride and she suddenly jumped off her horse grabbed this rosie boa?? and stuck it down her shirt and off we went. I will never forget that memory. I am not much of a snake fan myself but they don’t freak me out.

  12. I’m not a fan of snakes. Wow, that’s a big one.
    I wanted to tell you that you haven’t been coming through my reader for awhile. I think I have it fixed now. I missed reading you.

  13. wow. that gave me the shivers. twice. those boots are too much…those boots on a little princess holding a very large snake. priceless
    .-= magda would like you to read blog ..Hook Me Up =-.

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