I’ve decided that on Sundays I’m not going to post anything new.  Well, after today that is.  Because everyone needs a break, including you who probably curse me under your breath when you get behind and find that I haven’t given you a break by not posting something.  So there ya go.  I’m giving myself a one-day break each week, and giving you one as well.  It’ll give me a chance to play some catch-up, too.

Besides, today I have extensive wine making to do.  I have Spanish Tempranillo and Wild Blueberry Blush wines to bottle – which will be about 60 bottles of wine.  And I have other wine to rack.  All this also includes some extensive wine tasting.  So be forewarned – when I do some blog-hopping later,  I might be a little loopy.  Well, OK, a bit more than usual.

Carry on – enjoy your day!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be enjoying mine…

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  1. Good for your for taking a day off! I get most of my posts done on the weekend and schedule them for the week. Hope you are having a good weekend!
    .-= Laura would like you to read ..Sunday Link Love =-.

  2. I will give you a quote since you always did quotable Sunday!- “You deserve a break today!”- Ronald MC Donald
    .-= Otin would like you to read ..Scuba TV =-.

  3. Ok, I found a chink in the armor of WordPress today! Every wordpress blog is linking up to that same stupid ScubaTV post. WordPress is NOT better than blogger. Here ye!

    Have a great day off!

  4. Good idea! I should pick a “day of rest,” too! I don’t post every day but I am constantly working on a new post! Enjoy your day. Stopping by from SITS!

  5. Good for you! Although, I don’t know why you think you have to blog every day anyway. And of course you choose Sunday as your non-blogging day, when I’m trying to get a meme going! Argh!

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine would like you to read ..Join Me For The Sunday Scramble =-.

  6. You deserve a break. I really don’t know how you manage it. The daily blogging, the thoughtful comments, the wine making, the family.

    You don’t sleep, do you? 😉

    Take a day off. Have some wine. Have some more. 😛
    .-= Mrsbear would like you to read ..Idiot Dog =-.

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