This is the first Random Tuesday of the New Year!  We should have a Random Party!  Oh wait, we’ve partied enough for a while.  Hence the Perpetual Headache.  Well, maybe not so much the partying but the beating my head against my keyboard as I look crosseyed at CSS and HTML and CRAPOLA trying to figure out how to get my feeds to fix themselves since it’s been awfully lonely over here since I moved to my new digs.

Two things I’ve discovered with the perpetual head banging – well, three if you count the imprint of the keyboard on my forehead.  If you’re reading this using IE7 or earlier, you won’t be able to comment.  Believe me, I’ve tried to figure out why it doesn’t like the comment mode, I turned off all the extra features and widgets and checked and re-checked the code in the templates and functions and other crapola, and there isn’t anything potentially causeful of a crash.  But IE7 sure doesn’t like it.  I know, because The Captain told me, which alerted me to the issue, and I tried it on my hardly-ever-used IE7 browser and kept wanting to spout off profanities towards Microsoft.  Oh wait, I think I did.

At any rate, if you’re using IE8 or even better, Safari or Firefox or anyone else that’s not IE, you’re good as gold.  You can breath a sigh of relief and click that comment button to your heart’s content.  And hey, while you’re here, feel free to leave a comment, too.  I’ll return the favor.  Oh, and even though I have my feed automatically forwarded and updated via Blogger, they may be a bit persnickety and not willing to divulge that info, so it’s looking like I haven’t updated my blog in forever and a day. Which obviously isn’t the case.  So if you’re subscribed to my RSS Feed or email updates, you might have to re-subscribe.

We got 2-inches of snow the morning of New Year’s Eve – Mother Nature decided to make my day of bi-monthly grocery shopping a little more interesting.

Since we got freezing rain and sleet later that day and evening, we were glad we had no plans to go anywhere to ring in the New Year.

Princess Nagger tagged along on the bi-monthly grocery shopping and reminded me that we needed to pick up hot dogs.  Since the ginormous carts that can keep her entertained were covered with snow, she had to walk alongside the regular cart.  She was whining insistent that she help pick out items and add them to add the cart.  I’m looking forward to the next bi-monthly grocery shopping day when she’ll be at school and I can stick to the list without the whining.   Though I did get a giggle out of her selection of hot dogs to purchase:

Quarter-Pound dogs.  Here, let’s give you some perspective on their actual size:

I’m not a big fan of hot dogs to begin with, so I’ll happily let Princess Nagger and hubby choke them down with relish.

I was racking my Apple-Cranberry wine this weekend, and realized I need to get a longer hose for racking.  I have to pay careful attention because if I’m trying to hurry things along and give the automatic siphoner an extra  couple of pumps to push wine through into the carboy faster, the end of the hose will escape and spray wine all over.

I just re-read that last part and it really sounds like I’m talking about something else.   Too bad it wasn’t as fun (or as satisfying) as that.

Anyway, the runaway hose spewed wine all over the floor, my jeans and my shoes.  Of course I only thought about taking a picture halfway through cleanup, it was a bit more impressive with the huge puddle of wine on the floor and the cranberry red all over my shoes, but if you squint you can imagine it:

I wasn’t so much bummed about getting red wine on my jeans and tennies as much as I was bummed about the loss of some really good wine that it’s turning out to be.

I think that’s about enough randomness for the first week of the New Year – head on over to Keely’s for even more fun and randomness to start your year off right!   Go forth and be Random!


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  1. I’m here, and although the updates are feeding to my blog, my email updates have come without interruption.

    I bought Dietz and Watson BOGO hot dogs on Saturday, they are BIG too. They also had Eagle packaging. That along with BOGO status made the purchase a sweet deal. Tara does not like them warm, but cold. My daughter is so odd!

    Happy Tuesday. I just realized I didn’t post something I had for Monday, and I need to write my RTT~
    .-= Martha´s last blog ..Quotable Sunday – Keep it Simple! =-.

  2. Ooooo…I wonder if I will be able to comment!
    Your wintery pictures look really cold!
    I like hot dogs, but those dogs are SUPER! Way too much!

    The whole hose and wine racking thing DID sound fun but then you had to go an explain what you were REALLY doing! 😉
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Mayeb that’s the deal with CK Lunchbox. I haven’t been able to even find the comment button since September over there. Yet I’m commenting here…so frustrating.

    Love the Cherry Blossoms! Have you and the family ever been to DC in April for the Cherry Blossom Festival? It is so beautiful. Something to look forward to amongst the snow….

    Happy RTT!
    .-= Blogging Mama Andrea´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts: Guess the Moving Truck’s Location =-.

  4. I can comment and I did receive your RSS feed so your new home is working perfectly for me. I was sorry to hear about the wasted wine. It isn’t like you can lick it off the floor (although maybe you can).

    That is a lot of hot dogs! Good luck working your way through them.
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Still No Food Network and Other Random Thoughts =-.

  5. That sounds like a huge mess on your hands! Are you complaining about those 2 inches cuz you’d better not be! We have 28 inches here and I haven’t left my house since last Thursday.
    .-= blueviolet´s last blog ..Igor =-.

  6. I love your snow pictures. It was snowing everywhere around and we didn’t get anything but a few flakes. I’m so upset. I wish it would snow already!

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. I love that you make your own wine! I used to brew beer, but haven’t in many years. Maybe I should give it another crack. I’ll make sure I have a nice long hose.

  8. I sent you an email awhile back asking if you had received those everyday food cookbooks. Did they finally arrive or am I bugging the wrong person LOL

    Those hotdogs are huge! I’m so glad you gave me some perspective. what a hoot.

  9. Looking at that snow made me cold. I have to head to Syracuse, NY most of Feb and I’m terrified. I already stressed to my mother that it’s a huge month for me re:work so she can expect me to be gone. I might just say I’m going to the library and go shopping, but I can’t handle 2 weeks there again after my Christmas misery.
    .-= Julie From Momspective (W/Linky)´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts – I’m Talking A Lot Of Shit Today =-.

  10. Well, no wonder I wasn’t getting any RSS updates in my Google reader for you! You moved! I love the new digs.

    And you’re on WordPress ~ don’t you love it?

    Now I need to go read your post…

  11. I was thinking of moving to WordPress but was worried about the feeds. I guess resubscribing isn’t that bad of a deal.

    And those hot dogs are crazy big!!!

  12. Ooh, I love the new look!

    That wine sounds super yummy! I always forget to take pictures for my blog until the “after” part. But I definitely can imagine that puddle of wine on the floor. It’s enough to make one cry!
    .-= Ginny Marie´s last blog ..Lily and the Calendar Mishap =-.

  13. Oh no! Not the Apple-Cranberry! Did you lick it up off the floor? LOL I seriously can’t wait until your wines are done and are up for sale, I’m getting so excited!! That and the wine jelly!

    Them are some huge hotdogs!! Princess Nagger must have quite the appetite!

    (I must not have IE7 because look at me! I’m commenting!)

    Now I’m off to change your web address on my blog roll so it’s not your old blogger one. Hopefully it’ll update then!
    .-= Pooba´s last blog ..Ochoversary =-.

  14. Ok, so that explains it.. you did move and I’m not crazy.

    Is that an action shot of actual snowflakes falling? Too cool. Well, too cold. Brr. It’s in the 30’s and 40’s here all week and my toes are cold but I love it.

    Sorry about the wine spill. Those hot dogs are HUGE, remind me of the ones we buy for summer bbq’s, they’re yum.
    .-= Casey´s last blog ..Why Didn’t Somebody Warn Us – Part One On Going Dye Free =-.

  15. Apple-cranberry wine sounds interesting, if slightly messy under the circumstances!

    Hubby made a quick brewed apple cider this week, about 4% alcohol and very drinkable indeed. He has ambitions to make mead too, it’s all to do with the historical reenactment we do, home brews are practically a requirement 🙂
    .-= mimbles´s last blog ..We need a new car =-.

  16. LOL on the hot dogs! Something my daughter would pick out for sure! Sorry IE is giving you trouble, I haven’t tried to comment from work where I have IE yet, I will try tomorrow.
    Hope the rest of your week is better!
    .-= LT´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

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