Thank you to my awesome bloggy buddies who were concerned about me being AWOL over the weekend.  Your emails and comments were greatly appreciated!

So Friday’s post gave you a rundown of the issues I was having the last couple of weeks – not just with my broken feeds (which are apparently still broken), but also with the Blue Screen of Death my computer suddenly decided it was tired of working and needed to reboot itself.  Always at the most inopportune time, and always when I was in the middle of something important.

Friday was no different.  I thought my System Restore antics of earlier in the week would have taken care of the uninvited Windows Updates that always like to make my laptop crash, but since Vista doesn’t allow you to choose a date further than 4 or 5 days prior (unlike XP where you can go back almost a full month to restore), apparently some of those updates that snuck in stayed put.  Much to my chagrin and annoyance.

I was in the middle of reading an entertaining blog and getting ready to leave a witty comment, when my computer crashed.   The Blue Screen of Death yet again.  So I waited impatiently the terminal amount of time for my computer to boot back up, then did two more System Restores, trying to back track and eliminate the issues.  When it seemed to be working ‘normal’ again (and I use that term very loosely), I was getting back into the groove of blog-hopping when the Blue Screen of Death hit yet again.

This time I closed my laptop and walked away.  If I were going to maintain any semblance of sanity, I needed to do just that.

So I spent the evening playing video games with Princess Nagger instead.  A nice no-need-to-think-and-get-frustrated evening for sure.

Saturday morning I was all geared up to see if I could get it to function and do my usual Silly Saturday post.  Only my computer had other plans instead.  Yet another Blue Screen of Death moment.  I was about ready to toss my laptop right out the window in front of me.

Apparently it’s going to be necessary to do an FDISK and reinstall everything.  For now I’m just going to let it limp along and do the best I can until I make sure everything that needs to be backed up is saved on auxiliary drives so as not to lose any important things that will be wiped out when I wipe the hard drive completely bare and start over again.

Fellow PC users are probably empathizing with me at this moment, whereas MAC users are probably shaking their heads and grinning at the fact they never have to deal with this kind of crap.

Hello, my name is Stacy and I’ve been a PC user since 1996.  I’ve been way too loyal to PC for my own good, apparently.  Friends that have crossed over to MAC are singing their praises highly, even my brother recently switched over and can’t get over how much more efficient and easy they are to use compared to a PC.

Maybe my computer is telling me it’s time to Cross Over to the Other Side.   The interruption to my ‘normal’ routine is getting annoying.  I have blog posts to write, blogs to read, and websites to master.  I need consistency.  And I need it now.  If only the money tree planted in the back yard would actually produce greens other than normal everyday leaves.  I’d be off to a MAC store in a heartbeat to make my life easier today.


  1. Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! You’re gonna like it over here. My daugther really sat down and checked mine out and was like, where’s this and that. Then when I showed her that everything has it’s own place she was like “whoa, I like that”. You’ll love it. I promise. Anything you want to know, ask on twitter or go on the online tutorial. you really don’t need to buy the one on one in store thing.

  2. Ohmygosh … you’ve just described my life with Vista! I’ve had more Blue Screens of Death than I can count and they all come at the most inopportune times. I’ve learned to save often so that I don’t lose everything and have to start over all the time, but it’s annoying. Currently my Photoshop Organizer shows hourglasses rather than thumbnails unless I make the photos larger (no more than 3 across). I’m thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 but there are no guarantees there either are there. I have Mac friends who seem happier for the most part … but in listening to them there are different issues around software availability that plague them. Good luck whatever you decide.
    Hugs and blessings,
    .-= storyteller´s last blog ..Musings and Mosaics =-.

  3. I’m so glad you finally emailed back. I was honestly really worried about you! One more day and I was going to be calling you! Don’t do that again!

    I never really thought about going Mac but now you’ve got me interested!
    .-= blueviolet´s last blog ..Just a Simple Thank You Today =-.

  4. I have to say that I have a PC and I really wish I’d held out for a MAC instead. Maybe in a couple of years when I’m settled down a bit, I’ll ‘splash out’.

    As for us, we’ll all still be here with you in the meantime as you sort your PC and website out…you can’t get rid of us that easily! 🙂
    .-= Aloha Toni!´s last blog ..What not to say on a Monday morning*… =-.

  5. I had the same dilemma last March and I made the big switch. It isn’t too different. The biggest problem is that you need to buy all the software in Mac format (which just pissed me off). I don’t get any more blue screen of death and I don’t pick up any more viruses. I think the problem is Vista. It is just a really crummy operating system. Good luck!

  6. I think you should bite the bullet, shine up your credit card and go get the Mac. Madison’s is soooooooo good. I don’t know how old your laptop is, but it sounds like it’s giving you a message. Throw me out the window! I want to end it all!

    Justine 😮 )
    .-= Justine´s last blog ..Sunday Scramble II =-.

  7. I got a MAC two years ago. My dinosaur PC that runs Windows XP is still in the other room. It’s hooked up to my printer – so that’s about the only time I use it…to print something. My husband’s computer that runs vista makes him turn various shades of red each day.

    I run Firefox on my MAC and I love it. Absolutely totally completely love it.

  8. Hmmm, how odd – the comment LUV didn’t come up, even though it showed my most recent post. Oh well – it’s the thought that counts. 🙂

  9. Good for you! Once you go Mac, you don’t go back! I’ve been a Mac user for nearly 10 years now and I’ve never had a problem with being a blogger and using it for all the things bloggers do. In fact, when I have to go to my “real job” and use a PC during the day I die a little inside.

  10. WELCOME TO THE MAC FAMILY!….when and if you switch 🙂
    I grew up in Cupertino, California, the Mac headquarters!

    My uncle has worked for Mac since before I could remember. I was raised on Macs! You’ll never regret the switch! When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a rebel and switch to PC and BOY DID I REGRET IT!
    .-= Vesper would like you to read blog ..Dear So & So: Am I Getting Old? =-.

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