It seems like forever since I’ve done a Friday Fragments post.  I’ve missed the Fragmented group!  Boy has it been a long week, I’m still trying to work out the kinks on my new digs here, so I’ve had my head buried in code that is true gibberish to my fuddled brain.  What better way to de-fuddle my brain than throw some random fragments into a post?  You can thank  Mrs. 4444’s and de-fuddle your brain, too.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year – we had a series of unfortunate events over the Christmas weekend but luckily no additional drama in this New Year.  Princess Nagger still hasn’t lost those two loose teeth yet, the bottom tooth is stubbornly holding on while her big tooth is growing in behind it.

I keep offering to use pliers or tie a string to her tooth and the doorknob, but she resists both ideas.  Hubby offered to tie the other end of the string to one of the dog’s tails, but she still won’t buy into our potential remedies.  She keeps wanting to eat crunchy Cheetos since that’s when her first tooth fell out.  Guess I better stock up!

Chuck is back!   This show is one of my absolute favorites – it was new last year, and there were ugly rumors going around that NBC was going to not bring it back, but they relented to the masses and it’s back.  Sure, it’s only coming back now, which is technically mid-season, but at least it’s back.  Better late than never!

If you missed it last year, you shouldn’t miss it this year.  It’s that good.  It premieres Sunday night at 8:00 pm with a 2-hour premiere, then will resume it’s normal Monday night slot at 8:00 pm.  So basically Monday we’ll get a bonus episode.  I can’t wait!

I still haven’t taken down my Christmas decorations yet.  I didn’t go ‘all out’ this year like I usually do, so there’s really only the tree and a few extra items to take care of, but it’s been so cold and windy that schlepping storage tubs to and from the shed wasn’t an attractive prospect for me this week.

The wind is especially biting on the front porch, so that decor is still blazing brightly at night.  At least it’s not so much ‘Christmasy’ as all that – white lights and green garland on the porch posts, and 4 lighted deer on the porch with hay bales, one group of hay bales is covered with a white tablecloth to look like snow.  If I really think about it, it’s more of a ‘winter scene’ rather than a Christmas one, so I could technically leave it up until Spring.

We were supposed to get not-so-frozen temperatures this week and weekend, but the arctic blast from the North made sure that didn’t happen.  And now we’re expecting a few inches of snow overnight and biting cold temperatures and wind for the weekend, so that pretty much eliminates the desire to hang out on the front porch and take everything down.  I might tackle the Christmas tree this weekend just so I can have my living room back.

If you tried to access my blog on Wednesday morning, you probably saw the ‘error’ screen from Bravenet, where I have everything under the sun hosted.  Apparently they had a server or something major crash during the night, which rendered everything hosted there inaccessible.

I’ve had hosting there for about 4 years and this is the very first time anything major like that ever happened, but it sure stressed me out big time.  As if banging my head against the keyboard trying to figure out how to code my blog wasn’t stressful enough.  Hopefully it’ll be another 4 years or longer before anything like that happens again. *fingers crossed*

Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

PN’s bus was late getting home yesterday – apparently the bus broke down.  She gave me a great big bear hug when she finally got home, and this is the little conversation that took place:

PN:  “I missed you too much!”

Me:  “I missed you, too!”

PN:  “That’s funny that you missed me.”

Me:  “Why is that funny?”

PN:  “I didn’t think that you missed me when I was at school.”

Me:  “Sure I do, most days.”

PN:  “So I guess today was one of those ‘most’ days, huh?”

Me:  “Yes, it was.”

PN:  “So what did you do all day, sit around and miss me?”

Me:  “Of course not!  I don’t just sit around all day you know.”

PN:  “So what did you do today?”

Me:  “Worked on trying to figure out how to finish setting up my blog and worked on other websites.”

PN:  “What, you were walking around with your laptop and not sitting?”

Me:  “No, silly – I was sitting while working on my laptop.”

PN:  “So you were sitting around all day!”

Me:  “OK, Literal Girl, I was sitting, but I was busy!”

PN:  “If you were that busy, how did you miss me?”

Me:  “What, you think I can’t be busy doing stuff and miss you at the same time?  I’m a multitasker, you know!”

PN:  “I’m a multitasker, too – watch me eat my after school snack and watch a dinosaur show at the same time!”

And now, time for Happy Hour!

  • I’m happy that I’m almost done figuring out how to code my blog so I can finally be done being cross-eyed and can get back into the swing of reading and commenting again.
  • I’m happy that hubby is tolerant of the Christmas decorations sticking around a bit longer than normal.  He hasn’t said anything about them still being around, so I’m taking that as a sign that it’s OK.  He also hasn’t said anything about the house being a mess right now, either, so I’m taking that as a sign that it’s OK, too.
  • I’m happy that Princess Nagger seems none the worse for wear in spite of having her ear drum burst over Christmas weekend.
  • I’m happy that even though she got sick over the holidays, that she didn’t share it with me.

If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. We’ve taken down most of the Christmas decorations. Or rather I made the kids do it. Which means that the outdoor lights are in little piles on the front deck instead of strung all over the garden. I suppose that’s progress. (Now I just have to work out what was done with the boxes they belong in, they have to be around here somewhere!)
    .-= mimbles´s last blog ..We need a new car =-.

  2. Those Christmas decorations are really bothering you, aren’t they? haha

    PN is in that phase where she wants you to mean exactly what you say. She could not be a politician!

    It seems that you got some things worked out, but I still don’t think that you are showing up on the blog roll.
    .-= Otin´s last blog ..Happy Hour Friday =-.

  3. Happy Friday Morning. Bravenet has to know that they really messed with my routine on Wednesday, I have an order for blog reading… you are first because you are in my email… it almost paralyzed me! Glad it is fixed!

    It is snowing pretty outsie, TV weather said it should be stopping soon, but the ground is sufficiently covered and Princess had an extra wag in her tail this morning!

    Took our tree down on Wednesday – I couldn’t read you blog, I had to do something! I still have to schlep (I love that you use that word too) the boxes to the car and then to storage.

    Love the PN convo! She is too funny! Picture this, Stacy walking around the house with her laptop strapped around her neck like a beer vendor at a football game!
    .-= Martha´s last blog ..A Thousand Words Thursday – A Hero =-.

  4. PN is a multitasker and a hoot! I’m glad she is feeling better.

    I’m with you on the Christmas decor.

    Love the new look, my friend! Have a nice (calm) weekend!
    .-= Dina @ 4 Lettre Words´s last blog ..Fragmented Freewrite #24 =-.

  5. Do you ever win an argument with that girl??

    Our Christmas decorations are still up, too. I don’t know about the outside ones, but the inside ones are being packed away and taken to the basement this weekend.
    .-= Jan´s last blog ..Wait – What??? =-.

  6. Oh Stace, I’m glad you are finally starting to get all your blog kinks out. That’s gotta be SO frustrating. At least it would be for me because I know nothing about computers!

    I am going to start watching Chuck, my brother told me he loves it a while ago but I’ve forgot about it. Definitely setting my DVR tonight!

    Ok so Stace, listen up. You know me and my facination with your wine making right? Well I sure do miss the “wine” navigation button you had on your old blog. (Just a hint) lol!

    Happy Friday!
    .-= Pooba´s last blog ..Kissmas Eve =-.

  7. Ha, PN thinks you sit on your butt all day. I’m sitting on mine right now but I have to go pick up the kids in 15 minutes. Three hours is not enough to get anything done.

    I hope PN’s tooth comes out easily with little tooth drama. It’s a bit scary to lose a tooth at that age but then the cash makes it all better.

    Happy weekend.
    .-= Casey´s last blog ..Why Didn’t Somebody Warn Us – Part Two On Going Dye Free =-.

  8. Wow, I just read about your Christmas weekend. I am so sorry you had to deal with all of that.

    I am glad it is behind you now.

  9. I love Chuck and am excited that it is coming back. I can’t wait. My six year old always says I missed you too much too. I guess it is ok if she misses me just enough.

  10. I hope those teeth come out soon so the tooth fairy could come. My youngest has some “wiggly” teeth but they aren’t ready yet. He wants some stuff for his army costume so he asked if we could make a fake tooth out of paper, use a red pen for the blood, and try to fool the tooth fairy. I said I didn’t think she’d be fooled!
    .-= Barb´s last blog ..Happy Hour Friday =-.

  11. Give Nagger a Riesen’s chocolate covered caramel at room temp.. Those things have pulled two fillings out of my head!

  12. I love how PN tries to outlogic you! 😉

    You’ll be glad when you finally get your Christmas stuff down, I’ll bet. I didn’t do as much as I usually do either but I did get it down. However, I finally vacuumed all the tree debris today. Pathetic, I know.

  13. We just took our Christmas decorations down…we didn’t do a whole lot either…just didn’t feel like putting forth the effort! I love the new look as well! My eldest daughter has a loose front tooth and refuses to eat anything that might pull it out because “it might hurt”…even though she’s lost quite a few other teeth!

  14. back in the day when I celebrated Christmas with my ex, I always wanted to leave the tree up a big longer. It made the apt cozier and I just loved the feeling of sitting in the warm living room, staring at the lights.
    .-= jessica´s last blog ..Birthday S….? =-.

  15. Princess Nagger’s perspective is too cool. She’s a sharp kid.
    I wouldn’t worry about the decorations being up, most people enjoy seeing them at least until the end of January.
    I took down the decorations at work and got some very sad looks from a couple of kids. Next year I’ll wait.
    How about this snow? At least this time it’s not too heavy or wet to shovel.

  16. I’m glad PN is feeling better. I had the first ear infection ever last winter and I was pretty sure I was going to die. Retched things!

    I say don’t worry about the decorations! If they’re still up in May then maybe we need to have an intervention, but right now? RELAX!
    .-= mub´s last blog ..Friday Fragments- January 8, 2010 =-.

  17. Thanks for reminding me about Chuck, I love that show too! I’ll have to go & read about your Christmas weekend now. Hope you had a Happy VGNO!

  18. Every time I want to upgrade my blog, this fear comes into my brain. I have no idea how to fix anything in blogland code. May I come to you if I upgrade and have troubles? It looks like you got yours back at ’em again!! Bravo, by the way.

    PN is such a delight. My niece is literal like that. How can stay while walking, how can you laugh and eat? lol
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Trapped in a blue box =-.

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