This was Saturday – our first official snow storm of the 2009-2010 winter – those that are they are predicting we will have a repeat of the winter of 2002-2003 where we broke all previous records of measurable snow.  This storm sure started off that prediction with a bang:
That was about a quarter of the way in the snow storm.  See that little divet in the snow past the apple tree?  That was not too long after I had shoveled a clear path while it was snowing – since we were expecting 10-16 inches, I figured it would be easier to shovel several times during the snow storm instead of all at once at the end.  We ended up getting 24 inches.  And then some.
I had forgotten to fill the bird feeders the day before – you know, when it was nice and sunny and not snow covered.  The picture above was taken after I filled them up during the snow – sure didn’t take long for the snow to cover the top of the barn one, that’s for sure.  I had knocked all the snow off to make it easier to fill.  I also noticed that I neglected to cut back my three rose bushes…oops!
My mom-van is getting buried.  Hubby parked his little car at the front of the driveway so in case of an emergency, it would be easily dug out and a quick getaway to the road out front.  Usually he parks his car out in the area where my van is.
It snowed from just before noon until about midnight.  At times it was snowing at a rate of 1-2 inches per hour.  Both Rolex and Travis had a ton of fun running around in it, though – Travis barked at the falling snow at first, then he was on board with playing with Rolex and Princess Nagger.
The next day it was bright and sunny, though still very, very cold.  The real work began as we had to clear the sidewalk that runs around the side of the house, but the major work was shoveling out the driveway.  It was a major pain for sure.  Since we have a gravel driveway, we can’t go the easy route and use a snow blower, we had to shovel the entire thing by hand.
Here I’m standing not quite at the back of the driveway, near where my mom-van is parked looking towards the front:

Here, maybe this will help:

That cleared spot is where hubby’s car was parked.   He dug his car out and started working back towards me.  When I was taking these pictures, he was making a run to Lowe’s to see about getting a second snow shovel, since I was using our only one, and the metal shovel he’d been using broke.  He had no luck and ended up working on clearing with a rake.
I cleared the flagstone walkway from the Summer House to the parking area of our driveway.  But rather than clear out that whole big section, I simply dug a path to my van, then cleared the area around and in front of it, then started working my way towards the front of the driveway, one shovelful at a time.
Notice there’s a problem with the line of evergreens along the one side – one fell over completely, another was leaning drastically.
Travis and Rolex had lots of fun running around in the snow – as evidenced by the multitudes of little footprints in the snow.  It’s been only a few degrees above freezing during the day, which is making the snow stick around all week – possibly until Christmas Day giving us a technical ‘White Christmas’.

Mother Nature has some not-so-fun stuff planned at this point for Christmas Day, though – a chance of rain or freezing rain on Christmas Day.  Which will then make things extra soggy and not so wondrous as snow.  It could change, though, each day the prediction comes down a couple of degrees – if it keeps up that trend, maybe we’ll end up with snow for Christmas Day instead of a slushy mess.  I’ll keep you posted.

I apologize that I haven’t been getting around much this week – I probably should have taken a bloggy break since it’s been so crazy busy, but thanks for understanding and continuing to read and comment here!  I promise I’ll make it up to you when the craziness dies down a bit!

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  1. OMG, that is a ton of snow. I am thankful I live in AZ in times like these!

  2. What a storm! I hope it stops snowing here before it starts to look like that!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. What a winter wonderland! Of course, this is from someone who doesn't EVER get snow where she currently lives. 🙂

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. nice. we still have tons of snow and the roads are finally clearing here…guess we will have a white christmas though. and i bet PN is loving it!

  5. WOW — that is a ton of snow!! We are hoping (cross your fingers for us) for a quarter of an inch on Christmas…maybe…just rain here!! SO glad that you shared all the pics today!! Merry Christmas!!

  6. wow! that is a ton of snow. we just get frost here. we did get one day of snow last february, but those few inches melted too quickly. i wish we were having a "white christmas" and that my son could experience sledding. thanks for sharing and happy WW. take care.

  7. What lovely pictures! I like looking at the pics rather than walking in it! LOL That was one crazy snowstorm, especially for a Florida gal like me stuck in NYC!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. Looks so beautiful. The winter of 2002-2003 is the one that made me leave for Florida. There hasn't been one that bad since I left! Figures. We did not get quite as much, and we didn't have to shovel out, so I am loving it all!

    I've got my wrapping and some cleaning to do, but I am on schedule for Christmas Eve at 7pm tomorrow!

  9. Now I don't feel bad about our snow!

    And I just remembered your email! I will send you my address. I completely forgot I entered that giveaway!

  10. Now I don't feel bad about our snow!

    And I just remembered your email! I will send you my address. I completely forgot I entered that giveaway!

  11. That is a lot of snow. And it looks like the dogs had fun.
    We will content ourselves to watch everyone's snow photos today from a distance 🙂

  12. I do hope you get your White Christmas. I don't think Irving Berlin wanted any icy rain associated with his song. 🙂

  13. Wow! Beautiful photos-I especially loved the nighttime shot! We have had very little snow so far here in MN, but are expected to remedy that over the next three days! Have a wonderful holiday, hon!

  14. My dear, we're living this too. I love fresh snow, but the hard dirty stuff…not so much.

  15. We got dumped on here too and I posted a few pics on my blog. Poor dogs have a terrible time getting through the drifts! The kids have been out playing in it non stop. Merry Christmas!

  16. Those are fantastic photos! Looks like a really white Christmas for you!

    We are due to have all that snow in a couple days.

    Merry Christmas!

  17. that sure was a historic storm. Lucky we only got grazed here (8 inches).

    Have a Happy Holiday!

  18. ok, i am tripping out on our cold weather brrrr all the way down in the 50s. now i remember why i moved west, as if i ever forget. pure white pristine snow is beautiful, fun to read about and see in pics from faraway. merry xmas. take care stacy.

  19. Winter weather is real powerful, all you can do is go slow.
    The best of the holidays to you.


  20. Oh my God Stacy! Ok, I don't have any room to complain about our snow, I can't believe you had to shovel all of that! And the fallen tree! I would just lock myself in my house lol!

    I hope it snows for you on Christmas instead of rains! I love how your blog design has snow falling because it makes it look like it's snowing in all your pictures. So cute!

    Good luck girl!

  21. Wow! That is a ton of snow! We got snow but not quite that much and our roads are pretty clear now. Such a pain digging out though isn't it??!!

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