Remember how I mentioned last week about the trouble I went through to secure Spike the Ultra Dinosaur for Princess Nagger for Christmas?

Yeah, about that.

She decided last Monday night as she was getting ready to fall asleep that she’d really really like the red one.

A bit confused I asked her: “Wait, a red one?  What, did you see a commercial for it or something?”  (I was racking my brain trying to remember if maybe she had seen me working on the Spike post earlier that day, but I had made sure to switch to another tab if she entered the room, so that couldn’t be it.) 

She sleepily replied: “No, I just want a red one.  We saw a red one when I was at the store with you, but I can’t remember what store.  I just really hope I get a red one for Christmas.  I really really want a red one.”

I vaguely remembered seeing a red one when she and I were out shopping the day before Thanksgiving since she was home from school that day.  We were at Target.  Which makes sense that they would have a red one.

Then I saw it again when I was looking for pictures for last week’s post – and I read the reviews about both of them.  The red one got higher reviews than the green one did, apparently people have had issues with the green one…the mouth or the sound stops working after a short amount of time.  But no one’s had that issue with the red one.  Weird, huh?

Then the conundrum – while the red one at Target’s regular price is $10 less than Toys R Us’s green one, Toys R Us had the $50 off sale…which makes the Target one $40 more.  But I wanted to make sure Princess Nagger was 100% happy – after all, who wants to crush a child’s dreams at Christmastime?

So I braved the craziness of the gaggle of last-minute shoppers just 2 days before Christmas and ended up taking the green Spike back to Toys R Us.  Then took back another dinosaur to Wal*Mart she said she wanted, but said she didn’t have to get that one from Santa as long as he could bring the red Spike instead.  And finally headed over and secured a red Spike at Target.

She didn’t get to play with red Spike much because she got sick.  But yesterday she was feeling much better (thanks to the pink bubblegum medicine) and she had a great time playing with him.

And exclaiming over and over again she’s so happy he’s red.

When she’s happy, I’m happy.

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  1. Glad to hear that she is feeling better– and she sure looks like she's happy! 🙂 Very cool dinosaur!!

    Happy WW!

  2. That smile on her face in the first picture says it all. And I would have wanted the red too, he rocks. (or is it a she?)

  3. You are a nice Mommy! My Parents would have said, "If you don't like the one you got, We will take it back and you won't have anything!" lol.

    I am glad that you found what she wanted.

  4. Isn't it funny how they get fixed on a specific thing and it means so much to them? I'm glad you were able to find the RED one and make her happy!

  5. Glad PN is feeling better.
    What "Santa" won't do to make the kids happy! At least she gave you some time! Tara used to change her mind at the very last moment. Santa's not good under pressure.

    He is so cute. What do the dogs thing of him?

  6. That dinosaur is SO cool looking! At first I thought it was a blow-up, but the thing moves????

    Justine 😮 )

  7. You are a marvelous Mom – I'm afraid I'd have made some excuse about how Santa decided the red dinosaurs weren't as realistic as the green dinosaurs and he thought she would be much happier with a realistic dinosaur.

    Yup. You rock.

  8. God girl! All of that running around that you did, you are a good mom! I'd want that red one too, he's the poo.
    P.N. is looking especially adorable these days.

  9. How sad that she was sick……..brings back memories. What a great mommy for securing for her that RED spike!

  10. I don't like dinosaurs I'm afraid of them! LOL But that one is actually a very nice one! 🙂 Great mommy you are! I had a good childhood my parents would always try to get me the barbies or dolls I wanted. haha

  11. Oh, I remember going to great lengths and expense for a Kelly Princess Castle or something like that for my dd. It was a last year's toy, which meant it was very hard to find. But she knew that Santa would bring it, so what's a mom to do?

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  12. YOu know.. i was thinking about her the other day and wondering if she was going to get this for Christmas because of her love for dinos!

  13. Oh man, my kids would go NUTS for that dinosaur. We have to sit in the toy aisle at Target and push the button at least five times before they'll let me get on with my shopping.

    Glad PN is feeling better!

  14. Well thank heavens Santa got it straight and brought the red one, right? Glad she is having fun with it now that she is feeling better.

  15. Happy New year!!! red is good luck I hear so going into 2010 with a RED dinosaur sounds perfect to me!

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