A few nights ago Princess Nagger crept upstairs and was awfully quiet.  Usually when she sneaks upstairs fairly early in the evening, it’s to jump on our bed because it has a nice fluffy feather bed on the mattress.  Though she knows better than to actually ‘jump’, since she’s been making the feather bed lose feathers by doing so.

So instead, she pretends to do the Snuggle ad move and fall backward into the softness.  Since I hadn’t heard a peep from her upstairs in a while, I thought I’d better go check up on her.  This was the sight that greeted me:

She was sound asleep on the bed snugly tucked into an extra pillow case from the guest room.  The only thing outside of the pillow case was her head.  Of course I had to take a picture.

Out like a light, and didn’t even flinch when I turned on the bright overhead light, or when the camera flashed no less than three times.  I switched off the light and let her stay, since I didn’t want to end up waking her up by moving her, and she needed the sleep.

I asked her the next morning why she was all crammed into the pillow case and that I found it rather funny.  Her response?

“It wasn’t just an ordinary pillow case, Mama, I was in a dinosaur egg!”

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  1. She is too funny. How do they think of such things. She looks so comfy, sound asleep. I am tired, but know I will cough if I lay down. Eyes are heavy though, so I best go try!

  2. SOOOO sweet! And, it reminds me so much of something Sam would come up with. He would love PN!!

    Happy WW! I'm clicking over for the giveaway now…

  3. She is too cute. She's got quite the imagination too. That pillowcase could double as a dinosaur egg with the multicolored stripes and all. Very 80s. I mean, late cretaceous. 😉

  4. Very good response, A dinosaur egg. Love it. great photo capture.
    My link is in my name,Happy WW

  5. I have never seen a child crawl in a pillow case before… that's awesome! Could be the next snuggie?

  6. Absolutely brilliant! I read somewhere that you can use a pillow case as a stroller blanket (won't fall off) but Princess Nager's pillow case-as-sleeping bag is absolutely GENIUS. That it was a dinosaur egg, too, only makes it more special. She is a cutie!

  7. That is absolutely too sweet! I am always afraid to capture pics of my daughter sleeping because I am terrified she'll wake up!

  8. too cute…all about hte dinosaurs…i imagine she will be extatic come christmas…i think you definitley have a paleontologist on your hands…

  9. what a li'l lammie punkin pie. her fascination with all things dinosaur is the best. the fact that it makes her so happy to think about everything this way, to see all of life through her dinosaur lenses and to have you treasure, support and blog about it. my angry non fun dinosaur mother would have been all "get out of that pillowcase now, before you rip it, it is not a dinosaur egg. dinosaurs are dead. do you hear me, dead?" therapy session over. thanks. you can bill me.

  10. Hey! Nice blog! And big.

    I'm just waiting for it to load so I can take it all in.

    Oh there you go, all done.

  11. Oh, such a relief to see her sleeping like that. When my dtr was that age and snuck up stairs & too quiet…she cut off her hair.

    Glad ur princess has her hair & imagination in tact. What a cutie!!!!

  12. Love the picture, love her reasoning, love it all! Sprite is taking a bath right now and trying to convince me that Harry (our terrier) needs to join her to the point of saying Harry smells. 🙂

  13. That has just got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen! And I love her explanation about the dinosaur egg, totally makes sense now!!

  14. great pictures. she is one smart cookie. what a creative answer to your question. happy WW and take care.

  15. That is so, so cute. I love it! A dinosaur egg! That's so imaginative. I wonder what kind of dinosaur she was? 🙂

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