As the clock struck midnight last night, the 3D Project was in its final touch-up phase.  As in, piles of hot glue were added to the 12×12 piece of doubled sturdy cardboard that was covered in packing paper and Princess Nagger had colored green for grass.  She’ll be carefully carrying this in to school today, since it’s due today.

In case you missed it, Princess Nagger’s First Grade class was assigned a project to create a 3D model of each of their houses onto a 12×12 surface.  Since our house looks like this:

It was quite the daunting task.  We didn’t have time for any minute details, but I’m sure that’s not the whole point of this particular project.  The project is to encourage ‘Family Time’ which I’m all for – but when the project results in one parent (me) doing a major project like this during a busy holiday season, it’s cause for a revolt.  Having the first graders draw a picture of their house is one thing, but this?  A bit overkill if you ask me.

On the flip side Princess Nagger had fun gluing some of the Popsicle sticks onto it, and painting the shutters and front doors Hunter green.  We didn’t have time to paint the whole house like we would have liked to have done, but Princess Nagger commented that it looks “beige-ish enough”, so we let it stand in it’s natural wood-color state. 

After all, it’s her project, so she gets final creative say.  She does plan to finish painting it after she gets to bring it home, and how cool will it be years from now when she has a funky model of the very first house she ever lived in?

Now it’s time to wake her up and get her ready for her 3D journey on the bus.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there ended up not being enough hours in the day yesterday.  Our tree still looks like this:

But since I got 1/2 the bi-monthly grocery shopping done yesterday, I’ll be tackling this project today.  First it’s time to start drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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  1. Well done you for doing all of that supermum! Your house (not PN's) is positively gorgeous – got room for one more?! hehe.
    If that's PN's house – I can't wait to see the tree!
    p.s. Mr Officer and I had our date last night – woohoo!

  2. My goodness – what will they ask them to do in second grade? A replica of your car? your city? Awesome job!

  3. She (and you) did a fabulous job. Give PN a high five and yourself a pat on the back! The project would not have been bad if not for the timing. (Well, I guess yes it would have been) Did they think families would not have anything better to do over Thanksgiving break than to have family time building a model house!

    Yes, it will be a cool thing to have years from now!

  4. I can NOT believe you built that. That is crazy ass homework. And here I've been bitching about having to press some leaves for an autumn project. Well done.

  5. I agree – TOTAL OVERKILL for first grade. But it looks great!

    I hope today is a little calmer for you, dear.

  6. I can't believe you are actually lighting up your tree when it looks like that! You are hilarious!

    The house turned out beatifully. You guys really outdid yourselves with that one!

  7. wow. just wow. great job on the house! i imagine her class is going to be blown away!

    and i love the tree! smiles.

  8. You risked the bus.. and you forgot the chimney.

    Just kidding the house looks great. And I agree a bit daunting for 1st grade. bet she gets and A+

  9. Wow that is absolutely awesome! That must have been tons of work but it is great! I LOVE your house bTW~

  10. She was able to get that on the bus and then to school with it in one piece? I have to say, it really does look fabulous, but what a ridiculous project to ask a 6 year old to do!

    Justine 😮 )

  11. Honestly, I think that is a bit over the top, that assignment. Give me a break. We the parents, always end up doing it.

    However, that being said, that is one kick ass replica of your home. Nice job

  12. Great job with PN's project, the perfect balance of parental participation is always hard to achieve.

    I always let my daughter design and execute those projects with me as the material supplier and doer of dangerous tasks. I loved how her projects looked like she did them. The school hall was filled with projects that had obviously been done 100% by the parents which is tough on the kids who did the work themselves.

    ~Calico Contemplations

  13. WOW that is one great project and I'd have to take all kinds of pic's its amazing but Ihave to say that schools are getting more and more RUDE sending home homework for the parents. There is no way that they expected a child to complete that on their own. Makes me feel bad for those children who aren't blessed with involved parents.

    Your home is gorgeous.
    SOrry on your tree. i get the same dang problem every yr. Uuugh Good luck with that one

  14. Holy cow! I don't think I could pull that off now. Can I just say that your house looks like it belongs in a parade shot in a movie? It's total Americana.

    On the flip side, I will say that your tree makes me feel better that we have no decorations up at all yet. 🙂

  15. Absolutely amazing, PN…and MOM!!! Wow!

    I feel like that's kind of a crazy assignment for a 1st grader, but it did turn out great. :o)

  16. Your real house is gorgeous! (The mini one is cute too!)

    I would not like that project one bit. Ugh.

  17. Family time indeed, I just love how elementary school teachers like handing out homework for parents. (Like we didn't have enough of our own growing up and parents can't be trusted how to spend quality time with their children on their own family projects) Ok now that I've got that bit of resentment off my chest 🙂 I love the project! As a designer and builder of houses it couldn't appeal to me more. Yours really does look like your lovely house I'm sure your daughter can be very proud of it and loved doing it. Is it big enough for Barbie? 🙂 Other than building our own home for real, One of the more fun projects my kids and I were involved with was constructing a California mission from red and white clay.

  18. Oh my goodness this is an amazing creation I love it, and it is so similiar its exact. Wonderful job.

    .•:*¨¨*:•.Blessings*¨2 U 4¨**¨¨*the holidays .•:*¨¨*:•.


  19. Wow that came out awesome – but 1st grade!? That is unbelievable. School Projects are getting crazy.

    Good job though! Happy WW!

  20. At least you have your tree up. Ours is still packed away. The house is really neat. That is a big project for 1st grade!

  21. What a fun project! It turned out great. PN did a great job.

    We still need to buy our tree! LOL

  22. That is QUITE an assignment for early elementary kiddos! You did a great job though…I'd give you an A+!

  23. Wow. I am very impressed with your model. I don't know if I would have the patience to create such a masterpiece with my daughter. I bet it was a wonderful experience, though.

    Not to worry about the tree. Start a new trend. Let people think you meant for it to look that way. 😉

  24. Your house is gorgeous – but wow, that model is a HUGE project for a first grader! Great job!

  25. Wow! It looks great!

    I will never understand why they give assignments like this, that require the parents more than the child!

  26. The house turned out awesome! It does seem like a big project for a 1st grader though! I'm sure the tree will get done soon enough!
    Have a great week!

  27. FIRST GRADE?! Uhm…I remember a college friend doing a similar (but more detailed, of course) project for a class. A bit much, don't you think?

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