This week’s Spin Cycle is extra special – just like the founder and uber cool Spin Master herself, Jen of Sprite’s Keeper.  I shyly participated in some earlier spins, but only recently decided to throw caution to the wind and participate on a regular basis.  I’m so glad I did, I’ve ‘met’ some wonderful bloggers through Jen.
This Special Spin Cycle Jen asked us to send her a list of 5 blogs that we enjoy stalking reading.  She would then have John blindfold her and spin her around three times and whichever named blog she dizzily pointed at would be our ‘assigned’ blog for us to write a spin about.  Or something like that.

She then emailed us our ‘assignment’ of which of the 5 blogs we would be writing a Secret Santa Tribute about.  I was excited when she emailed me my assignment for this Spin.  I get to write nonsense about someone very cool.

I’m honored that I get to pay a special Christmas Tribute to a fellow blogger who started blogging around the same time I did, only she seemed much more ‘put together’ than I was, and for a long time I would simply read – and giggle – at her posts but never comment.  I finally decided to leave a comment on her blog, and she hunted me down.  And hasn’t stopped harassing me since.
Grand Pooba is loved by many – even though she is (another) crazy blonde chick.  When you read the post introducing herself, (All About Pooba), you can’t help but think she’s insane cool.  Right up my ally!  Especially since she pretty much describes me when she describes herself:
“Who am I? I am a very sarcastic, laid back blonde who loves to eat cereal and take naps. I get excited over the little things and think worrying is a waste of time. I hate shopping, I’d rather gouge my eyes out then step foot in a mall. I may be a little too trusting in people; I’m a sucker.”
Delving back into her archives, you get to meet the cool and cute family she married into (her mother in-law is a wonderful person) – like when they took a trip in ’08 on Lake Powell where they were ‘Roughing It‘.  They were ‘roughing it’, all right – on a houseboat:
I could sure get on board with ‘roughing it’ like that.  Absolutely.
The bond and camaraderie she shares with her family (and extended family) remind me of my own family, only I’m 3000 miles away from mine, so I’ve been able to live vicariously through her and her funny stories about her family.  She even offered to sneak me into her family, since I’d probably fit in because I’m just as crazy as she is a blonde.
Besides, I really love her Grandma Geane, who sent her (and other family members) this note:
When they forgot about her birthday.  Isn’t that hilarious?  Now I know where Pooba gets some of her fun personality from.  As the newest member of her family, I would totally remember Grandma Geane’s birthday… probably.
One of the first posts I remember reading – and actually commenting on – was back in May 2009 where her long title made it impossible not to stop and read the post:
One of those days. You know, the kind where crap keeps happening and just when you think it’s not going to get better more crap happens?”  It’s the one about her going to a friend’s kids birthday party but on the way she runs out of gas.  So she scaled a chain-link fence and trekked to a gas station… in heels.  All that trouble just to get to a Chuck E. Cheese!  At that moment, she totally became my hero.
Her aspirations to become the next Bree Van de Kamp are hilarious – and mimic my (secret) aspirations, too.

Her GQ Model nephew, Logan, is one of her favorite subjects to write about.

Since she’s been so successful teaching him how to pole dance, I wouldn’t want anyone else teaching Princess Nagger to do that except her.

Because she’s got style.

Her love of wine makes me giddy – especially when she went all out trying to win my Blogoversary Anniversary Giveaway with a hilarious post about it (Don’t Miss Out (Or Do)).  Then when she actually won, followed that up with another post that made me blush (Will Put Out For Wine).
Her love for her husband, Albert, knows no bounds – as his does for her.  She has some fun relationship advice, as evidenced in this post:  “We Are The Epitome Of Perfection When It Comes To Communication In A Relationship. Get Out A Pen, You Need To Take Notes.
She has plenty of Bragging Rights moments – when I grow up, I wanna be just like her!
Her writing style is always entertaining, and the pictures she posts of her friends and family make me want to move to Utah pronto so I can join in all the fun.  She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family, and someone you would always want to have in your corner.  I have enjoyed getting to know her through her blog and our banter via email – both always bring a huge smile to my face and more often than not, a fit of giggles and laughter.
Thanks, Pooba, for your posts, comments and email – I look forward to enjoying even more hilarity in 2010.  I’ll raise a toast or three to you and your family on Christmas, and any other time I find a glass of wine in my hand!  Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget to stop by and see Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper – not only is she the fearless leader of the Spin Cycle, but she was on my list, too.  Check out all the other uber cool Spinners and their Secret Santa Tributes to their favorite bloggers – you might find some new awesomeness to read.  I know I have.  

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  1. The thing that I like about her is that she has a great sense of humor. I have not been reading her blog as long as you, I am a relative new comer to her site, but from day one, I knew that I was hooked!

  2. if that's roughing it, i wonder what going all out looks like? maybe they can take ME on that trip!

    merry christmas to you and your family.

  3. She sounds delightful. One more blog to add to my Goggle reader. I may get nothing done. Oh wait, I never do.

  4. That is a very nice tribute to your blog friend.

    May you have a wonderful Christmas my friend. *hugs*

  5. Oh my heart! I don't deserve to be featured on the famous Random Stacy's blog! I am humbled (and extremely giddy)! What a great surprise on Christmas Eve!!

    You know I absolutely worship you, Princess Nagger & your wine! I would be happy to teach PN the pole dancing skills, I think it's about time she learn :o)! God knows I've learned so much from you and have been so inspired by you so it's the least I could do.

    I am so glad I found you and have enjoyed all of our conversations. I am glad I can call you my sis!

    You just made my day, no, you just made my year!

    Love you, you wine makin fool!!!

    Merry Christmas!


  6. I was going to say I hope she likes this tribute, but I don't need to! She loves it! I can't wait to get over there and read her stuff. All the links you've provided WILL BE USED. She sounds way too interesting to not look at everything! You're linked, Stacy and Merry Christmas!

  7. Great job on Kelly!! Yes, I agree she is awesome!!! I go to her blog for a guarenteed smile!! Merry Christmas.

  8. Merry Christmas Stacy ~

    Among all bloggers I found, Pooba is my number one on "MUST STALK LIST" hahaha been stalking since I found her and guess what ?? I've become your follower and you should get ready to be stalked by me hehehe

    Happy New Year ~ Cheers

  9. Great spin Stacy! I'm off to check her out.

    Hope you and yours are having an amazing holiday! xoxo

  10. What a great post, you did such a wonderful job talking up our pooba. She's so funny and a faithful commenter. She can always make me smile, just like you!

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