I’m still not ready for Christmas.  It’s going to be here in three days, people!  So to my friends and family that are getting packages this year – looks like they’ll be shipping out on Christmas Eve instead of in time for.  But they’ll arrive before New Year (maybe), so there’s that.  And Christmas Cards?  So not happening this year.  I’ll try again next year.

We were going to take Princess Nagger to see Jolly Old Saint Nick on Saturday so we’d have a cool Christmas picture to send along with the cards, since I spaced and forgot about school pictures, then ran out of time to have pictures of her done in time. 

She’s been less than cooperative about posing in front of the Christmas tree and just having me take the picture.  Guess she has no interest in being a poser.  Unfortunately our Santa visit plans were thwarted by Mother Nature.  Case in point:

That was about a quarter of the way in the snow storm.  See that little divet in the snow past the apple tree?  That was not too long after I had shoveled a clear path while it was snowing – since we were expecting 10-16 inches, I figured it would be easier to shovel several times during the snow storm instead of all at once at the end.  We ended up getting 24 inches.  And then some.

It snowed from around 8 am until about midnight.  At times it was snowing at a rate of 1-2 inches per hour.  Both Rolex and Travis had a ton of fun running around in it, though – Travis barked at the falling snow at first, then he was on board with playing with Rolex and Princess Nagger.

Princess Nagger was a bit disappointed that it was too powdery to build a snow dinosaur or even make snowballs with.  But she did make herself what she called ‘special ice cream’:

Fresh clean snow with pez on top!  But if that weren’t enough, she decided it would be even better if she added some buttered popcorn:

Believe it or not, she actually ate it all gone!  I declined her offer to share, though.  The next day it was bright and sunny, though still very, very cold.  The real work began as we had to clear the sidewalk that runs around the side of the house, but the back-breaking work was shoveling out the endlessly long driveway.  It was a major pain for sure.  I’ll post those pictures tomorrow.

Speaking of snow, whatever happened to “Neither sleet nor snow…blah, blah, blah” when it comes to the post office delivering mail?  I had a priority mail letter waiting patiently in my mailbox from Friday night (I figured I’d put it in there before it started to snow) and it never got picked up on Saturday. 

The carrier even left a ‘sorry we missed you’ notice…in the mailbox on top of the Priority Mail envelope waiting to be picked up.  A whole new fiasco ensued with the redelivery of the Express Mail package not happening yesterday and a rude and condescending Post Master.  But that will be a ranting post all on its own.  Suffice it to say that our local post office sucks pond water.

Speaking of sucking pond water, Target really needs to fire the people that plow their parking lot.  It was literally like a maze to drive through – the through-ways weren’t plowed, so you had to make guesses on where you could and could not drive before you met with a dead-end wall of snow, turn around in a cramped area and try a different row.  They really need to talk to Wal*Mart and find out who plows their parking lot – at least that parking lot was maneuverable.

The parking lot and store were of course extremely busy, as everyone that got snowed in were in their last minute panic mode to get their shopping done.  And who thought it was a great idea to have two rows of registers in front of each other?  There’s no graceful way to push past people in  the back rows of registers to get to the front ones. 

Today I’m going to see if I can get some gifts wrapped and some boxes ready to ship.  Then maybe I won’t feel so frazzled! 

Hop on over to Keely’s place – I bet she’s way less frazzled than I am…maybe.  Even if she is, her Randomness is always quite entertaining, as are all the other participants.

Go forth and be Random!


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  1. Oh my gosh, I love princess nagger's special ice cream! Even better with the buttered popcorn.

    Ok how did you step out of your house in that snow? Ugh and double Ugh!

  2. When I read the phrase "It's going to be here in three days," I felt physically ill. I'm ready for it, but in a way I'm not ready for the season to be over- I'm enjoying it so much with my little guy!

  3. I can so relate to PN's "special ice cream" ~ I loved making stuff like that when I was a kid!

    Worry not about the gifts…they will arrive when the arrive.

    Hope you have a spot for me for New Years!

    Merry Christmas my friend.

    xo, Mango

  4. That snow is crazy! Makes me want to curl up in my warm bed and sleep. PN's concoction looks very interesting.

  5. Is sucking pond water good for the health? I'll have to try it.

    Kids never pose well for the ol' Christmas photos. I end up taking million shots and half of them are blurred.

  6. Maybe Maggie Moos will market PNs snow "cream". (Maggie Moo is my new favorite ice cream store)

    I didn't get my cards out either, I'm thinking New Year's Cards.

    I hope you get everything done, even if it's not, Christmas will still be great!

  7. I am not so sure that I would eat snow any more? Who knows what's in the atmosphere?

    I did not really do any Christmas stuff.

    I hate driving in parking lots without any snow, let a lone a lot that has 2 feet of snow.

    I loved your snow pictures with the snow falling on the blog.

  8. I noticed a lot of people have stopped sending cards.

    It's one thing I do keep up…after all it is my business…it would look weird if I didn't send them!!

    But baking…that's something I never have time to do anymore…

  9. wow. and i thought we had it bad at 18 inches…

    lol on the snow concotion…i do wonder what might be in snow these days though….

    lol, on not being a poser…

    hope you have an incredible christmas!

  10. Okay, Im not ready either…don't feel bad. But that popcorn? Im good with the pez but that popcorn is gross!

  11. You know Target is like my dream store and everything but 30 minutes there yesterday had me breaking out in hives. For the love of Pete people. Park cart to the SIDE and let me through the aisle. I realize Christmas is in thre very scary days and the biggest snowfall in 100 years kinda screwed up your day (hey it messed up mine too) but MOVE THE CART.

    Thank you.

    Ahhh, sorry, your comment box is just so comforting and cozy when a rant is in order.

    Happy RTT! And isn't shoveling snow FUN??

  12. Methinks you are three notches past frazzled! I've got a bunch to do today, and I'm not looking forward to it!

  13. Wow, that was some storm! We're supposed to get about 10 inches tomorrow. I'm excited, but then I don't have to shovel anything either. That has to be a pain.

    That special ice cream was great! lol

    I have not finished my shopping either and had totally forgotten about wrapping until you mentioned it. I hate wrapping!

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. I am so jealous of your snow. Not that jealous of Princess' dessert, but at least she liked it! There is no explaining kids!

  15. These pictures make me feel better about our weather.

    And that ice cream looks, uh, interesting.

  16. holy hannah, that's a lot of snow! your little one's masterpiece looks very interesting. have a wonderful holiday!

  17. That ice cream is making me hungry. That snow sure makes for some beautiful scenery. I'm sure I'd be cussing if I had to shovel it though. 🙂

  18. I like to watch my husband shoveling snowing while I stand by the window with a mug of steaming cocoa. Shouldn't get too many moments like that here in Houston.

    Snow ice cream, very clever.

  19. OMG! I just can't get past the 24 inches of snow!! Wow!! We've been lucky here only about 6" with most of that gone now because of rain.

    I love that you named a dog Rolex, that cracked me up Lol! Bet your hubby came up with that name, right?

  20. The special ice cream reminds me of Will Ferrell in elf eating all the candy on his spaghetti.

    All you people and your snow make me jealous. I am sure you would rather have no snow though.

  21. Love that special ice cream! PN is so creative.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas, Stacy!!

  22. The snow looks amazingly beautiful! 🙂 Hope you and princess nagger has a great christmas! 🙂

  23. You need to contact Ben and Jerry's STAT, you might have a new flavor on your hands! lol.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  24. Can we come play with your puppies and your snow? We have cats and barely an inch over here. Not nearly as much fun to play with (either of them).

  25. We're a little further north in Pa. than you, so we only got about 4 inches. I can't believe your mailman didn't pick up your letter. That is so lame!
    I love P.N.'s idea for a snowy dessert.
    Merry Christmas sweetie. xo d

  26. Whoa. That is a lot of snow! I love your daughter's ice cream… that is so something my boys would do.

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