Tuesday again already!  Where does the time go?
Yesterday Otin called me and suckered convinced me to join him in creating a new fun blog.  When you’re done here, you should stop over and check it out – hopefully we’ll have a new post up later today, we did have one fun submission so far, so we’ll try to keep it fresh and fun.  Oh, you’re wondering what it is?  Here’s a hint:
To make it easy for you, clicking on that image above will take you directly to the magic blog.
In case you were curious about how the final outcome of the Princess Nagger’s Nightmare 3D project was and you happened to miss the post highlighting it, this is the finished result:

Apparently the boy in PN’s class that annoys her didn’t do the assignment right – he drew a picture of his house on a 12×12 sheet of paper rather than build a 3D version of it.  The teacher told him to start over.  Princess Nagger practically chortled when she told me all about it. 

This afternoon is our first Parent-Teacher Conference.  Should be interesting to see what the teacher’s perspective is on Princess Nagger.  The 3D houses are being put into some sort of ‘neighborhood’ in the lobby of the school – I’ll definitely be taking my camera to take pictures of the neighborhood, I’m curious to see how the other 3D houses turned out.

Note to self:  When in a hurry, don’t grab a random package of toilet paper without double checking to see if it’s 2-ply vs. 1-ply.  No matter how blaring the words “Ultra Soft” are on the package, 1-ply can never be considered soft.  Thin and flimsy yes, soft – no.
I’ve never checked my Google searches – I’m not actually sure how to go about doing that, but apparently I must have mentioned something about PS3 in one of my posts, because over the last few weeks I’ve suddenly been getting a lot of anonymous spam comments left on old posts as if the comment section were a message board seeking help on some PS3 games.  At least they were more entertaining than some of the anonymous random comments about enlargement.  I’m just sayin’.
Tomorrow is my birthday.  Hubby and Princess Nagger are taking me out to dinner on Saturday since tomorrow is a school night, but you’ll want to stop back by here tomorrow because I plan to party on my blog just for fun.  I’d love for you to join me.

Meanwhile, it’s time to party over at Keely’s today – it’s a Random Party!


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  1. 1 ply=awful…..

    Cant wait to see the 3d village, I bet hers is a stand out;)

    Happy Birthday


  2. Grabbing toilet paper in a rush has caught me out many times. Often I've ended up bringing home kitchen towel which, I'll be honest with you, is NOT soft enough for my liking.

  3. I still love the way that house turned out! You could use it for a doll house.

    I don't understand the search thing either?

    Happy early Birthday. I am sure that I will say it again tomorrow!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    One ply..really??!! they even make that?
    the house looks amazing,but what a huge project for such a young age.

  5. I'm still amazed by how good that house turned out! I wonder if the other kids did as much detail work. I guess you'll find out today!

    Ooh, happy birthday a day early!

    Justine 😮 )

  6. That 3-D house is awesome. I'm betting PN's house blows the other ones away.

    One-ply? Yikes! J-Man actually has a preferred brand and if I don't buy it he complains.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  7. wow look at that 3-d house I could have never made anything like that for one of my childrens…

    looking forward to seeing the pics of the village…

    Happy early Bday!

  8. I don't think anyone will guess that P.N. had some help putting that house together, I'm just saying.

    I really love how festive your blog border is.

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Nice looking house! We mistakenly bought some TP that was so thin, you could see through it!

  10. Have you ever accidentally gotten 'ultra strong' instead of 'ultra soft'? It's still Charmin – which is what I buy – but it sucks! it's like using writing paper. Not at all what Charmin should be. Mr Whipple would be so disappointed!

    Great RTT, I cant wait to come back tomorrow!.

  11. Glad I (or my children)am not in PN's class b/c our 3d project would surely bring down the real estate value in the neighborhood. nice work. happy birthday. looking forward to checking out the new blog. as a freakish creature of habit, i always buy the same brand of all staple items to avoid that sort of tp harassment. 1 ply? yikes. Love the comment likening ultra strong to writing paper.

  12. Glad I (or my children)am not in PN's class b/c our 3d project would surely bring down the real estate value in the neighborhood. nice work. happy birthday. looking forward to checking out the new blog. as a freakish creature of habit, i always buy the same brand of all staple items to avoid that sort of tp harassment. 1 ply? yikes. Love the comment likening ultra strong to writing paper.

  13. We bought what we normally do and found out that it was one ply. Had to scour the aisles to find one that was not. We may just have to switch brands (my wife is such a brand loyalist… but this may make her switch).

    Thank you for your randomness,

  14. I had to LOL at PN chortling over Annoying Boy being told to redo his project.

    And Happy Birthday, girl!

    I'm off to check the new blog out.

  15. Wow! That is some 3d house! I do hate projects like that though. I like projects like that little boy did – draw it on paper.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! I hope you have a great day!

  16. Yup, 1 ply stinks.
    I would have chortled too if my annoying classmate didn't do the assignment and got called out on it. 🙂

  17. Poor little guy. Why the hell didn't his Mom read the instructions right? Where were her popsicle sticks?

    Early Happy Birthday, in case I don't make it by tomorrow!

  18. love the house it is almost as big as she is. I bet her esteem got a boost when she found out that he had not completed the assignment right and she had. Happy Birthday hope you make it a great one

  19. hope you have a great brithday! the house turned out wonderful and i could not help but snicker at the boy in her class…sorry i know it was vindictive…off to see what you and otin have cooked up!

  20. The hubby insists on 1-ply to save money. I tell him I just double it up, but he continues to think he's doing the right thing…

    What a goof.

  21. Tomorrow is your day!!! YAY!!!!

    Buying TP has become an ordeal these days. I have to compare ply and squares per roll and number of rolls and softness…it just goes on and on.

    I am DYING to hear about the conferences, especially with how the year all began.

  22. The house turned out great!! I will check out the new blog! 😉

    Anyways, feliz cumpleanios!!

  23. Princess Nagger's project is more beautiful up close. I can really tell that she's happy with the outcome. Thanks for this.

  24. I'll bet you $1 million dollars that PN's house kicks ass and the rest don't even come close!!!

  25. The house turned out great. I do hope that that little boy doesn't get into too much of a place. Some kids don't quite have the same help or interest. My boys probably would have drawn the picture too. I would have left them do that because it wasn't my homework, but I've been known to butt in too much too.
    Today was one of those days, I sent AJ to bed vs doing his homework.

  26. 1 ply – USELESS!

    I can't wait to see pictures of the village. How said that the student got the assignment wrong. I know he is PNs arch nemesis, but you often wonder if it was the child getting it wrong or if the parents aren't interested.

    Happy almost Birthday… your card will be late.. I've got the stamp, but NO card. I thought I had cards stashed away. Three birthdays in two days, I had good intentions!

  27. The 3D came out wonderful but I must say that is a pretty big project to do. I feel sorry for the kids who don't have parents that get involved with their work.


  28. Since I'm reading late, Happy Birthday. I'm pretty sure that you share this day with Donny Osmond. This sort of random trivia is the reason I can't remember to pick up my dry cleaning. My brain is full of it. Have a fabulous day.

  29. The house turned out just great! Too funny that the annoying boy didn't do it right!
    Totally agree about the TP, hate 1-ply!!

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