My birthday wouldn’t be complete unless we had some fun…so I decided I’m going to have a giveaway like I did for my blogoversary.
Once again this giveaway will be a two-part giveaway – one part for my fellow wino’s, the other part for those that can’t or choose not to be a wino.
To be entered in the giveaway, simply leave a comment – you can dictate which of the two giveaways you prefer, particularly if you don’t want the wino part.  For an added bonus entry, guess which one is me in the picture in my Wordless/Wordful Wednesday post. If you’ve been reading me for a while, you may already know based on my references to my siblings.  We’ll see how well you paid attention!

First up, the Wino Gift Pack:

We’ll call this one Gift 1.  It’s a gift basket containing 1 of the final bottles of Savannah*Haven Blackberry Merlot, and the latest batch of Savannah*Haven Licor del Café.  It also contains two Vin Burgundy scented tealight candles in little tealight glass holders.  It also contains a small package of Frangelico flavored gourmet coffee and a small package of Southern Comfort gourmet coffee.  When the winner is chosen, if you happen to be a tea or cocoa drinker vs. a coffee drinker, those will be replaced with your choice of cocoa or tea to customize the gift basket to your specific taste.

And now on to the Non-Wino Gift Pack:

We’ll call this one Gift 2 of course!  Just because you cannot or choose not to imbibe in alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the full flavor of wine.  So this gift basket lets you have the best flavor of wine without the alcohol content – in the form of Wine Jelly!  This gift basket contains 1 jar of Savannah*Haven Blackberry Merlot Wine Jelly, 1 jar of Savannah*Haven Concord Grape Wine Jelly, and 1 jar of Savannah*Haven Shiraz Wine Jelly.  In addition to that, you’ll receive a Gourmet Pumpkin Bread mix, along with a “Home is Where the Heart Is” tin tray.
Required Entry (must be completed before any extra entries are valid) Leave a comment.  That’s it.  Your comment is your official entry in the giveaway.  No work involved.

If you have a preference (Wino vs. Non-Wino or Gift 1 or Gift 2) be sure to specify in your comment so if you do win, you will win your preferred choice.  You are eligible to win both, too – extra entries always work towards that goal, but are not required.

Just a reminder:  If your email address is not visible in your profile, you must include it in your comments, or email me directly if you don’t want your email address listed in the comments.

Really jonesin’ to be a winner? Well, guess what? You have extra chances to win!

Extra entry options: (after the required entry is done)

  • Guess which one of the 3 girls in the picture is actually me from my Wordless/Wordful Wednesday post.
  • Follow me publicly on google friend connect – 1 entry
  • Subscribe by email (must activate) – 1 entry
  • Add me to your Technorati favorites – 1 entry (leave username)
  • Become my facebook fan – 1 entry (leave username)
  • Follow me on twitter and tweet the giveaway – 1 entry (may be done once daily-leave direct url to tweet)
  • Add my blog url to your blog roll and/or add my button to your blog – 2 entries (leave link and 2 comments for each one that you did)
  • Blog about the giveaway – 3 entries (leave link to blog post)
  • Note: Be sure to leave a comment for each entry (like 3 individual comments for Blogging about it, 2 individual comments for adding my blog to your url, etc.) I’ll be using for the results, so I don’t want you to miss out on any chances by not leaving enough comments – so go crazy…comment away! 🙂

    You have until 12:00 Midnight EST on December 19, 2009 to enter. 2 lucky winners will be randomly selected. I will email the winners and post the names here. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the notification email or a new winner will be chosen. Open to US and Canadian Residents. Good luck!
    Disclaimer: All items contained within each of the gift packs were personally purchased or made by me. None of the items are promotional items or supplied by the manufacturer of said items.


    1. I want…BOTH!! haha I would take either one but my choice would have to be Numero Uno.

    2. I follow!

      Oh, and I totally meant to get a present out to you for your birthday but things have been too crazy. Guess it'll be late. Sorry!

    3. #13 – I think you are the one in the back left, with the dark dress and dark barrette

    4. #14 – I favorited you on technorati awhile ago, makasper, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to see if it is there… they changed things!!!

    5. happy birthday to you
      happy birthday to you
      happy birthday dear stacy
      happy birthday to you…


    6. I thought I was already following you. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was not so. So I also became a fan on FB. Technorati is being a brat this morning.

      Anyway, Happy Birthday Stacy!!

    7. Count me in! and Happy Birthday!!!!

      Seeing as how im not 21 I will choose the 2nd gift. I have had wine jelly before and it is extremely yummy 🙂 I hope I win 🙂

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