Last week was crazy busy trying to get all the last minute shopping done for Christmas (which isn’t completely done) – especially since there was a huge snow storm headed our way over the weekend (which, by the way, dumped 2 feet of snow on us – and since it was so windy, drifted into 4-foot drifts in the driveway. Endless shoveling commenced this weekend).
I mentioned in my Friday Fragments post about thinking Wednesday was Thursday and being surprised that the Toys R Us parking lot was packed in the middle of the day.  I only remembered after I found a distant parking space that it happened to be a huge ‘One Day Sale’ day.

When I was at Toys R Us on Wednesday, I noticed a display of the Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike, the Ultra Dinosaur marked down $50.

“Meet Spike, the dinosaur that kids bring to life at the touch of a button! He walks, he stands on his hind legs, he blinks, his mouth opens and closes, his spikes light up—and you make it happen with the easy-to-use remote control! Spike makes lots of fun sounds, too. He growls, he snorts , he roars and more—he’s Spike the ULTRA DINOSAUR! Spike stands 27” tall.”

Sounds right up Princess Nagger’s ally, doesn’t it? But it wasn’t on her Santa list, so we didn’t even put it in the running for Christmas gifts because we had gotten other dinosaur things to surprise her with.  But since it was a ‘one-day only sale’ and a great deal, when hubby got home from work we talked about pooling the Christmas money his dad had sent us and getting it for Princess Nagger.  After all, seeing her excited about it on Christmas morning would be worth it.

Hubby offered to drive out to Toys R Us right away to get it, so we could take advantage of the ‘one-day-only’ mark down.  Off the top of my head I couldn’t remember who the manufacturer was, so I described where the display was in the store, and described the dinosaur in general.  I mistakenly called it the D-Rex.

Which is an entirely different dinosaur.

And hubby is “Literal Man“.

You see where this is going, don’t you?  He came back a couple of hours later.  Empty handed. 

Apparently he was insistent with a TRU employee about the sale being specifically for the D-Rex, and even though he saw Spike and the price, and the description matched what I was talking about, his reasoning for not picking it up was because he was sure Princess Nagger would not like it because it’s not like a real dinosaur – because even though it looks similar to a T-Rex, obviously T-Rex’s don’t walk on four legs.


But there are other dinosaurs that do.  Just the fact that Spike is a dinosaur would be all that mattered, not that it’s not a specific type of dinosaur.  Well, except maybe a Pteranodon, since that’s her favorite.  But they don’t have those in remote control form.  Yet.

I remembered seeing a promotional email from TRU that had Spike listed in it – turns out it was part of a ‘One Day Only Sale’ for Thursday.  TRU must have decided to go ahead and knock the price down a day early – since they had a ton of shoppers in for the Wednesday one-day sale.

There was still hope of securing Spike for a Christmas surprise.  I printed out the email just in case they had their own dates mixed up and headed over to TRU for the second day in a row.

The display wasn’t where it was the day before.  It was completely gone.  My heart sank – I thought maybe, just maybe they had sold out the night before.

As I started performing a grid-search in the store to either a) find the missing display or at least a stray Spike stashed somewhere, or b) a store employee to see if they had any of them left, I found it.  They had relocated the entire display to a completely different aisle in the store.  I just about did a happy dance in the aisle right then and there, as there were plenty of Spike’s left for sale, and still with the $50 saving.

So we’ll be having some of this action going on Christmas Morning:

And you know that hubby and I are going to have some fun playing with it, too…especially the fun ‘secret’ feature of getting him to burp.

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  1. I appreciate hubby's literal nature, it warms my little heart. I would have done the same. Or rung home in a panic. "It's not here! T-Rexes only walk on their hind legs dammit!"

  2. It looked cool and then when I watched the video I thought even my 15 yo might like that.. I'm not getting it but wow….let us know what Princess Nagger thinks

  3. Way cool. I hope you take some video. What do you think the dogs are going to do? Crazy how literal people can be, I'm finding Tara is that way, makes me crazy!

  4. Oh that ever cool. We have no dinosaur fans here, my boys never were either. But Joey does like to play with just about anything…however he attention is about 10 minutes tops.
    Your sweet princess is going to be very pleased i bet.

  5. Damn. My son wants a dog. We should have just gotten him this dinosaur! Much easier to clean up after.

  6. OMG, you've invited that thing into your house!! I love it, your daughter is going to have so much fun with that one and wow, you found him on sale even if you did have to make so many trips to the store. It will be worth it when you see her eyes big as saucers!

  7. "spike the dinosaur. He's so cool" hah that cracked me up. He is pretty cool though. They never had a remote control dinosaur for me to play with when I was little. Hope PN loves it!

  8. so glad my little guy is too young for that! and that hubby didn't see it, because i'm pretty sure he'd want one too

  9. He's huge!

    I'm sure he'll be a huge hit.

    My husband is very literal, which can sometimes drive me crazy as he will fixate on one tiny detail.

  10. wow that thing is HUGE! I am going to be doing some last minute shopping on Thursday..ugh

  11. Don't you know, you don't send a dad to do a mom's job? : )

    I'm sure she'll love this little surprise!!

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