This is a picture of my Grandpa Swenson – it was taken on August 24, 1943.  He served in the Army during WWII, and on September 21, 1944 he lost his comrades and his legs from just below the knee during an attack while in Germany. He was 22 years old at the time he lost his legs.  My Uncle Noel was 3 years old, my dad was 6 months old.  My favorite uncle  was born a few years after he came home from the war, and my aunt followed a couple of years later.

As a child, I was always fascinated by his wooden legs.  He became quite adept at getting around with the help of a polished wooden cane, and always wore his favorite fedora hat when he went out.  Even as technology improved over time, he refused to give up what was ‘familiar’ to him, and continued to use his wooden prosthetics, though you could tell some days they were very uncomfortable. 

He always answered our curious questions without hesitation, and I have wonderful memories of sitting with him in his kitchen as he relayed various stories of his life.  In spite of the inconvenience, nothing slowed my Grandpa down.  He was the kindest, sweetest most caring and loving person I have ever known.  He lived a full, active life until he died from complications of pneumonia when he was 75.  He is greatly missed. 

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  1. What a sweet story about your grandfather. I pray for all the Veterans and all the soldiers who are protecting us.

  2. What a wonderful tribute and perfect story to tell on Veteran's Day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. beautiful tribute…my great uncle used to fascinate (and scare) us with his missing finger…

  4. The strength he displayed despite his disability is amazing. How lucky you are to have known your grandfather.

  5. Great photo. I love looking at historical pictures of my family and imagining what their lives were like. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. What a great Wordless Wednesday post. Love it. Love the picture of your grandfather. Great story.

    Stopping by from Champions of Avoiding Housework~

  7. Beautiful story and photos! I always found it difficult to ask my father and grandfather about their service. It's good to know that your grandfather was so open to questions!

  8. I can vividly understand your fascination of your uncle with the wooden leg.
    Nice story, but the fact he lost his lower leg.

    Funny we both had a WW related to the world wars in the past century

  9. My dad was in WWII (that just makes me feel old). He never talked about it, I think it was a difficult experience.

  10. amazing picture of your grandfather. i am proud of all of our troops past and present, especially my cousin who served in Iraq. he is home now and doing great. happy WW and take care.

  11. What a great tribute and picture. A big thank you to your grandpa from down here! All of our troops are fantastic and deserve our utmost gratitude!

  12. What a great story! I loved reading it. I also grew up in a military family so I know what you are saying!

  13. It makes you so proud of your grandpa right?! Cheers to them! Thank you for sharing this very nice post.

  14. What wonderful memories of your Grandpa! I love that he was such a happy, kind, loving grandfather to you.

  15. Beautiful story about your grandfather!! A true hero. My husband's father also served in Korea for us. He earned a purple heart.

  16. Thanks for sharing this story. The more people talk about the veterans in their life, the more meaningful this day is.

  17. What a great man your grandfather seemed be. That is so great to have such wonderful memeories of him. I only wish I could have the same. Both of mine died before I was born. Thank you for sharing and also for stopping by my blog!!!

  18. What a beautiful post and touching tribute to your grandfather. Thank you for sharing his story and God bless him.

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