Princess Nagger decided to recycle her costume from 2 years ago and go as a Forest Fairy again this year…here’s what it looked like on her 2 years ago:

Here’s what it looked like on her this year (she’s not holding the wand, because she was going to be carrying an umbrella since it was raining this year):

It’s a size 4-6, so when she wore it when she was 4, it was much too big.  This year it fit her perfectly.  And she had the button you press to make little LED lights flash in the skirt figured out and impressed everyone during her trick-or-treat mode.  She picked out a purple pumpkin to collect her goodies in:

She had a great time – the rain stopped just as we drove to the suburb neighborhood to do the rounds, and held off until just as we were finished. 

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  2. I LOVE comparison photos – and isn't it really amazing how fast they grow?! Yikes….sometimes we wish they were 18 TODAY…but not usually. 🙂

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