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  1. All of these post-its would go to my kids this week! They have just been crazier than normal.
    I can just picture her counting to 300. *snort*

  2. your dogs are barking at falling leaves???? jeeeeeez this is just hilarious!!! i bet you have a lot of noise around the house these days:D

    Happy Tuesday!

    *my RTT is up if you will:)

  3. I read this really funny website called Passive Aggressive Notes that is just like this! These are funny 🙂

  4. Sounds like PN is getting too smart for her own good – birthday presents and patience.
    BTW – I'm giving you and award.

  5. I love reading all the post it notes, I can relate to so many of them and I honesty think I could fill a book if I decided to join in!

  6. I just found that post it site a few days ago. I had so much fun!!!! Glad to see you're having fun 🙂

  7. Love your Post-its! Don't ya love it when kids stand there and count out the time you give them to leave you alone? My kids used to do that too.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  8. Great Post-It notes! I love the one to the Porsche Mini-Van dad the most though. Seriously. Turn signals are not optional! Use them!!!

  9. Cute way to combine the two events today. I am the ultimate post it note junkie. If post it notes didn't exist….I can't finish the thought, it would be too crushing.

    Happy RTT!

  10. Love the post-its! There's cat in our yard that chases the leaves and tries to eat them. They're leaves, not mice!

  11. Loved many of these Post Its…the blinkers were extra accessories! The leaves won't stop just because you scold them! Five minutes will turn into 10! Hahahaha. You must live at my house.

  12. Fortunately, Scooter does not bark at falling leaves, or I'd have to kill him considering the many trees on our property. He does, however, bark at squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, butterflies, grasshoppers, joggers, walkers, bicyclers, cars, motorcycles,, the doorbell, the television, the paper boy and, occasionally, growing grass.

    So, you see, falling leaves would be just too much.

  13. Porsche minivan? That seems so wrong. It's like having, "My mid-life crisis" stamped on your forehead.

    Love the post-its.

  14. The post its are so cute.

    So is it five minutes now? How about now? Has it been five yet? How about now?

    My dogs don't bark at falling leaves, but the friggin squirrel that scales our power lines drive them bananas. BANANAS.

  15. Love the post it note idea. I may have to become a part of PINT next week.

    I cracked up at Princess Nagger counting to 300. My daughter does the same thing when I say "1 minute honey" she will start counting to 60. They never outgrow that annoying stage. But it's funny.

  16. Hey, that DOES look like fun! Sprite has taken to announcing every morning that she gets a birthday present. Although I could probably draw her birthday out another month since she can't tell time just to play with her emotions, but i think I'll wait til she's 4 to do that.

  17. I can picture PN sitting there counting and making you completely crazy! LOL

    Porsche makes a mini van?? What???

  18. I am 100% with you on the blinkers!! I would understand if people didn't use them because they are some big complicated thing but nooo, the blinker is right next to the steering wheel! You don't have to lift your hand off the steering wheel! Just extend your fingers!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a little note! It's great to e-meet you!

  19. So cute when you go "mommy" on me! Keep up the good work, but don't ever forget you are a great adult woman too!

  20. Love the mail lady post it! My garbage guys would always leave the empty garbage can in front of our mail box. So our mail lady would not deliver the mail. But she would leave a note saying she won't deliver our mail if it is blocked. Argh!

  21. And then my husband makes fun of me for using my blinkers when there are no other cars around. Hmph!

  22. Fun! Love your post-it notes.

    I have when my kids count down the time. "You said 5 minutes and it's been 10." Aargh!

  23. LOL! Love your post its. My kids stand around and time me, too. Irks the bleep out of me.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  24. Guilty of the first post. Sometimes, I just can't help but open it…It's for me.Haha

  25. The whole blinker thing makes me crazy! If it doesn't come naturally to you to just hit your blinker, then you probably shouldn't be driving! The 5 minutes thing also makes me laugh. My 3 year-old has taken to saying "Just a minute" to me now and it makes me crazy – I guess I now know how she feels. :0)

  26. i HATE it when people cut me off and drive so damn slow because they're on their cell phones. unfortunately, it seems to happen every freaking day

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog today! 🙂
    Seriously? A Porsche Mini Van? That kinda sounds dorky and over priced-you have to buy blinkers separate with those, huh? Bummer.;)

  28. I totally agree with you one the blinkers issue. I say that same thing all the time while I am driving!

  29. ditto to my mailperson and ditto to every driver in L.A. who considers the blinker to be something that they need not use if they are too busy.

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