I was hoping Princess Nagger would be bringing home some cool art she did in school to assist me in the Wordful/Wordless Wednesday post for today.  She didn’t disappoint!  The two days she had school this week, she brought two different art projects home.  On Monday, she brought home this cool Native American Hieroglyphic she did on brown paper (wrinkled to look like an animal skin):

The translation is:

“10 days climbing up mountains hunting deer and fish for my friends at the lake.”

I think she did an outstanding job! 

On Tuesday she brought home this really cool Teepee:

It’s made out of half a soft tortilla fastened with a toothpick, the wood poles are pretzel sticks stuck together with frosting, and the hieroglyphics drawn on with food coloring.  The translation for this is:

“10 days climbing up the mountains with my friends for the feast at the lake.”

What cool Thanksgiving decorations we have for this year thanks to Princess Nagger!  She’s supervising this post over my shoulder and wanted me to pass on this message to you:

“Try making this cool Teepee!”

I sure love that kid!

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This week Jen from Sprite’s Keeper is dedicating the entire week for the Spin Cycle on Giving Thanks… I’m attempting to participate every day this week…I’m so thankful I have a funny and creative daughter who loves artsy crafts as much as I do.  Why don’t you head on over and check out the other Thankful Spinners and join in the fun!

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  1. I thought that was felt! I didn't realize it was a tortilla! Both of her projects are really cute!

  2. How cool – I wish someone would give me some time off in the office to make something so great … I love kid's art projects!!

  3. Very creative! I thought that I saw pretzels! A teepee that made me hungry!

    Happy Thanksgiving my dear Stacy!!

  4. Bravo PN! Job well done. Maybe we will make those teepees. I'm sure TARA would just love it! (LOL) – Gone are the days when those types of crafts are cool!

    I bet you will be BUSY in the kitchen today. Have fun!

  5. how cool. we volunteer as art helpers with Logans class. always cool to see the kids creative.

    have a great thanksgiving!

  6. I love those crafts! How great! What crafty and clever teachers your daughter has! I'm going to have to file that idea away for future reference.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  7. Native Americans consider Thanksgiving as "The beginning of the end"… It all worked out though, they own casinos- and I lose to them a lot!
    Happy T-day!

  8. Great Thanksgiving projects. I especially love the edible teepee idea!

    Happy WW and turkey day to ya!

  9. Cool crafts. We haven't really gotten anything thanksgivey home from school this time. Hmmm. I'll have to see what we can do at home I guess.

  10. I completely agree with the arts and crafts! Sprite brought home her first turkey handprint picture! I immediately taped it onto our fridge, I was so excited. Today, they're making headbands which I will probably bring to our Thanksgiving dinner to show off. You're linked and PN is right, that teepee is COOL!

  11. Awesome art work. Love the way her mind works. Have a great Thanksgiving. I will be making your mashed potatoes today!

  12. That is so creative!!! I love how it tells a story! What a great idea for the kids and a fun project!

  13. Yes, cool teepee! Edible art – great idea! Are you allowed to eat it though…?!

  14. She did a great job on those projects!! I love the teepee, we may have to try making that!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. That is awesome! What a creative teacher she has- I love the teepee especially!

  16. Ah, don't you just lurvvvve the projects they bring home? I especially like the tepee she made with the tortilla and pretzel sticks –way cool! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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