This week Jen is busy prepping for her little munchkin’s birthday, so for this week’s Spin Cycle she’s given us free reign on what to post for this week.  Since I’m prepping for Princess Nagger’s birthday (which is only 2 days after Sprite’s – which explains why they share similar personality traits though PN has a few years on Sprite…which means I’ll try keep the PN antics to a minimum so as not to scare poor Jen…)

I decided to recycle this post from last year – you know, during the time when I was hearing a great echo in the blogosphere and pretty much talking to myself.  Which isn’t too far from reality, I do tend to talk to myself.  But I’ve heard that as long as you don’t answer yourself, you haven’t arrived in Crazy Town yet.  Or was it that you were already there?  I can’t answer that.
I also thought it would be a great way to win this particular award from Supah Mommy:
Which she only doles out to you if you do a post about your cat.  So this is a win-win for me, really.  And it’s always nice to recycle – in more ways than one.  So without further ado, I bring you the post that was originally posted on December 21, 2008:

Tiger-Striped Cat
Norman, our black Persian, is a cool cat. Really cool. Everyone who meets him loves him and wants to take him home with them. He puts up with anything – including being decorated by feathers:
And even letting the Princess Nagger put her tutu on him. (Darn! Where was my camera for that event?!) But for some reason, the Princess Nagger seems to have it stuck in her mind that a ‘tiger striped cat’ would be even better. Why? I have no idea. She’s not telling. Instead, this conversation recently took place:

PN: “We need to dye Norman’s fur.”

Me: “What?! Why do we need to do that?”

PN: “Because then we can turn him into a tiger-striped cat.”

Me: “Why in the world do you want to turn him into a tiger-striped cat?”

PN: “Because tiger-striped cats are cool!”

Me: “Norman’s a cool cat all on his own…he doesn’t need to be changed into something else!”

PN: “But I want a tiger-striped cat!”

Me: “Why?”

PN: “Because tiger-striped cats are cool!”

Me: “I can see this conversation is going nowhere. We are not dyeing Norman’s hair, it’s not good for him, and besides, Norman’s ‘cool’ just the way he is!”

PN: “But he’d be cooler if he were tiger-striped!”

Me: “Why?”

PN: “Because tiger-striped cats are cool! Can we get a tiger-striped cat? Maybe Norman would like a brother…”

Me: “Not gonna happen…we are already getting a new puppy, we don’t need to get another cat, too.”

PN: “Well, if we’re getting a brother for Elvis, then we need to get a brother for Norman so he doesn’t feel left out. A tiger-striped one.

Negotiations with the Little Princess are so hilarious – her mind is always working overtime looking for that next ‘angle’ in the negotiation process. She’s going to be a handful as she gets older. Especially during her teen years. Oh how I’m nervous about those teen years.

Norman is a cool cat just the way he is. I made sure to point out to the Little Princess that it’s not a good idea to try to ‘change’ others – people or pets – to make them what you want them to be. When I asked if she would want someone insisting she be turned into something else, or changing her in any way, she didn’t like that so much. Norman wouldn’t either. He’s staying the cool cat he already is. End of discussion.

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  1. That cat surely knows how to make itself at home. And if you do decide to get another, I have two you can take..neither is striped though

  2. Very funny! It is amazing what some cats will let kids do. Kovu doesn't have a chance! (He's tiger striped!) He's being getting paybacks the past few days. Tara's been working on a puzzle and he keeps trying to eat the pieces! It's a picture of you guessed it, a tiger striped kitten under a Christmas tree!

  3. This was all new to me and so cute! And you're right, Normal is cool just the way he is.

    Justine 😮 )

  4. I'm afraid I would not love Norman. I am allergic to Norman. But he is a very cool little bundle of discomfort all on his own. 😉

    Yes, I'd say you're going to be in trouble when PN is a teenager – she is a top-notch negotiator already! (And I wish you'd gotten a picture of the tutu thing…)

  5. That is one cool cat! You should be following it around with a camera all the time! Cute photos!

  6. Cool Cat! I love the fact that he lets you decorate him with feathers. Tiger cats are only cool to look at. Hope you win-the pics will be a dead ringer.

  7. I never appreciated cats until my daughter got one and your pictures illustrate exactly why they're so great!

    I don't remember this post from before, but I really need to go back and pull some of mine out too! Why the heck not??? You're a smartie! 🙂

  8. Poor Norman! This reminds me of when I was five and trying to sit on our family beagle as if she were a horse and would lock her in my room to put clips on her fur. She hated me. Now, Sprite does it herself to Blue, but Blue doesn't seem to mind..
    Norman is perfect just the way he is.
    And please, don't scare me about what Sprite will become. I'm already weary. 🙂
    You're linked!

  9. A cat that plays along with the Princess Nagger and her needs….love it. I love the tiger stripes. I can't believe he sat there and let her do that. Mine is too fidgety.

  10. Great now my cat Fancy is jealous and I have to go out and buy her a dressing table…..thanx alot, lol cute post;)

  11. Norman is beautiful and sounds like a great cat!

    PN is so funny, wanting to turn him into a tiger striped cat. I can just picture her playing beautician and dying his fur.

    Have a great day!

  12. I love Norman (just as he is)! He reminds me of my Oreo kitty (if Oreo were to lose 10 lbs). I hope PN moved past her desire for a tiger striped cat and has accepted Norman in all his black, fluffy glory.

  13. cat with feathers – great. Has she seen twitty bird and Sylvester yet? Oh what's the puppy's name? Dogs and cats I guess that's equality. Myself I prefer dogs.

  14. Well she is so good at rationalizing isn't she? If Elvis gets a brother it only makes sence that Norman should get one too! A tiger-striped one that is.

  15. Oh how I wish my cat was so great with my kids and their "stuffs" but nope she think she owns the place.

    Happy soon to be Birthday!

  16. Haha! That was so funny. I wish the adult world can pass for that kind of conversation also. You know, only if we are capable of accepting one simple answer to a question. It makes things a little less complicated. Princess nagger seems to be a very smart little girl.:) Thanks for this fun post.

  17. I love the cat with feathers on!! How darling. And of course the conversation is priceless.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my tippy-toe photo of my baby grand. Blessings.

  18. That is so funny!! Loved the recycled story – the title had me intrigued I'll be honest!

    I love the wanting to dye his fur…..I have to agree though – Tiger stripped cats ARE cool LOL

  19. Every kid should have a cat like Norman. We had a cat named MacGyver that was like Norman. He let us dress him up in doll clothes and push him around in our baby stroller. Norman sounds just purrfect!

  20. I love PN's "negotiations"! Lily is starting to learn how to try to "negotiate" with her little sister to get what she wants. So far, her little sister hasn't caught on!

  21. Is that Norman on top of a vanity? Obviously he wants tiger stripes! You're keeping him from his inner tiger. He needs those highlights!

  22. Maybe Norman can get a tiger suit for Halloween next year. I think he's pretty cute just the way he is.

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