Edited to add:  While these aren’t clips from personal experience, I got a good laugh out of it because we did have a mail slot in the front door when hubby and I were the Resident Advisors/Managers for the Student Housing.  We had a Sheltie at the time who was notorious for shredding anything paper. 

Unfortunately several of our students monthly rent checks were shredded by our notorious doggy shredder. 

In addition to that, when a student was busted for underage drinking and their illegal alcohol unceremoniously dumped down the drain, they had the tendency to knock on our door at all hours in their drunken irate state and attempt to peer into our townhouse through the mail slot, shouting obscenities and trying to get us to answer our door.

Both inconveniences were conveniently rectified when I constructed a box attached to the door to not only block the view from drunken bloodshot eyes, but also catch the mail to deter the doggy shredder.


  1. thank God my dogs never did that. I'd be getting calls from collection agencies asking why I refuse to pay my bills. you think they'd believe me if I told them the dog ate them

  2. That was hilarious! I love watching family pets getting up to mischief! Thanks for posting!

  3. This made me LOL, but made me think, "Shouldn't these people just put up a mailbox outside on their front porch?" Then I read your post and said, "See? Stacy – she's SMART."

  4. way to funny….I have always thought those slots to be kinda creepy, I always wondered oif people look in them, now I know…lol

  5. Fenway will still do this and we don't even have mail slot!! If mail falls on the floor, it's hers!


  6. Oh, how very funny. Hmm, you didn't love the drunken heckling through your door? I find that hard to believe.

    Dogs are always good for amusing moments…and cleaning too. After we put our dog down, I realized that now had to clean up my random food scraps. Talk about insult to injury.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. I did the resident advisor thing too!!! Very good deal. It was in a dorm that housed mostly single rooms with a few doubles. I had a whole double to myself and…

    okay!! My hubby who would stay over every weekend.

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