Here’s what Santa’s Reindeer young ones do for fun while on vacation in a warm place with no snow:


  1. Love the new look. I'm working on mine this weekend!

    I made the turkey, it was awesome. I used a whole bottle of champagne for a 12 lb turkey so there was lots of juices. Making soup today!

    Too cute!

    Is your weather as BLUSTERY as ours?

  2. that is awesome! and how did you make it snow on your site! how cool is that?

    i really hope its not the meds making me see white flakes…lol.

  3. Why waste a good puddle? That has been my motto for a long time and has served me well. Glad to know the deer agree.

  4. If a deer/elk (hey, I'm not a zoologist) can find joy, we sure can look for it.

    Funny—pretty new look on the blog, too!

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