Seven years ago this very day,
I was blessed in no small way.
A little bundle to be sure
The love I have is oh so pure.

First giggles and coos and beautiful smiles
Then walking and talking and running for miles.
Each year I’ve watched you change and grow,
I wish for me the time would slow.

Your dinosaur games and silly dances
Are much too fun for just quick glances.
Your imagination is fun to see
Born from playful curiosity.

Your pondering looks and little pout;
A furrowed brow when you shout…
Just add more depth to who you are
My Drama Queen, my Little Star.

I love you more than words could say
And love to watch you learn and play.
Your big blue eyes and silly grin
Just melt my heart from deep within.

On this day you turn seven,
Your arrival was straight from heaven.
Happy Birthday, my Sweet Girl
You are quite the precious pearl.

Birthdays come and go too fast…
Today you’re going to have a blast.
As you grow into a lady,
You will always be my baby.

Love You to the Moon and Stars and Back Again!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Princess Nagger!!!!

    I hope you have tons of fun celebrating your special day today!

  2. Oh, you and Jen at Sprite's Keeper are just choking me up with these beautiful birthday poems to your daughters.

    Happy Birthday, Princess!

  3. Aw Stacy, that poem was fantastic! I hope PN has a GREAT day today at the dinosaur museum! Tell her I said happy birthday!!!

    Justine 😮 )

  4. What a beautiful birthday tribute!
    Happy birthday Princess Nagger 😀
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to such a cute and wonderful little girl! Make a good wish when you blow out your candles!

  6. Happy Birthday Princess!! Make a great big wish today, tiger-striped cat, hint hint.

    Stacy, she is a precious one!!

  7. What a beautiful photo of the two of you! How quickly the time goes and a wonderful poem to mark the occasion. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Birthday Princess!!!

  8. The love you have for that child, is one of the strongest I have ever seen.. Happy Birthday to her, and keep up the good work- I know you will!

  9. Happy Birthday to the little Princess!! She was a beautiful baby and is becoming a precious young lady!

  10. I can't believe how much hair she had when she was born. Adorable.
    Such a sweet poem, I'm all verklempt.
    Why am I not following you? I'm fixing that right now.

  11. Happy Birthday PN! Thank you for letting us hang out with you today. We had so much fun learning about the dinosaurs!

  12. happy birthday, Princess Nagger! she's just as gorgeous today as she was seven years ago. good job, momma!

  13. I LOVED the poem! Happy birthday Princess Nagger! I hope all your wishes came true today!

    Sending love from your birthday buddy Sprite!

  14. happy bday princess nagger! Will's B-day is this week and I feel your pain it is crazy busy w/ the biz and trying to get everything ready for his 2 parties!

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