Time for the Adventures of Friday Fragments!  Faster than a speeding bullet… More powerful than a locomotive… Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound… LOOK! Up In The Sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Mrs. 4444’s!  Yes, it’s Mrs. 4444’s, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal women!  Mrs. 4444’s! Who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in her bare hands;  And who, disguised as a mild-mannered school teacher,  fights a never-ending battle for TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY Friday Fragment Fun!  And now, another exciting episode in “Friday Fragments”!

You know what else is faster than a speeding bullet?  The arrival of Friday.  I’m a little behind writing my fragments, because Mother Nature decided yesterday would be the perfect opportunity to send a full day of dreary rain – and with the soggy leaves on the ground making the roads a bit more slippery than normal, the Volunteer Fire Hall just down the street  were kept much busier than normal yesterday as the alarm went off no less than seven times.

And the power went out.  Rendering my laptop useless aside from playing off-line games until the battery died.  I suppose I could have used that 2-1/2 hours to write my fragments instead of play games, but meh.  This morning seems to work just fine now that everything is back to abnormal.  Better late than never!


Does anyone actually use phone books anymore?  I was organizing and purging paper stacks earlier this week, and was trying to figure out which of the old phone books the constant delivery of new phone books would be replacing.  First of all, why do we need so many?  For that matter, why do we need them at all?  I never look numbers up in the phone book, I look them up online.  And any pertinent numbers I need (like the electric company for yesterday’s power outage) are programmed into my phone and cell phone.

The excessive number of bulky phone books are taking up valuable space, and all I ever do with them is recycle them every year.  It’s a never-ending cycle – we get at least 5 different phone books.  Talk about overkill.  Too bad we can’t ‘opt out’ and have the savings reflect in our bill.  I know, that’s crazy talk.


Why is it virtually impossible to get things done when your spouse or significant other decides on a whim to take a day off?  Hovering Hubby decided Tuesday morning he was going to take the whole day off, since he had scheduled a 1/2 day to be home in time for the ‘Parental Visit’ to Princess Nagger’s class at the end of the day.  Because he didn’t feel like going in.  It’s hard to concentrate on blogging housecleaning when every 5 minutes I get some random fact shared with me that had me simply nodding and replying “Umhummmmm….”.

It gets annoying when every-other 5 minutes I’m reading a blog and he interrupts with “Are you OK? You seem awfully quiet.”  Thanks for the concern, but I think I’d be more worried if I wasn’t quiet while reading.  That is, unless it was hilariously funny, in which case I’d burst out laughing, then have to re-read the blog out loud to share.  I kept running across so many funny blogs that made me laugh out loud on Tuesday that I was tempted to just read all of them out loud to save the “What’s so funny?” remark from HH.  I was wishing I could have sent him to school with Princess Nagger.  I would even have packed him a lunch.


Princess Nagger had a lot of fun at the Dinosaur Museum with Martha and Andrea‘s kids last Sunday – after we were done with the tour, we went out to a little park for PN to open the presents they so kindly brought:

Thank You Cards coming soon – Princess Nagger is a little slow on the completion of them.  Can you believe not one of us thought to get a group shot of us 3 hot women bloggers?  I think we need a do-over.
Princess Nagger also had a great time making the cupcakes to take in for her class on Monday, too:
I had to bake them in two phases since I didn’t realize that the cupcake taker I had gotten only included a 12-cupcake pan.  My 24-cupcake pan was absconded by hubby last year during his need to organize some electronic parts. 
Princess Nagger picked out the party hat decorations and decorated the cupcakes – didn’t she do a great job?

Usually I get really annoyed when Holiday commercials start airing so frantically before Thanksgiving has even arrived.  And normally I fast-forward through commercials as if my life depended on it, but this Target commercial caught my eye.  It caught Princess Nagger’s eye, too, and every time it’s on, she wants me to rewind and replay it for her.  The part when it’s revealed where the bed she’s decorating so nicely for her in-laws is revealed…it’s giggle-inducing:

The other holiday one that caught our eye was the new GAP one – it’s well done and I love how they mix up all the celebrations of the holiday so no one’s left out.  The funniest part is the very end:


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

PN:  “When are we going to decorate for Thanksgiving?”

Me:  “I think having the porches decorated is enough for this year.  Thanksgiving’s only a week away, so we might as well wait and decorate for Christmas next weekend instead.”

PN:  “You have to decorate or you’ll be embarrassed!!”

Me (laughing):  “What?  What do you mean I’ll be embarrassed?”

PN:  “Well if you don’t decorate for Thanksgiving and it looks like this (sweeping her arms to indicate the whole living room), then you’re going to be embarrassed!  You need to decorate for Thanksgiving so no one’s embarrassed!”

Me:  “I don’t think anyone will really care – I think it’s just going to be you, me and Dada for Thanksgiving this year anyway.  We don’t need to go to all the trouble of decorating just for us.”

PN:  “Sure we do!  I like Thanksgiving decorations, we should just decorate!”

Me:  “Don’t worry, I’ll make it look festive but I’m not going to put all the decorations out just to have to take them back down one week from now.”

PN:  “So…the Christmas decorations…does that mean we’ll be putting up the tree?”

Me:  “Well of course, Silly!”

PN:  “We should just wait, then.  It’s only a week!”


And now, time for Happy Hour!

  • I’m happy that Thanksgiving is next week…can you say PIG OUT time?
  • I’m happy that the sun is shining and will be throughout the weekend with mild temperatures. 
  • I’m happy that my hubby’s dad is feeling well enough to make the 1-1/2 hour drive up here tomorrow to visit with the Princess Nagger.  I think it will be good therapy for him to hang out with PN since he just had to put the love of his life to rest.  His health has been failing  for some time, and I think now that Nelda is gone, he just might not be hanging around that much longer.
  • I’m happy that every one in our household is 100% healthy again – having our taste buds back to normal will make next week’s Thanksgiving Feast that much better!


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. I was getting worried about you since you were late! She did do a great job on those cupcakes. I'm sure her fellow students loved them.

    I love the Gap commercial especially. Their ads are almost always fun!

    I hope your FIL's visit is wonderful. He must be very lonely. 🙁

  2. That's a bunch of stuff there my friend. I have to say you lost me on the cupcakes.

    Princess is a doll

  3. I think we should definitely be able to opt out of receiving the phone book! That's not crazy talk at all.

    THe cupcakes look delish. PN did a great job of decorating.

    I also love the Target commercial. The Gap one, eh.

    Hoping you will stop by my blog!

  4. Yea for Friday! I truly don't get the phone books. I don't look at any of them either. A total waste. Love the cupcakes Princess. My daughter asked me the other day (when we saw the super Christmas decorated front yerd) "Why don't we put up lots like that? I am a bad mommy x-mas decorator:) Nothing for Thanksgiving…I'm really bad, aren't I?

  5. Those cupcakes look divine.

    Christmas trees trump turkey cut-outs every time, I must agree.
    (Funny girl).

    Add me to the anti-phone book contingent.

  6. What?? I don't read blogs for 2 weeks and now PN looks like she's all grown up??

    And yes, when I need a phone number I merely google it on my Iphone now.

  7. We use our phone books almost everyday……as a booster seat for Babyzilla (she's getting so big).

    can I have a cupcake?

  8. Things are never the same at home when the husband stays home! The cupcakes look really cute. I too am enjoying some of the commercials. Have a great weekend.

  9. I am with you on the phone books. Such a waste of paper. Just keep one copy in the library. That should do.

    I like the way you organized your Friday Fragments!

  10. I am working on my sweet sweet biceps and delts; as soon as I am buff enough I am gonna rip all my phone books in half, in one might rip. This will make my parties fun and my friends soooooo jealous.

  11. We get people at my work who ask to use the phone book, and we just stare at them. I think I give them one from about 1995.

  12. Your cupcakes look awesome! As far as phone books are concerned, you are not charged for them. The yellow page advertisers are charged for access to you. I had a client that used to do yellow book advertising and it is amazingly expensive. No one uses them but they still make a fortune from producing them.

  13. the cup cakes look wonderful! and the dino museum sounds fun!

    yay for thanksgiving, until about 3pm when i cant even roll over. lol. nah it will be fun off to visit T's dad. sory to hear about hubs dad…hope you have a great visit!

  14. Oh my gosh, I got my own dose of hovering hubby yesterday. Alex gets home from the gym right when I'm trying to catch up on SYTYCD. He tries to start a conversation! The nerve! I just nodded my head while my eyes stayed glued to the tv.

  15. I love those Gap commercials!!!

    And I totally agree about the husband factor. Just when you get into a groove, they want to talk to you. How about the other times of the day YOU want to talk to THEM?! Bad timing.

    Yummy cupcakes, too!


  16. The gap one is ok..how does that guy dance leaning over like that.

    The husband on a day off is definitely meh.. and reading aloud lol

  17. Stacey, I'm a first time visitor to your blog. I saw one of your comments and your site's link on Otin's site and decided to click-through.

    I enjoyed reading a few of your posts this afternoon and wanted to leave a comment. I'll visit back too.

  18. OMG!! That post was epic!! I don't know where to start lol!

    I hate it when someone is home when they are not supposed to be, especially when they are paying too much attention to what you are doing!

    I use a phonebook! Don't throw them all away!

    The commercial was cute(The Erin one)

    I am glad that you are all healthy!!!

  19. the sad thing about phone books is each house whether someone living there or not recieves one and there has been times we have received more than one

  20. I hadn't seen the Gap commercial, that was pretty funny. Thanks so much for the HHF shout-out. I totally keep forgetting to "double dip" as Mrs 4444s put it and do Friday Fragments. Hopefully I'll remember next week.
    those cupcakes look amazing. Tell PN she can make me some ANYTIME! Seriously!
    Have a great weekend!!

  21. hubbys home and blogging dont work. PN – glad she decided its only a week. Holiday commercials, another reason to blog more and tv less. have a happy thanksgiving

  22. LOVE your conversation with Princess N. Too funny!

    Her cupcakes turned out great!

    My kids LOVE that Gap ad. Pretty cool.

  23. I watched the Gap commercial three times the first time I saw it (aren't DVRs wonderful things! Fast forward and rewind.) I had forgotten that the bed in the Target ad was in the garage – funny!

    may I have a cupcake, too please? They looked yummmy!

    I'm so glad that PN said you could wait on the holiday decorations 🙂

    I used my phone book the other day (first time in about a year) to look up an after hours plumber. I like being able to see all of the listings. Our Yellow Pages come in a three pack (sigh) one giant yellow page book, one 1/2 the size and then the white pages. I toss the giant yellow page book and keep the 1/2 sized one. It takes up a lot less space. I toss all the other brand phone books the second they arrive.

    Kristin – The Goat

  24. LOVE the "like this" portion of PN's conversation. I can totally picture it! She is such a hoot. And, her cupcakes were darling. Bet they were yummy, too!

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about not getting anything done when hubby is home. What's up with that???

    Enjoy your father-in-law's visit!!

  25. The cupcakes looked wonderful! Good job, Princess! And Happy Belated Birthday!

    As bad as it sounds, I love it when Mr.4444 is gone for a day or two and I can have the house to myself for a while. The kids are always running somewhere, so I get to eat and sleep whenever I feel like it.

    Don't be afraid to videotape the princess having fun with her grandpa–you'll treasure it for years to come, and so will she.

    Ugh! The phone books!!

    Nice job on the intro there, young lady! You're a gem 🙂

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