Sunday Princess Nagger supervised as I decorated the front porch.  She found her paper pilgrim hat and collar she made last year in Kindergarten and thought it would be perfect to wear as she ‘helped’ me decorate, while holding a stuffed turkey:
The 2-1/2 bales of hay with the medium-sized pumpkins, a couple of cute scarecrows and a bundle of Indian corn:
First I ran strings of white lights around each post and across the top of the porch, then secured the bundles of corn stalks to each of the posts.  They were so freakishly tall I had to set the bottoms of the corn stalks in the flower bed below the porch or they wouldn’t fit under the eaves of the porch roof:
I added fall leaf garland to each of the bundles of corn stalks for an extra ‘splash’ of fall colors:

I keep the front porch pretty simple since guests come to the back door when they come for a visit – the front porch is mostly seen by passing motorists and for Princess Nagger and I to enjoy while we wait for the bus. 

The back porch will be decorated on Thursday, since today it’s supposed to be cold, windy and rainy.  It will be the perfect time to tackle the indoor decorating, and since tomorrow is supposed to be 69 and sunny again, I’ll be able to finally get the back porch all decorated. 

I have the rest of the pumpkins, one more bundle of corn stalks and some other Fall/Thanksgiving items that I save to deck out the back porch with. I’ll have the final decorating pictures all ready to post on Friday!

Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving or just limit it to Christmas…or at all?

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  1. Looks awesome!!

    PN is hilarious! hahaha!! Love the pilgrim costume and turkey holding.

    I wish I was a better decorator. I just don't have the decorating gene. I try to do a little bit, but it's not much.

  2. Looks amazing ! I love the scare crows! They're cute:)
    Oh and I'd so love to decorate for fall too, but we're running out of money for that since we're raising them for Christmas traveling & co. 😛
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Nice job! Once again, proof that you are just way to busy!You need to stop and drink a bottle of that wine that you make!

  4. WOW, that looks GREAT! All these northern hemisphere posts are making me want to juump on a plane so I can play in some leaves!

  5. I want to decorate but with all the running here and there, I ended up plopping a pumpkin out before the kids come to the door. The boys like to draw pictures and we stick them in the window

  6. Oh I love your porch! I LOVE the fall and fall decor is so much fun. We have not actually decorated in our new home yet. I am thinking we might not decorate until after Thanksgiving for Christmas, since I have no idea where our decorations are at. LOL!

  7. Your house looks amazing! wonderful ideas. i also like you new fall blog look. very creative. happy WW and thanks for sharing. I might have to do your "corn stalks on the columns" idea. take care.

  8. That is awesome!!! I want to be able to do things like this… but then I think about how I would have to clean it up after! LOL!

  9. You did a lovely job. I would have never think to use them other than at Christmas. I do decorate for fall but its sort of a universal decoration until christmas!

  10. First PN would have made a wonderful pilgrim!

    The porch looks amazing. Good job!

    I think the rain has already passed us? The sky is bright blue, I suspect it is supposed to get windy though!

    This year we have done a little decorating inside,as well a wreath on the door, scarecrow in the flower bed with an electric jack o lantern (in FL, it was too warm to carve a pumpkin and have it last very long!) and a yellow mum. I want to get some lights too. We live on the backside of the building, so not many people pass by – our upstairs neighbors, the mail man, trash man,etc but I love being greeted by the little scarecrow!

  11. Love your decorations! I think we might put more decorations out this year since Sweetpea is getting old enough to appreciate it and help.

  12. Wow! I love it. I wish we can get into some kind of fall decorating as well… but seeing as we don't have a 'proper' fall over here…

  13. Wow that looks awesome!! I wish I had fall decorations like that – the only thing we go all out for is Christmas. But I always want to do more. Maybe next year.

  14. The decorations look fabulous! Not much decorating going on for me this year. 90 degree weather makes it hard to get into the Autumn spirit.

  15. I'm glad to see you got those giant cornstalks out of the car ok. It's looking so cute and welcoming. I can't wait to see the back porch area next!

  16. This makes me want to break out the overalls and make a scarecrow family!! Looks great!!

  17. nicely done. we have a few autumn decorations around but nothing quite so artsy. the pilgrim hat adds a nice touch as well. smiles.

  18. It all looks amazing. I'm awful at that stuff. We do put out a few Halloween decorations for the kids benefit, mostly a couple of plastic head stones and some fake spider webs. Lame.

  19. love your fall decorations! after seeing what you did my lil hodge podge doesnt even rank as decorations lol
    look how cute PN is!

  20. It looks GREAT! I don't decorate for much of anything and don't plan to until the kids are older. But.. Graham has been loving going for walks and seeing the neighbor's decorations so I might have to make an exception this year.

  21. Stacy! Wow! What a gorgeous display……….and a fine litle pilgrim helper to boot. You just can't beat that!

    Have a great WW!

  22. It all looks so great! I am jealous of your front porch, we don't really have one to decorate but usually put a few things in the yard for the fall holidays!

  23. It looks wonderful! Well done!

    She's too cute in her hat and collar 🙂

    I love your Fall blog theme as well.

    Happy WW!

  24. I love decorating for Fall! Your porch looks so inviting and cozy!!

    Thanks for coming by my page! I love new friends!

  25. When there are kids around, you decorate more… when they leave home, you kind of lose the reason..

  26. PN is too cute! Playing the part for sure. I cannot believe you did all that by yourself, you are too much! Fantastic decorations! I have major porch envy now. LOL

  27. Looks great! I will be decorating a little more this year because my daughter is having a halloween birthday party. Usually I just do a little bit by the front door on halloween.

  28. That is SO awesome!

    We are in the process of getting our decor unpacked. Photos to come…

  29. Definitely awesome! Your WW photos serve as inspiration for me to get my butt moving on the Halloween decorating around here!

    Happy WW :o)

  30. Wow – good job! That is 100 times more effort than I put into fall decorating, I love it! I love that you decorated with pumpkins and scare crows and avoided the scary spooky themes….those are not my favorite 🙂

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