As many of you know, Princess Nagger is into Dinosaurs.  Big time.  Last week she had Friday off from school and we went in search of what she calls ‘Dinosaur Goo’.  A sort of sticky putty with a plastic dinosaur in the center of it.  We struck out in our search, but I had had the foresight to place an order online last week for the putty as well as a few other little Dino tidbits that arrived Saturday:

She couldn’t contain her excitement as she pulled her goodies out of the box.  Her absolute favorite dinosaur is the Pterodactyl – so I got her two different sized ones:

I also found a tub of Dinosaur Putty Goo which had a dinosaur skeleton toy in the center of it:

I can’t stand that stuff, but it makes her happy, so that’s what matters most.  She does play with it responsibly, though, not getting it all over the place.  But the coolest thing found?  This Hatching Dinosaur Egg:

You place it in a bowl of cool water and leave it undisturbed for 48-72 hours.  Leaving it ‘undisturbed’ was going to be a challenge:

Princess Nagger thought it was cool that this particular bowl magnifies the contents from the side:

The next morning there was evidence of some cracking:

Of course some little fingers ‘helped’ when she saw there were a few cracks in the shell, and I didn’t get a picture before she messed with it…but she was thrilled to see the dinosaur on the inside:

She brought some of her other dinosaur friends to watch this special event, all of which got to take a dip in the bowl of water to see which ones would float and which would sink.  Most of them sunk, so they all were placed around the perimeter of the bowl to keep watch:

More assistance from the little fingers ‘helped’ the dinosaur come out of its shell a little further later that day:

She impatiently agreed to let it sit until the next day when she was allowed to release the dinosaur from the confines of his egg and the bowl of water:

A very happy, very proud Princess Nagger.  She wants to get more of those hatching dinosaur eggs – there are four different kinds, so hopefully she’ll end up getting one of each kind of dinosaur.


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  1. I love the dinos around the bowl, very cute and the last picture with the sunglasses. Priceless.

    And the pterodactyl protecting the opening of the bowl. she is iimaginative.

  2. I used to love my plastic dinosaurs. Come to think of it, does anyone not like plastic dinosaurs? Any kid I mean, I have to say that as an adult I'm not so keen on them, clutter the place up and make the mantelpiece look a bit prehistoric…

  3. those dinosaurs are so much fun.. i guess i found something similar in here.. but they are in a kind of a dust egg.. and you receive a brush with the egg..and you have to dust with the brush through the egg to discover the dinosaur…and it's 4 or 5 different dinosaurs you have to collect…sounds like fun to me:)

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Now that is way too cool! I was waiting for the hashbrowns and sausage when I saw the egg! Now I am hungry. haha! Thanks again for the Unmom link!

  5. The young readers market really has the dinosaur subject covered!! We read many dinosaur books!! Sounds like PN may like science books. Very cool.

  6. oh my boys would totally love this, where did you find it? I wonder where I could find it here? hmmmm hubbie is in USA today, maybe he could find it somwhere.

  7. It would be SO hard to wait for the hatching to be complete. I see why she helped it along a bit.

  8. I love that you nurture her dino obsession! Those eggs would be great stocking stuffers!

    Justine 😮 )

  9. That hatching dino egg is the coolest toy ever! Well dino toy, that is:) All the little dino family members waiting for it to emerge…too cute!

  10. One thing my kids loved to do was crack open the ice. I'd put a couple of small plastic dinosaurs in a disposable cup, fill it with water, and freeze it. When it was a solid chunk, they'd have to chisel out the ice to get out the dinosaur. Lots of fun! Works great with army guys, too.

  11. Tara LOVED those hatching eggs. They are fun to watch, but waiting so long is a challenge! I'm glad she is happy. Tara has always loved dinosaurs….

  12. too cool! just found some more "digging dinosaur" eggs yesterday….all the pieces of the skeleton are in an egg of sand and it comes with a little tool to dig with…they have those that the whole egg disolves in water that have a perfumed scent….gag! the smell took forever to go away…

  13. That has got to be the coolest toy ever! My girls would love that! What a great science lesson!

  14. Cool toys these days..when I was a kid, the box it came in was a better toy than the toy!

  15. That hatching dino is really cool and would make a great lil add-on gift for my nephew…where did you find it online?

  16. That picture of your girl on the table with her dinosaur is to die for. I had to use one of those eggs for my son to describe how his older brother went to drug rehab and how he hatched from the facility to be a new person. I don't think he really truly understood, but at least he doesn't cry because I kicked his older brother out of the house. Thanks magic egg.

  17. That dinosaur egg was really cool. My daughter has a growing dinosaur. You put it into water and it gets bigger. You take it out and it gets smaller. You would be amazed how many times a child can do this.

  18. That hatching dinosaur is so cool!

    We need to set her up with my nephew. He loves dinosaurs too!

  19. What great items you found for her.
    I love that egg, I will have to look for those. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Your princess is so cute! My daughter is seriously into dinosaurs as well — she knows all the names, etc. We've done the dinosaur goo — it's a lot of fun 🙂

  21. I want those eggs!! That would be too cool, my sweet 3 year old would LOVE them so much!!! Happy WW!

  22. I have a dino phobia!! Im afraid of raptors! lol


    I loveeedd the hatching dino!! I had not seen one of those!! :O

  23. Thank you for sharing this group of fun photos with us. I thought the dinosaur egg was the coolest too. It must have been really fun for Princess Nagger to wait for it to hatch; I could imagine she checking out on the egg every now and then. 🙂

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