One day last week Princess Nagger asked if she could borrow a piece of paper and a pen.  When I handed them over, I asked what she was planning to do.  Her response was:  “I have a surprise for Dada.”  A little while later I spotted this on hubby’s chair by his computer in the Summer House:

It was one of the dinosaur Happy Meal toys she discovered she had two of – it’s the dinosaur that you can flip his head to have him showing all his teeth or not.  Hubby had mentioned it was his favorite, so when she found that she had two of them, she decided to give him one with the note above*.

I love it when she decides she wants to share something unprompted… makes a Mama proud!

*Her name has of course been PhotoShopped out and replaced with her blog moniker.   

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  1. Any child who will share a dinosaur is a great kid! You couldn't pry my dinosaurs from me! 🙂

  2. *grin* She's adorable for sharing with her dad!

    Makes your heart swell with pride doesn't it? SHES SWEEEEEET!

  3. Those are the kinds of notes to keep forever – and, of course, the memories also. How sweet! You definitely have a reason to be proud. 🙂

  4. It does make you feel great when they do things like that. I recognize that dinosaur, too. It has a split personality, thanks to that head that flips around.

  5. That's sweet. My note would have had a ps…I'll be needing it back if I lose my other one.

  6. Oh how sweet is she??? That just melts the heart!

    I love your new blog design – it is gorgeous! I will be embarrassed if you say you've had it for awhile…I do realize I haven't been here for a long time…I'm sorry!

    At any rate, wonderful WW!!

  7. Very nice of her.. of course, you were nicer with the double drive-thru to get her a different oe!

  8. Kids are so great when they do wonderful acts like that, just totally spontaneous. Awesome

  9. Those first few semblances of altruism and selflessness are sooooo wonderful! You might have to changer her moniker soon! 🙂

  10. That was so sweet! Doesn't it make your heart melt a little. It made mine melt a little and she isn't even my daughter.

  11. Wait. You mean her real name isn't Princess Nagger? Well SHIT. there goes her Christmas gift.

  12. Aww, what a little sweetie. Now she and Dada can have dinosaur wars where they battle it out.

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