1. ROFL! Poor Piglet! Don't worry, there are vaccines available, wait, there are, right? 🙂 His friends don't want to go near him anymore how sad!
    Excellent Silly Saturday post!

  2. Did someone forward this to you or did you set it up and photograph it? It is soooooooooo funny!

  3. I've seen that a few times, and it is funny every time!

    Happy Saturday, Google/Blogger, etc seem to be having some issues, but I was able to get to you through my email subscription!

  4. Oh no!! That is just too funny! I may have to grab that one to hang up at work. Thanks so much for the laugh this morning!

  5. LOL! Did I tell you how Swine flu originated?

    When pigs fly
    When pigs flew
    when swine fly
    swine flew
    swine flu!

    There, I traced the origin! LMAO!!!

  6. great picture. poor piglet. i needed to laugh this morning. princess nagger has quite the collection. thanks for sharing and take care.

  7. Piglet always gets the brunt of things. I am sure Eeyore predicted this.

    Love otin's explanation.

    xo, Mango

  8. SO laughing!LOL
    Although,was it only for the joke or something happened today that was too much?

  9. HAhahahahaha! I cannot believe how funny this is! and I just ended a sentence with a passive verb! I haven't laughed that hard in a long while. Thanks for sharing. This is TOO FUNNY! =choking with laughter=

  10. Message to Piglet: This is all for the better good.

    Message from Piglet to us: !&%$@#

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