I have always been a gum-chewer.  My dad always had Bazooka Bubble Gum in his pocket, and he’d challenge us kids to see who could blow the biggest bubble.  That usually backfired, though, when we’d end up a sticky bubble gum mess.
As I got older, I tried other types of gum, and Trident became my gum of choice.  I tried all the other kinds and flavors, but my stand-by was always Trident.  Wintergreen, to be exact.  When I was contacted to see if I’d like to try the new Trident Layers™, of course I said yes!  Especially since Princess Nagger does not like ‘minty’ types of gum, this would be an opportunity to introduce her to my favorite brand, since it was fruit flavors.  I had a feeling she’d love it. 

I was so right. 
The new Trident Layers™ came in two flavors – Wild Strawberry & Tangy Citrus, and Green Apple & Golden Pineapple.  I was a little trepidatious at first, since the flavor combination’s seemed a bit odd to me. But that apprehension quickly subsided when I unwrapped the first pack – the aroma was fruity and not annoying.

Princess Nagger was eager to try it out, too, so we both started with the Wild Strawberry & Tangy Citrus kind first.  The burst of sweet and sour on the tongue was not annoying in the least.  It was quite refreshing!  We decided we would see how long the flavor would last, then lost track of the time.  Every so often Princess Nagger would say “It’s still full of flavor, Mama!  Is yours still full of flavor?”

We decided to wait until the next day to try the other flavor – sort of as a special treat.  Except that Princess Nagger apparently decided she didn’t want to wait.  A few hours later, she proclaimed “Mama!  The Green Apple Pineapple one is full of flavor too!”  The little stinker.  Not only had she opened the other pack, but she had also chewed quite a few of the Strawberry ones first.  At least she saved a few pieces for me.
While I was down and out with my sinus infection last week, my mouth wanted something juicy but my tummy didn’t want anything, so I remembered that I had a few of the Trident Layers™ left…chewing it sure made my mouth happy and my sore throat even felt better!
What I like best about it besides the long-lasting flavor and that it’s made by Trident?  The fact that it’s made with real fruit flavor – which measures up to their claim that it’s an “unbelievable taste experience”.  I would agree.  Since it’s Sugar Free and less than 5 calories per piece, it’s definitely something I have no qualms letting Princess Nagger enjoy, too.  And enjoy it she did!
Try it, you’ll like it!  you can go here to register and download a 75-cent coupon off any single pack of Trident Layers™. 

Thank you to Trident for providing me with free product for purposes of this review. This review is based on my own personal opinions and experiences. 

Disclosure policy here.


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  1. Oh I'm glad you posted this. I wanted to try that gum so bad! I love gum, wrigleys doublemint is my fav, but the trident layers looked so tasty.

  2. I can no longer chew gum because of TMJ and that makes me sad.
    I just wanted to share that. 😛

  3. I have always loved Trident, this looks like a great addition to their already wonderful line of gum!

  4. Aren't they yummy? I think my favorite of the two flavors is the green apple. I think my son likes the strawberry better.

    Great review!!!

  5. Trident was always my standby favorite too! I'm excited about the new flavors and can't wait to try them out.

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