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This has been an incredibly busy week.  I’m so glad it’s Friday.  Especially since Mrs. 4444‘s from Half Past Kissin’ Time and the multi-talented Sara from Ordinary and Awesome make Friday’s extra fun by encouraging us to kick back, relax and throw any and all fragments out to see where they land.  Where will your fragments land this week?


This week has been a flurry of activity with wine making and candy making.  Aside from a few taste tests of the candy dough, I’ve been really good about not imbibing in all the creations I’ve made this week.  Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t imbibe this weekend.  I think I’ve earned it.

Tuesday morning I waited patiently for Hovering Hubby to head off to work after Princess Nagger got on the bus.  He finally departed around 9:00 am, so I could get started with all the things I had planned to do.  I was in the basement collecting the boxes of my jelly making stuff when the dogs started barking, and I swore I heard hubby’s voice.  Sure enough he was already home.  At 10:55 am.

When he left barely two hours earlier, he said he was going to try to get home early.  ‘Early’ in my mind is 3 or 4.  But before 11 am?  Way too early.  I can never get anything done with constant interruptions and the hovering, so I had to toss aside getting anything done that day.  Which then just made Wednesday even more hectic.  Especially since Hovering Hubby went to work late on Wednesday.  Some days I sure wish he had a ‘normal’ schedule, instead of the mish-mash he has.  I’d get so much more done.

Remember these pumpkins from last week – and how the puppies have been chewing on the stems?
Well, apparently they think I bought those pumpkins just for them.  They’ve been eating them slowly but surely:

Who knew puppies would like pumpkins?  I guess I should have put these on the front porch and the smaller ones on the back porch.  Live and learn.


Papa came for a visit on Saturday – Princess Nagger wanted to show him her Furby Family and wanted to do a ‘card trick’ for him.  She kept saying, “Pick a card, any card!” but held out the cards with one prominently sticking out and wouldn’t let him pick any card except that one:

Papa was a good sport and let her think she had mastered the card trick.  They played for quite a while until he was ready for more coffee.


After Papa left, Princess Nagger decided to try on Dada’s cowboy boots.  She clunked around in them for quite awhile:


I still haven’t had a chance to decorate the back porch yet – Mother Nature has been uncooperative and sending us damp, cold weather.  Yesterday I did my bi-monthly grocery shopping in the rain.  The ‘high’ for yesterday and today?  40 degrees.  Fun times.  Especially since I couldn’t dress too warmly because the moment the air cools down, the stores tend to crank up the heat.  Doing marathon shopping in sauna conditions doesn’t bode well.  So I wore capris and a t-shirt with a jean jacket.  I got lots of funny looks about my ‘warm weather attire’ on a cold blustery rainy day.  But I didn’t get overheated, so that’s all that mattered.


Princess Nagger is off school today.  She wants to go on a dinosaur hunt, particularly to look for what she calls ‘Dinosaur Goo’.  It’s goopy stuff in a container that has a dinosaur in the middle of it.  We found some at Target, but they were all gone the last time we were there.  So she’s requested a trip to Target to look again, and if they’re not there, Toys R Us.  Wish me luck.


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

Helping Princess Nagger get dressed for school yesterday, I picked out a pair of pink and brownish-tan camouflage jeans, pink top and soft brown and pink hoodie.

PN:  “Ooooh! Sean’s going to love me today because he loves camouflage.  Maybe he will even marry me!”

Me:  “Marry you?  I thought you married Luke this summer in Louisiana?”

PN:  “Oh, yeah, well, that was Louisiana.  I want to marry Sean in Pennsylvania.”

Me (laughing):  “Uh, I don’t think that’s how that works.  Besides, what does Sean think of your plan?”

PN:  “Oh, he said he doesn’t want to marry me, but I’ll change his mind.”

Me:  “Don’t rush into anything, you have plenty of years before that can happen.”

PN:  “Do these pants have pockets?”

Me:  “Yes, they do.”

PN (checking the depth of the pocket with her hand):  “Oh good, I can take a dinosaur to school in my pocket.”

Me:  “Which one are you planning to take with you?”

PN:  “Today I think I will take the Triceratops.”
Me:  “Good idea.  Just make sure you don’t leave it at school because remember you’re off tomorrow and have a long weekend.”

PN:  “I won’t forget it at school.  I better not put it in my pocket horns down, though.”


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. good luck finding the dino goo…the boys like the eggs you put in water and they disolve to a dino inside. pretty cool too. look at it this way, you are saving some money on dog food?

  2. I see that it is snowing up your way today! Hubby will probably be home all day! Kills you, doesn't it!? LOL

    Dogs who eat pumpkin? Sounds like a childrens book! 🙂

    PN going line dancing with those boots?

  3. LOL, he ate some of the pumpkins ..errr.. I mean chewed.

    Dogs have the weirdest appetites..mine loves..loves SALAD!
    Salad of all things *shakes head

  4. I love those crazy silly conversations! A good thing to remember… put the dinosaur horns down in your pocket!

    The weather is crazy. You would have thought they were forecasting a blizzard. Tara wanted it to snow HERE so badly!

    Have a great weekend. I think I'm going to crack open my bottle of Spiced Apple Wine for VGNO tonight~

  5. Love the pics of the two of them playing cards together. Such awesome memories being made.


  6. I hope you have luck finding the dino goo.
    When I was a kid, we washed our hands with a soap that had a little bear in the center. We had the cleanest hands on the block!
    As a fellow Pennsylvanian, I'm with you on the crappy weather. I'm not ready to be stuck indoors yet.

  7. We are off school today too!! I am catching up on my favorite blogs before making a big breakfast for the boys. Oh NO!!!….

    I head little feet.

    PN looks adorable in his boots. Great picture!!

  8. What kind of job does HH have? And is he really that annoying that when he's home you can't get anything done? Geez, mine doesn't even TALK to me!

    Justine 😮 )

  9. One wouldn't think dogs would enjoy raw pumpkin. 🙂 Ew.

    We've finally hit fall weather here. I love it! I know I'm not a southern girl…

  10. I can't believe that your puppy is eating pumpkin. But I guess if a dog is willing to sniff another dog's rear then it would have no qualms about eating some pumpkin!

    I love PN conversations…hilarious!

    And wow, your hubby does mean early when he says early! I sometimes wish I had a schedule like that and that more of my work could be done from home. But I'm afraid that my desire to sleep would get in the way of any work needing to be accomplished!

    Good luck on your search for dinosaur goo!

  11. It's amazing how fast a whole week can go by when you're caring for two kids with H1N1…nice to live vicariously through a busy week! 🙂

    Although somehow I lost 3 pounds this week; stress and constantly going up and down the stairs for stuff must have done it!

    Hope you get more pumpkins to do amazing things with, and that the dogs don't get orange diarrhea!

  12. I don't know why, but I am surprised that the dogs like the pumpkins. I suppose when I think about all the other stuff dogs eat, pumpkin isn't so bad.

  13. Oh my gosh, your Princess Nagger conversations of the week are the highlight of my day! She is so funny! Better not put it in horns down? Hahaha! That and "No Kahlua!" in her cherries. Love her!

  14. 🙂 cute pictures! Pie would be good, LOL and dogs will love it LOL
    PN rules as always 🙂

  15. I like PN's state rule for a new husband, lol!
    And the card game, too cute!

    The 1 year old I nanny for keeps trying to sneak and bite the pumpkin.

  16. Poor pumpkins!

    I can't get anything done with people hovering either. I get so much done when I'm home alone.

  17. She is SO cute & funny!
    Just an FYI – if the puppies ever get sick (either constipated or the runs)…pumpkin is a GREAT remedy! Just buy the canned pumpkin but not the pie filling!

  18. That last pic of the princess is sweet. Was she just going for cute, or is she trying to get something from you? 🙂 Hope she found her dinosaur goo!

    I have a similar pic of Kendall with her Great Grandma Florence. Isn't it wonderful that our parents have the time to enjoy our little ones? I love that her Papa indulged her 🙂

  19. PN is so darned funny!

    Wow – your puppies sure massacred the pumpkins! I'm sure they are having a blast with them.

    I think it is so cute that PN was doing card tricks with him…I'm sure he was a good sport LOL

    I miss you – haven't talked to you in forever!

  20. I am just loving Princess Nagger and all her escapades. The card trick thing just kills me!!!

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