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I missed out on Friday Fragments last week because it would have been Friday Fragments in a Funk.  And I didn’t want to send anyone else into funkmode.  This week has been better than last week, so now I’ve been de-funkified.  Which means I get to have some fun with all you awesome Fragmenters this week.  Thanks to the best fragmenter of them all, Mrs. 4444‘s from Half Past Kissin’ Time and the multi-talented Sara from Ordinary and Awesome we can get our non-funk fragment fun going. Would that be getting funky without the funk?  I haven’t figured that one out yet…


I’m a dork.  I forgot about Picture Day.  Sure, it was listed on the calendar all month long as September 30th, but for some reason I kept thinking next Wednesday was September 30th.  Like we had another week of September to go yet.  Apparently September flew by faster than my brain thought it did.  What’s even wackier is that Princess Nagger and I were discussing on Wednesday morning what cool outfit she’d be wearing next week for Picture Day.  On September 30th.  Which was the morning we were discussing it.  I sent her to school in a sweatshirt and jeans.   

Granted, the sweatshirt was her favorite color, purple, and it has sparkly decorations on it with ‘Best Friends Academy’ or something cutesy like that, but it wasn’t what she wanted to wear on Picture Day.  I even went about my day doing the bi-monthly grocery shopping – which wouldn’t be happening the week before the 30th, but it still didn’t register.  D’oh!

Until Princess Nagger got off the school bus.  With a sad face.  And immediately proclaimed: Today was picture day!!!” as she was coming down the steps of the school bus.  Ooops.  I guess we aren’t getting school pictures this year…we’ll have to go Sears instead.

I need to get a Smartphone.


If you call a wrong number and are told that it’s a wrong number when they ask for ‘Ruth’, when you call back minutes later do you hang up on the person who answers just because you realize it’s the wrong number…again…because you dialed it again the same way?  I don’t.  I’ll apologize again and figure out what the right number is.  Especially if, when the phone is being answered on the other end, I’m chit-chatting away to someone else while I wait.

Yes, lady looking for Ruth – I heard you talking when I answered a second time.  I hate getting hung up on.  I was tempted to utilize Caller ID and call the lady back that was looking for Ruth and tell her she was rude.  But I didn’t.  Instead I decided to add it to my post.  So if you’re looking for Ruth, she’s not here.  Sorry.


Hubby is off on a road trip for the weekend – his band is actually playing a gig in Michigan.  Unfortunately it’s not in the general vicinity of some of the bloggers I stalk, so I declined going.  I think I made the right choice – I’d be twiddling my thumbs bored out of my mind and trying to entertain Princess Nagger who would also be bored out of her mind.  So I figured I might as well twiddle my thumbs in the comfort of my own home without the 20-hour+ round trip road trip.


Princess Nagger and I have big plans, though – she really wants to go see the movie ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’.  She was looking forward to seeing it in 3D, but alas, they’re replacing the 3D showing today with Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D. I don’t want to sit through 3 hours of Toy Story regular, let alone in 3D.  At least the meat ball movie is only 82 minutes long.  I think Princess Nagger can handle sitting mostly still for 82 minutes.

I think she wanted to see it in 3D so she could get those 3D glasses to use when playing Sly Cooper.  Since I bought the game off eBay it didn’t have the 3D glasses included, and parts of the game are available in 3D.  So I’m just going to get some 3D glasses and she should be happy.  Though we’re still going to go see the movie because I did promise.  I think I wrote 3D too many times.  Oh well. I’m sure you’ll live.  Possibly in 3D.


It looks like Mother Nature is still up to her funky ways.  She started giving us incredibly gorgeous fall days, then bombarded us with rain last weekend which foiled my plans of putting out my fall decorations.  It’s been cold this week, but it looks like she might cooperate this weekend – it’s supposed to rain today but be sunny and 76 tomorrow and 70 on Sunday.

That means it’ll be the perfect time to go to the local farms to pick up the needed hay bales, pumpkins, Indian corn and corn stalks for the base portions of the decorating on the porches.  I want to get the outside decorating done before Mother Nature decides it’s time to send us into deep freeze.  Wish me luck.


I’d like the send the neighbor’s dog into deep freeze.  He’s really pissing me off.  He won’t stay in his yard, and has now given our dogs fleas.  They have been flea-free all summer long –  we have no carpets, just hardwood floors throughout the entire house, and the neighbors have been fighting their flea problem in their carpets for several years

Now the neighbor dog fleas are seeking to upgrade their residency for better warmth because of the cold weather that’s been descending.  The fuzzy warm fur of our dogs looks quite inviting, as opposed to the short non-fur the neighbor Pit Bull has.  Apparently I haven’t been fast enough on the trigger of the pellet gun to keep the stupid dog away from our dogs and out of our yard.  Maybe I should shoot the neighbor with the pellet gun instead.


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

Princess Nagger: “I’ve been falling asleep too early.”

Me: “No you haven’t, you’ve been falling asleep about the right time on a school night.”

PN: “Picture it.  This is how I am before I eat a lollipop.” (she proceeds to jump all around making goofy noises and faces…)

Me (laughing): “OK, and what are you trying to say?”

PN: “Well, this is how I am after I eat a lollipop…”  (she pretends to lick a lollipop, then collapses on my shoulder with pretend snoring.)  “So….can I have the lollipop?”

Me: “Uh, No…you can save it for tomorrow and have it right after you get home from school.”

PN: “But Mama!  I promise it will make me sleep better and I’ll sleep so good if I eat the lollipop.”

Me:  “Not gonna happen.”

Hubby:  “Is she using Nagger Reasoning over there?”

Me:  “Yep!”

PN:  “Dada!  This is between me and Mama!”

Needless to say, she still didn’t get to eat the lollipop before bedtime.  I’m such a mean mom.


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (annoying boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. I forgot picture day too,should be interesting how it turns out.

    I loved Toy Story but not sure I would want to sit for three hours watching them. And with a little one could be tough.

    Great post

  2. Schools usually have a retake day. Find out the date and mark it on the calender. She can try again for a better picture.

    I love that PN told you husband to stay out of it!! My boys and I rarely involve my husband in our affairs. He is always working.

  3. That really stinks about picture day!! I would have done something like that, too.

    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was GREAT! It was really cute and wasn't that long for the kids either. Enjoy!

  4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs looks really cute. I read a lot of reviews online. There are many ideas about the message they are trying to send in that movie. The internet talk about it is interesting.

    How neat that your hubby is away playing a gig. I just love that word, gig. Super cool!

    Cute PN convo, as usual. 🙂

    Happy FF!

  5. Maybe the school pix will be darling??

    SOunds like you have quite a decorating plan. You should have come to Michigan this week=end to help me put out as least one decoration.

  6. I really hope we actually have fall here. Utah loves to give us winter for 6 months.

  7. PN is SO funny!! I love her reasoning!

    And, yeah, there is usually a re-take day for pictures. Maybe call the school and find out. I remember my mom sending my brother to picture day in a kool-aid stained t-shirt and crazy hair. The picutes were pretty funny!

  8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs _ SUPER AWESOME!! my kids want to see it again it was so good!

  9. ok, getting mixed messages on MEATBALLS, so please tell if it is any good…our nephew wanted to leave half way through so we were holding off….thanks for the reminder, picture day next week for us…have agreat weekend! love the conversations, always!

  10. Well I just wrote an article about flea control (I know I'm really living the high life) and I can tell you that Diatomaceous Earth is a great organic way to get rid of fleas. It takes a while but is totally safe to use on your doggy and all around the house. Maybe you can pour some on the neighbors pooch too!

  11. Kids crack me up that they think that kind of logic will actually work. I'm thinking that right about this time she must be eating that lollipop though. 😉

    You can do retakes for picture day, can't you?

    Why oh why couldn't HH have his band's gig on this side of MI? Oh well, it's less than a year to NYC now!

  12. Does your school not do retakes? I hate it when I am completely prepared for something only I don't realize it is -that very day- and I totally miss out on it!

    I hope you can get rid of the fleas, that would make me a very unhappy camper too.

  13. Band in West Michigan? Big Polish festival in G.R.- Pulaski Days! Don't even need to be a Polka band- every band in town gets a gig this week-end! Let me know if he is in the area.. I know people- really!

  14. if it makes you feel any better i can pull out no less than 8 year books to show you that i too have forgotten picture day…I will even go one better since i am cheering you up and say i just forgot my daughters birthday day…see I bet you feel better already!

    Great FF
    Have a wonderful weekend

  15. Hey Lady, stopping in from the VGNO. Getting back into the winter time swing of things. Heading out to get pizza then wine and blog hopping. I'll see you around and loving the new eyeglasses.

  16. I like your daughter's logic with regard to the lollipop thing… haha. And yes, I too hate it when people hang up after already calling once.

  17. Hopefully your daughters school will have a retake picture day, they usually do. Always love visiting your blog! Happy VGNO Mama 🙂

  18. HAPPY VGNO…I wouldn't sweat it about missing picture day. The kids always look cute anyway. Your daughter sounds like she's super smart–I have to applaud her argument for trying to get a lollipop. You're going to be in big trouble when she's a teenager. I can say that because I have one of those super smarties who turned into a teenager. She's actually really good, but boy do I have to be quick on my toes.

  19. Don't be too hard on yourself over picture day. We've all been there. Of course, our children never let us forget it, but we all survive!

  20. I remembered picture day, but on the wrong day. Awesome. My two oldest want to see Cloudy… Will probably take them this weekend or next… Happy VGNO!

  21. I've forgotten picture day a time or two as well. She won't be damaged forever, I promise!
    Very funny post!

  22. We are wondering if we are doing Meatballs or ToyStory tomorrow. They are both fighting over it. LOVE your glasses.

    I got my son's picture back from picture day and he is visibly saying CHEESE with his like Elvis style talking from his left lip.

    So I figured I will do retake for sure.He'd never forgive me otherwise.

  23. Uh-oh! Do they not have a re-take day where she can get her pics taken in the outfit she wanted to wear?

    Neighbor dogs are SO stinkin annoying! I SO feel your pain. While Chewy doesn't interact with them, really {since there's a fence}, they're always barking and whining and making me want to throw something at them!

    Can't wait to see your fall decorations. Maybe they'll give me inspiration since I'm so far from a decorator it's pathetic. :0P

    Have fun at the movies. Looks like a cute one!

    PN is hilarious!! Love her!

  24. Oh my! Princess Nagger, you are bringing me to tears, your reasoning is so much fun! I wish I could get away with that kind of reasoning 🙂
    Maybe the pictures will still turn out nice! Good luck with that, and the 3D movie as well. That's 2 Toy Story movies straight? 🙂

  25. It seems like since I started working at home I forget the date alot. Sometimes, I even goof up the day of the week!

    I mean, I have forgotten to pay bills! Now I've got that pretty well under control with online banking 🙂

    Have a great VGNO!

  26. Picture day, what stress! I've written it in my calendar in big black letters but someone will have to remind me to look at the calendar, now, don't they? I'm sure they have retakes. I know how it feels to be so overwhelmed you forget things. Don't be so hard on yourself.

    My kids want to see those movies too and I'm cringing about the back to back Toy Story. My 9 yo may be able to do it, but my girlie, I think not.

    Have a great weekend!

  27. If I call the wrong number more than once I say, "Could you please stop answering? You know it's me and you are using up my minutes! How rude!!!"

    Just kidding.

  28. Oh god, I hope PN doesn't teach Graham those lollipop negotiation skills. We were trying to teach him to trick or treat today and I surprised him by giving him a lollipop and now he keeps asking to do more trick or treating and begging for lollipops.

    So that stupid dog is STILL a problem? I say you get him drunk on some home made wine and send him packing.

  29. I suppose I should get on that decorating business. I often do not get to decorating until the night before our Halloween party!

    That's a little bit of a bummer on the school photo thing, but look at it this way; her outfit will give her a story to tell one day when she's looking back. We all have at least one Picture Day story to tell, don't we? Like the time my sister's pic revealed that she had borrowed my necklace without permission!!

    That flea thing would tick me off so much!! Your neighbor sure is rude.
    Hope you had fun at the movie 🙂

  30. Sorry you forgot picture day, I can totally see myself doing that. But our dilemma this year was that her outfit for picture day was a sweater & jeans & it turned out to be 96 degrees, so she was very sad to wear something not so new but comfortable, oh well!

    Happy VGNO a little late! Stop by my blog to see my latest Layout of the Week and where my blog is being honored as Blog of the Week!

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