Friday Fragments?

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I’ve been sicker than a dog all week.  Major sinus infection.  I think.  At least that’s what the symptoms present themselves as.  Of course the Swine Flu symptoms are very similar.  So who knows.  If I start growing a piggy nose or hooves, I’ll let you know.  Meanwhile my foggy brain has prohibited me from leaving very many lucid or succinct comments – and I’ve tried very hard not to breath on your blogs to share the yucks with you.  Hopefully the fog will lift soon and I can get back to funny business.
I’ve been so out of it this week, that I even forgot to pack lunch for Princess Nagger when I sent her to school on Wednesday.  I didn’t even think about the fact that her lunch box, which buckles right to the front of her backpack was empty.  You know when I remembered?  When it was lunchtime and I was wondering if I had enough energy to make myself some soup.  Then I remembered that I sent an empty lunch box to school with the Princess Nagger.  Ooops.
There is a cafeteria at her school where she can have lunch anytime (as long as I continue to send lunch money in when her ‘account’ gets low), so she and I pore over the calendar of lunches each month to pick and choose when she’ll eat in the cafeteria and when she’ll be packing.  This week’s lunch offerings in the cafeteria were all things Princess Nagger doesn’t like – so she was going to be packing all week.  At least she didn’t go hungry, they kindly gave her an alternate sandwich of Peanut Butter and Jelly, so she didn’t starve.  But I still felt like a dork.


Mother Nature has really been messing with us weather-wise.  Which is probably why Princess Nagger got sick then generously shared it with me.  We had frost advisories all last week through the weekend, then it went from high’s in the 40’s during the day to 70 in one day!  Of course today it’s not going to get much higher than 60 degrees since there’s another ‘cold front’ moving in with more rain.  I’ve had to change clothes 3 times a day…dress warm in the mornings waiting for the bus, then dress cool for the afternoon bus, then warm again during the evening hours.  Takes way too much energy when you’re sick!
Here’s an update on the pumpkin the puppies are trying to clean out:

Notice there’s some orange goo in Travis’s fur around his ears – Rolex got it on his paws then pounced.  It’ll be bath time for the boys this weekend.  I also think they’re attempting to start their own pumpkin patch with the seeds.  I’ll let you know if they’re successful.


Princess Nagger brought this bone in for me on Sunday, excitedly exclaiming that the puppies had dug it up in the yard and she was sure it was a dinosaur bone:

When I told her it was probably a chicken bone or more likely a rabbit bone, she seemed disappointed.  She went over to where she had placed her dinosaur stickers (on the back storm door) and confidently said “No, I’m pretty sure it’s a Compsognathus.  They were very small, in fact, they were the tiniest dinosaur of all.  Like the size of a cat.  That small.”  I congratulated her on her magnificent find.  She headed back out to the backyard hoping to find a whole dinosaur.  I’ll keep you posted.


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

PN:  “Do you have any little bottles of hand sanitizer?”

Me:  “No, I don’t think I have any smaller than the regular sized ones like the one in the kitchen, why?”

PN:  “I want to take one to school to keep in my desk.”

Me:  “Don’t they have any at school you can use?”

PN:  “Yes, but I always have to wait so long to get a squirt right before lunchtime and I don’t like having to wait.  If I have one at my desk, I won’t have to wait.”

Me:  “Well, I can see that as being a good idea.  Next time I’m out running errands I’ll pick up some little ones for you.”

PN:  “I only need one, you don’t have to pick up more than that.  One will be fine.”

Me:  “Alrighty then…one it is!”

PN:  “Can we go now?”

Me:  “Uh, no…it’s almost bedtime! Way to try to stall there, chickadee!”

PN:  “I’m not trying to stall, I just want to get one so I can take it to school tomorrow.  I have to stand way up on my tippy toes to reach the one in class since I’m the shortest one in my class.  Everyone calls me ‘Shorty’.”  *sigh*
Me:  “Well, I’ll make sure I get one tomorrow so you can take it school day after tomorrow, OK?”

PN:  “All right.  I suppose after tomorrow is OK too.  Sean’s shorter than me.”

Me:  “Well then you’re not really the shortest one in your class, are you?”

PN:  “No, I guess not.  But they still call me ‘Shorty’.”

Me:  “You won’t be short for long, you’ll hit a growth spurt before you know it and then you will probably end up being taller than me.”

PN:  “Taller than you?  That will be funny!”  *giggling*

Me:  “Hardy har har.”


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. Of course it's a dinosaur bone! She is so cute. I love the conversation about the sanitizer.
    Can't believe how young they start calling each other names. (shorty)
    I hope she gets really tall and they can all eat their words!

  2. She really is a peach, you know that? I feel her pain, too, the whole thing about being the shortest in class. I still have that problem. 😉

  3. That's one smart kid you've got there! I hope she finds a full dinosaur skeleton in your back yard, and I hope you have a huge pumpkin patch next fall! ha ha ;o)

  4. My kids both requested their own hand sanitizer to take to school, too! It's, like the hottest new accessory!

    Feel better…

  5. HAHA! A dinosaur bone! It looks like a fried chicken leftover! Kids are so cute when it comes to discovering things. I hope that you are feeling better:(

    We'll give you a pass on the luchbox thing:)

  6. Oh, Stacy, I'm sorry you've been sick! Hope you are 100% ASAP!!

    Love PN's conversation and her knowledge of dinosaurs! Sam found a skull last year (squirrel or rabbit) and was so amazed.

    P.S. We LOVED the wine. It was really, really good!!

  7. Is she a future archeologist? Was she really able to pronounce that dinosaur name? WTG PN!

    Hope you're starting to feel a wee bit better today!

    Justine 😮 )

  8. I'm have the SAME exact pumpkin problem, but not with DOGS! Maybe you could send your dogs over to eat my squirrels?

    I've got a daughter who is fascinated with bones, too! You wouldn't believe how many she has collected… I draw the line, though, at saving chicken bones from dinner. MAYBE if she found one outside, though.

    And tell your daughter that I, too, was "Shorty" and ALWAYS the smallest in my grade. It may suck now, but in high school, she'll be cute and petite (and the boys will adore her!) and as an adult she'll look MUCH younger than her taller friends! 😉

  9. I am sorry you have the "yucks". I woke up kind of stuffy, but I think it is just the leaves laying all around! It is breezy out and it looks like brown snow out back!

    PN continues to crack me up! Tara is the same with hand sanitizer, I'm not a big user of the stuff, but I guess that's the thing in schools instead of actually using soap and water to wash hands… I know time savings! I try and keep a little bottle in my purse.

    Another rainy Saturday, it's not fair. I don't mind the changing temps or even the rain, just not every Saturday!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Sorry you have been sick, I hope you feel better soon.

    Princess Nagger is so cute and patient…we carry the sanitizer with us..she had a good idea to have her own.

  11. EVERYONE is sick, it's crazy! My poor lil 18 month old has a sinus infection and I usually get them but I have this nose stuff that prevents them. I hope you start feeling better!

  12. Thank goodness for the proverbial peanut butter and jelly the schools keep as back up! I/we have been there too!

  13. i am convinced it is a cogsognathus…lol. kids are awesome! and the dog is sure making a meal out of that pumpkin!

    hope you have a great weekend!

  14. I forgot my son had early dismissal this week. Once I'd got to school after the office kindly reminded me he fired me.

    Get well.

  15. in the words of princess Mindy on Sponge Bob movie. "stalllling? you think I'm stalling?" 🙂
    I think she's doing pretty good. that bone is a big creepy looking though. Big for a chicken?

  16. This is all just funny…

    Although, I have never seen dogs eat pumpkins. I have had plenty of my pumpkins devoured by many a squirrel or chipmunk but never a dog!

  17. Sucks being sick. I highly recommend using a Neti Pot. it's a weird thing to get used to… but it has been a life saver!

    Sucks on the lunch thing too- I would have felt awful. But we all make mistakes!

    Sounds like you've got quite the paleontologist on your hands!

  18. She's actually pretty smart to want to be using that disinfectant! I hope that will help prevent some sickness from sneaking in.

    I've forgotten the lunch a time or two myself. Somehow they do always find a way and they don't starve the kids. 🙂

    You're on prime real estate over there with dinosaurs under the earth. 🙂

  19. Tell PN to hang in there. I was always on the taller side (not the freakishly tall, but tall). then all of a sudden in high school everyone passed me by. Now even my KIDS are taller than I am. Harumph!

  20. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you feel better soon. Don't feel bad about forgetting lunch. She got to eat so she was fine. Our cafeteria offers bagels in case there is nothing the kids will eat. Rest up and feel better soon.

  21. Hope you're starting to feel better. The Swine flu seems to hit pretty hard and pretty fast and lasts awhile!

    Take care and get some rest this weekend!

  22. I've got a sinus infection too. Feel better. Happy VGNO! Thanks for entering my contest. Good luck!

  23. Hope you're feeling better!

    So funny about the lunch! But I'm thankful that our school has lot's of choices for lunch and if she still doesn't like them, she can have a bagel or pb & j, so I try not to feel too bad!

    Have a great weekend & Happy VGNO!

  24. If it makes you feel better, I have forgotten to send my kid with lunch (or money) when I wasn't sick at all! I hope you feel better soon! The dogs cleaning out those pumpkins is hilarious. I need something to keep Finn busy so he leaves Skip alone and quits chewing on his head. They have those small bottles of hand sanitizer spray in a 4 pack at Walmart.

  25. I just love the dog photo with the dinosaur bone! Very cute story, too.
    So sorry to hear you've been sick-That stinks! Hope you're feeling better, and if a peanut butter sandwich is the worst thing that happened to the princess as a result, don't worry–It will build character! :)haha

  26. I hope you start feeling better ASAP!

    I love the story about the dinosaur bone. I really do hope she finds an entire dinosaur out there!

  27. Get well soon!

    Doggies are so funny when they try to help clean up. I love it.

    How cute is PN that she thought she found dinosaur bones!? Too cute.

  28. Can I enroll in the PN fan club? Cuz I'm such a fan!

    And you have to save your bones from your Thanksgiving turkey and bury them in the yard for PN to dig up and construct. You must do this!! She'll love it.

    And she is one smart kid.

    And I keep forgetting to say: I hope you feel better soon!

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