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The weeks keep screaming by at a high rate of speed.  They need to slow down a little more.  Or I need to.  Luckily Mrs. 4444‘s from Half Past Kissin’ Time and the multi-talented Sara from Ordinary and Awesome have given us license to purge our brains from the hecticness of the rapid time travel we seem to be stuck in at the moment.  Join in on the brain purge…your brain will thank you!


Last week Princess Nagger and I enjoyed a fun girl’s weekend.  Of course Friday hovering hubby came home after only having been at work for an hour or two so he could take it easy before heading out on his long road trip.  Him being home all day Friday seriously put a crimp in my  blog visit time I was relying on before being inundated with nagger time for the weekend.  So I unfortunately didn’t get around to very many FF posts last week – I’ll make up for it this weekend.

I wrote about most of Princess Nagger and my girls’ weekend in my Random Tuesday post – but to catch you up to speed, we stopped at a farm on the way home from the movies on Saturday and picked up some pumpkins and other things to decorate for fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving.  We had planned on getting large pumpkins like we did last year, but the price had gone up almost 75%, so we opted for the smaller ones instead.  But we still wanted big ones.
We made an unscheduled run to BJ’s on Sunday so we could look at their pumpkins, and so I could get apples and sugar to make apple wine in spite of the lack of apples from our apple tree.  I had to bribe her with a trip to McDonald’s for her to agree to go.
BJ’s has a habit of having their pumpkins (and in the summertime, their watermelons) in tall bins…how do they expect you to pick out what you want if they’re stacked on top of each other inside a tall bin?  I’m sure I made quite the sight, balancing myself on the wooden pallet that held the bin’o’pumpkins as I rearranged the pumpkins trying to find the perfect ones.  While trying not to fall headlong into the bin of pumpkins.  I kept trying to avoid pumpkin landslides as I dug to the bottom to find the ones with the perfect stems that were big enough to pass Princess Nagger Inspection. 
Finally, we had three pumpkin winners.  They were $1.75 cheaper than the farmer’s large pumpkins, and much much bigger. 
You’re probably wondering why the third pumpkin is off-frame.  Well, I learned something.  Never set pumpkins on the back porch within reach of incorrigible puppies.  They like to chew things.  Like perfect pumpkin stems:
So the extra effort of digging through landsliding pumpkins in a tall bin was for naught.  But at least it was quite entertaining for Princess Nagger and most likely the other patrons of BJ’s, too.  And how can you be mad at these guilty cute faces:


After we got done picking pumpkins and apples at BJ’s, we headed to McDonald’s, as per the previous bribery.  She kept talking about the Happy Meal toy, and how cool it is this time, and she hopes she gets the Bakugan in ball form this time, instead of the play figure. 

She had gotten one of the play figures when hubby brought home a happy meal earlier in the week as a surprise, so she kept saying how she really hopes she gets the toy ‘in ball form’ this time.  She kept repeating that all the way to McDonald’s and constantly as we waited for the person in front of us to move out of the way. 

Everything was fine until I handed her Happy Meal to her as we drove away from the drive-thru and she started to cry…because she got another play figure instead of the ball form one.  Normally I don’t give in to her emotional outbursts, but I knew that if I didn’t do something, it was going to be a miserable day for both of us me.  So I turned around and headed back into the drive-thru.

I’m sure I caused mass confusion when I only wanted to buy a Happy Meal toy, nothing else.  Though I did preface it with we had just been through and gotten a Happy Meal, blah, blah, blah, so I was told to pull to the next window to explain my dilemma.  The gal at the pay window told me to just make sure when I get to the next window to tell them specifically what I want so they can take care of it.
When I got to the next window, the other person tried to hand me another of the exact same toy figure Princess Nagger had gotten in her Happy Meal, so I pleaded with her to see about getting one ‘in ball form‘.  She obliged and not only did she supply a toy in ‘ball form’, but it was the ‘ball form’ that the play figure PN had gotten would have started out as in it’s early morphing stage.  Did you follow all that?
Bottom line?  It was the best $1.56 I spent that day to have a Happy Mama Princess Nagger.


Princess Nagger brought home an information packet about the H1N1 vaccine – her school is offering to vaccinate the kids at school for free.  Since there has been a kid at that school that has been diagnosed with it, I’ve already signed the permission slip.  She opted for the nasal spray version vs. the shot version – since she didn’t like the idea that the shot might hurt.


I ran out of time this week to decorate the back porch.  So most likely I’ll be working on that today.  Or tomorrow.  But it will get done, and I will have pictures posted soon.  We had some major wind battering things around on Wednesday – I was afraid that all my hard work on the front porch was going to get blown away by Mother Nature.  I guess using the overabundance of cable ties to secure everything worked – the only thing that was dislodged was the 1/2 bale of hay.

The tall scarecrow is attached to that, so he went flying, too, but they stayed on the porch.  The pumpkin that was on top of the hay bale, though, did not.  It seemed to have disappeared until I was walking around the side of the house to the back and noticed it had rolled halfway down the neighbor’s driveway.  It only had a couple of small dents in it from it’s little mini adventure, so it resumed its place on the hay bale.


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

Me:  “Can you please do what I’ve asked you to do?”

PN:  “That doesn’t make sense...’ask you to do?’

Me:  “No, what I said is please do what I have asked you to do so I don’t have to ask you to do it again.”

PN:  “But that still doesn’t make sense.  That doesn’t make sense to me, the  ‘ask you to do’ part.”

Me:  “What do you mean it doesn’t make sense?”

PN:  “Well, make sure you ask if I will do it…not ‘ask you to do’…because that doesn’t make any sense, right?”
Me:  “…..”

PN:  “And yes I will do it and  this is a funny T-Rex, isn’t it?”


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. AHAHAHAAA! PN is a crack up! Man, I don't know how you can keep your head on straight with kids and their logic. My head's spinning! 🙂

  2. TT was thrilled with the flu mist option too.

    Oh my…Happy Meal drama! I am so thrilled that TT and Princess are not so much into the current toy. I actually bought the Lego Racer/American Girl prizes off ebay so I wouldn't have to go. 😉

  3. I haven't' yet bought an american pumpkin. I should buy sometimes….it's odd though because in my country we buy regular pumpkin (in green and white skin) to cook.
    I"ve only seen orange pumpkin here!

    I agree that these fruit bins should be very wide squared or elongated and not a bin. I don't want my stuff squishy!

    LOL I'm glad you got to get the happy Ball toy for Princess Niger. A few minutes delay to beat a miserable day. Good job!

    School is becoming a scary flu zone.

    Happy FF and VGNO!

  4. I am thankful to be past the halloween costume and the McDonald's toys. I also hunted down just the right transformers or legos at different McDonalds around town.

  5. I agree. Life would be so much happier if everything came in ball form.

    They ate the pumpkin?????

  6. I LOLed when I read about how your husband's early arrival infringed on your blogging time – not that I know what you're talking about or anything!

    Those pumpkin bins are tall and it's very hard to dig down in there. Good for you for being tenacious in your quest.

  7. i really think it is a conspiracy by the fast food conglomerates…do you ever get the toy you really want? 1.56 well spent. hope you have a great weekend!

  8. PN is just precious! I always love your little conversations. Sounds like you both had a great time.

    Your puppies are beautiful! Are they shelties?

    Have a fantastic weekend!


  9. The puppy chewed the stem almost completely off the pumpkin! I wonder why only one of them though. It looks so funny like that.

    PN is hilarious, completely hilarious.

    I've gone from drive-thru to drive-thru all over cities to find particular toys from McDonalds or Burger King through the years. I feel your pain.

  10. Oh my goodness, your life will never be dull with Princess Nagger around! I bought pumpkins on sunday and accidently left them in my trunk and forgot about them. A few days later I remembered and one of them got smashed! So sad! So stupid!

  11. Those pumpkins are fabulous! I'm glad someone else understands the necessity in having very good stems… they're the "handles" on the "lids." Sorry they looked like such a good treat to the doggies!

    My cousins are really into the Bakugan stuff too… I'd never even heard of it before then! I didn't even know you could just by the Happy Meal toy by itself, that's cool =)

  12. You have had a fly by week, holy moley! And PN…those smart kids I tell you what…did you bite your tongue and laugh later? Happy Friday!

  13. I loved the story of digging for pumpkins…I can picture that! Sorry the puppy ate the perfect stem…I bet that was not a good snack! haha!

    So glad that McDonalds was able to accommodate the "toy in ball form." That just cracked me up! Good to know though because I was unaware that they sold just the toy!

  14. Love the new fall background. The pumpkins look great. I"m sure you're gonna be carving them into something beautiful. I think if I had seen you in that bin of pumpkins I might have been inclined to join you. I'm the same way.

    SO PN is teaching you proper English. LOL. After all, she is the boss and it has to be her way.

    Have a great VGNO and a great weekend.

  15. Like the new background! MMM, wouldn't it be great it we could have it mist out a yummy baked apple pie scent too?

    Wow…I am exhausted reading your post and dang, good job getting that toy! It's not a Happy Meal until everyone is Happy. Sho'nuff.

  16. Hi Stacy.
    Sounds like a lot of excitement.
    Too funny how we search for the perfect pumpkin with the perfect stem and some cute little puppy comes along…been there 🙂

    Have a great VGNO etc.

  17. Oh, how Sam loves Bakugan! We've been to McDonald's twice this week. :o)

    Great pumpkins! We were planning to do a corn maze/pumpkin patch this weekend, but I don't think the weather is going to cooperate. If not, we'll try again next weekend!

    I am all about the H1N1 vaccine. Just waiting for it to be at our doc's office…

    Happy FF! Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!!

  18. Haha, my happy meal days are ahead of me but I definitely remember being on the other side of the equation and wanting that toy SO BAD. My mom was awesome like you, she would move heaven and earth to get us the right transformer 🙂

    I'm glad for the dog warning on pumpkins- my pup chewed through a piece of plexiglass the other day, so I'm probably in trouble.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking forward to reading more of your random thoughts!

  19. Fun pumpkins and good warning about doggies, even though I don't have one yet! I love McDonald's and couldn't wait to get the toy when I was little, how fun!

    Have a great weekend.

  20. I think the PN may ended up being a lawyer? HA! poor pumpkin stems. I noticed my pumpkin looks different then yours upthe one I bought form the bin was 3.99 but it seems to have a dimple? under the stem if that makes sense? I wonder if it's a different species?

  21. No more purple blog? 🙁 But I do like the fall theme though!
    Great pumpkin pix!
    Happy GNO!

  22. You have a very pretty little girl with a wonderful sense of humour…lol..
    Love the pumpkin chewing pups!
    thanks so much for poppin by my blog.

  23. I'm glad you got good pumpkins–and getting them cheaper and larger is even better! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  24. Seriously… how do you keep up with PN!

    She is such a fun kick in the pants!

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours! Princess Nagger sounds like a hoot. I'll be coming back. 🙂

  26. Pumpkins are so much fun! I no longer have small children so no one to decorate pumpkins. Do you think the dogs would like a jack-o-latern? Happy VGNO

  27. That girl is so funny. She must have you in stitches all the time… but I can't believe McDs made you pay for the new toy instead of just trading out with you!

  28. We had the same issue last night at McDonalds. J-Man got the dragon figure, not the ball thing. But our motto for Happy Meals is "Be happy with what you get and don't through a fit" Usually it works.

  29. That is why I avoid ALL Happy Meals. Last time I succumbed to the pressure both boys got different toys – it was a mess!

    Love the fall theme 🙂 Happy VGNO!

  30. When our little girls assert themselves (as in questioning the way we say something), it's awesome, yet annoying, isn't it? She's going to be a young woman who knows how to get what she wants. Strong women do not come from wimps, do they? 🙂

    I have noticed you making the rounds this weekend; you are awesome.

  31. So funny about the pumpkin stems, our lab loved to eat the guts…yuck!

    We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday, so much fun. But we bought our pumpkins at a big garden center near our house where you can buy any size pumpkin for 99 cents if you buy 10, so I got some extra smaller ones to decorate with an 5 large ones to carve for $10.

    Just stopping by a little late to wish you a Happy VGNO!

  32. Those are beautiful pumpkins!

    I would have done the same thing to get my daughter the toy she wanted if she kept getting the same one over and over.

    Another great PN conversation. She cracks me up. She is so witty and so smart!!!

  33. I've had the same problem with Happy Meal toys … and sometimes the people are so unfriendly about it. I mean — help a mom out!!! My kid is hysterical so please just give me the crappy toy I need to make it stop!!!

    And this Bakugan thing … I so don't get it AT ALL. I really tried to understand it but I don't.

    And those were some nice pumpkins.

  34. Oy, happy meal drama. My kids haven't discovered Happy Meal toys yet but I'm glad since they can cause total meltdowns in a split second. I've seen it in person and know we're headed there!

    Yay for no swine flu! I haven't decided whether to vaccinate yet since we had a pretty bad case of the flu a couple of weeks back that may have been it.

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