Rolex is growing – what I love about him (besides his fuzzy cuteness) is that when he’s looking intently at you, he has one ear up and one ear down. I tried to capture that, but he was not cooperating. Travis was getting jealous, too, because he wanted his picture taken, so a few I took after Travis and Princess Nagger crashed out:

You can see how tired the poor boy is…and yet, put up with me continuing to take pictures:I just want to sleeeeep!
And then I woke him up and brought him outside with me to wait in the Summer House for hubby to get home from band practice:
He was not amused…
But look at that face!! 🙂

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  1. OMG, he is the cutest little thing, I just want to give him a squeeze.
    I've been having linky thing problems too. Sorry it's happening to you. xo

  2. That is one cute dog! Makes me think about my old dog, Tifa. She got lost! T_T It's partly my fault because I was walking to go to church and I didn't realize that she was following me! My parents called and asked if I got her. She was my first pet, too.

    But enough about my sad experience.

    Those photos look really great! 😀

  3. The Wii Mommies are making their bloggy rounds getting in on the Wordless Weds fun. 😉

    Love this pup!

  4. Rolex could be in film/Tv. Super cute. Love all that soft fur. I hope puppy training to going well. Happy WW and take care.

  5. What a CUTIE pie!!!
    Have a Lovely♥WW!!!!

  6. I want a puppy! That puppy. YOUR puppy. Give him to me!

    I always said if we got a collie though it would have to be one of the Blue Merle colored ones.


  7. Adorable… Although Rolex sure didn't look pleased to me moved to the summer house to wait… big comfortable couch to hardwood floor.. hehee

  8. He is so adorable. Love the pictures. I have learned to say Skye's name and flash at the same time and I can often get her to look into the camera. I'm training her for photo shoots when she becomes a model. (hee hee)

  9. He is such a cutie pie. I just love him! It is almost enough to make me cave and get a puppy of my very own.

  10. OMY he's SO super cute!!! =) p.s. My first giveaway today come by 😉

  11. I followed you from the wonderful world of Mr. C! And lo and behold, you are randomly cool!

    Question, what kind of dog is that?

  12. I pine for a dog. Pine. Piiiiiiiiiine!

    The pictures. Oh the pictures. I'm trying to pet my screen.

    And I pine for comment numbers like yours.

    Someone water me! I am a pine!

  13. He is just so cute!!!!!!!

    What do you get done at your house with that sweet boy around?

    I would be side tracked passed doing anything else but playing with him!

  14. Oh wow he's the cutest little fuzz ball. I want one! hehe.
    Oh and I listened to your nagging on my blog and there's a picture for you! 🙂

  15. Awww such a sweet little sleepy pup! 🙂 He's so fluffy!!! Precious little pooch! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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