When Hovering Hubby’s schedule is crazy as can be sometimes, it’s nice to have the option of a nice, healthy easy meal for a quick dinner. So when I was contacted to try out the new Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken frozen entree, I was intrigued, and of course said yes – I do love Orange Chicken!
When I received the entree in the mail (still frozen and packed on dry ice, mind you), it did remind me of some of the entrees I have purchased in the past for a ‘quick and easy’ dinner, so I knew I was going to be enjoying a great meal.

From Wanchai:

Each frozen entrée has all the ingredients needed to prepare a great-tasting, complete Chinese meal for 2 in only 14 minutes! They come in five delicious flavors including Orange Chicken, Shrimp Lo Mein, Spicy Garlic Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Sweet & Spicy Shrimp. Additionally, all of the entrees have no added MSG!

See? No MSG:
I added the chicken to a pan to cook for 3-4 minutes. I was a tad disappointed in the amount of chicken, but that’s primarily based on Hovering Hubby’s big appetite. Since Princess Nagger wasn’t interested in having any, I decided this will be the rare time I allow her to have something else than what hubby and I have for dinner. And since I’m supposed to cut back on any ‘fried foods’, the amount would work great for hubby and his huge appetite, and I’d have a few pieces of the chicken to try for myself. Generally if an entree says ‘Meal for Two’, I will buy/cook two of them to make sure there’s plenty for hubby and Princess Nagger and I – since usually between the four of us it’s more like 3-1/2.
The vegetables, while they looked excellent and fresh, definitely were a small portion – certainly not enough for two people who actually like vegetables, especially since one of those people (hubby), tends to eat enough for two people all on his own.
The small quantity of vegetables were even more pronounced when I followed the instructions by removing the cooked chicken and setting that aside, adding 1/4 cup of water, the vegetables and the included (delicious tasting) orange sauce:
I knew I was going to need to do something, so since I had a package of Steam Fresh veggies in the freezer, I added those to the pan (not pictured) to bulk up the veggies. I finished cooking as per the instructions – overall it was less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

They included a package of microwaveable jasmine rice (my favorite rice), but I didn’t realize it was included (even though it says so on the package…) Though in my defense, the other manufacturers usually include the rice mixed in with the rest of it, not as a separate package which isn’t enough. Wanchai Ferry included a separate package that would have been almost enough for the two of us, barring hubby’s voracious appetite. I made jasmine rice separately in my rice cooker, so I’m saving the (frozen) package of jasmine rice which can be zapped in the microwave when I’m craving a rice dish in a hurry!

Adding the extra bag of vegetables didn’t rob any of the delicious orange sauce taste – in fact, I think my hubby probably preferred it that way, as he was able to add his usual extreme hot-sauce without it being overpowering, or the orange sauce overpowering the heat of his hot sauce.

I was pleasantly surprised at how tender and juicy the chicken was – those kind of ‘chicken nugget’ pieces tend to be on the dry side, but not these! Bottom line is it was an excellent meal, very tasty, and I even have a container of left-over rice and veggies in the fridge to enjoy later. I highly recommend trying out Wanchai Ferry’s new entrees – you won’t be sorry. If you’re a big eater like my hubby, be sure to have some extra veggies and/or chicken on hand to add to the mix.

Try It! Wanchai Ferry is offering every one of my readers the chance to save some money by offering a $1.50 off coupon at their website. Click here: www.wanchaiferry.com then click on the ‘coupon’ icon on their home page – print out your coupon and enjoy! For meal tips to enhance your Wanchai Ferry frozen entrée, check them out here: Wanchai Ferry Meal Tips.

Win It! – One (1) lucky winner will receive an awesome “Stay-At-Home” Prize Pack that includes an additional coupon as well as some great Asian inspired rice bowls, chopsticks and bamboo placemats:
Here’s a close-up of the bowls – aren’t they pretty?

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    1. maybe will have to give the orange chicken a try…we love oriental food…even the boys. so we will probably have to bulk it up as well. yum. thanks for sharing.

    2. Hi!

      I keep most of the fortunes from the cookies and use them in collages.

      One of my favorites was along the lines of "Someone close to you is in love with you" – mostly because I so wanted it to be true!

      savvytangerine (at) aol dot come


    3. One of my best fortunes is still stuck to my refrigerator! "Treasure what you have." (Not that I stick quotes and stuff to my fridge, LOL)

    4. As luck would have it, I save fortunes that make me smile and/or have my lucky number on the back of them:

      "You find beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability"

      is one I've saved

    5. I follow and I have your button (one of my favorites with Princess N's expression 🙂

      I actually used to have two fortune cookie fortunes stuck to my alarm for years but they came off in the move. I can't remember exactly but it was something along the lines of if you find peace happiness will follow.

      Good advice 🙂

      That meal looks so yummy. I'm going to have to try it. The portion looks perfect for me and the Chick and even a little left over.

    6. I like the one we opened yesterday which said something about being able to laugh at oneself. I can't really remember it but that's not surprising. I don't remember anything for long. But I liked it!

    7. Is this us only, because well it's food! I'll have to send hubbie on the hunt for this in Maine?

    8. Best cookie.. um let's see.. that one where special Chinese magic made me switch places with my mom because neither of us appriciated the unique struggles of one another's lives.. oh wait that was Freaky Friday..um maybe the one with the winning lotto numbers.. um wait I DIDN'T get that one either! Then it would have to be the one that said, "TUMS".. he he.. Hey BTW babe YOU won the Lunchables giveaway on my blog. I thought I emailed you but maybe I just put it in those cookies I baked last week.. he he.. but seriously get me your 411

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