My Michigan friends will appreciate this…

This is fishing in Michigan

Okay … we got the car …. now where the heck is that snowmobile ?
Right … now we can FISH !!!

Hey, George … where did you park? I got a great spot, not far from here …

I think I’ll stick with ‘regular’ fishing… Enjoy your weekend!


  1. wow. that is totally crazy! i wonder if any of them run…imagine the insurance companies are going to have a ball with this one…lol. hope you have a great weekend!

  2. LOL!! The weather people are always telling us to be careful. You can never be sure that the ice is thick enough. One day it is freezing, the next we are wearing our spring coats!!

  3. Holy crap. I hope my husband doesn't take up ice fishing. Probably safe there is football to keep him busy in the winter.

    Thanks for the great pics.

  4. BRRRRRRR~! We watch Dirty Jobs here a lot when we can get reception for our TV and they did a whole episode on this car rescue business. They have a apparatus that they invited and everything for hauling out the cars! COLD job because they need those divers to go down and hook up. And I thought living in Snow land was tough!

  5. That's just craziness!!! How did they know where to cut the ice to pull the car out???

    i'm in awe!

  6. I actually saw something like that when I was a kid. On cold winters, Barneget Bay, in Jersey woud freeze over, and some people would try to drive across it. Sometimes the ice was thick, sometimes it wasn't…….

  7. Wow, those pictures were amazing… and hilarious! But I'm so not looking forward to ice and winter …. brrrr!

  8. I'm from Michigan- lived here all my life… I've ice fished twice, and truth be told- I'm just not that hard up for a damn fish dinner!

  9. Yikes! You have to wonder though…if it's dangerous to walk on ice why would you drive your car on it? Thick ice or not!

    Good thing I don't like fish.

    BTW – I saw a commercial for that orange chicken you reviewed. The one with the panda Wanchai (sp)? Funny 🙂

  10. I too think I will stay off the ice. Always looked like risky business to me!

    Happy Saturday – I think the rain has stopped.

  11. OMG, I remember when this happened! I'm wondering if they got fined…wasn't that in the news?…that all those fishermen were going to have to pay some sort of "rescue fine"? Geeeeesh! I'd have been P.O.'d. Losing the sled and literally paying for my stupidity….talk about adding insult to injury!

  12. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I have never seen anything like this!

    I'm with you..I will stick to regular fishing!

  13. Holy smokes! That is awful! I am so glad that I live in the mostly warm south!

    Thanks for stopping by for SITS fest:-)

  14. Oh my goodness! That just blows the mind of this southern gal. I've never seen ice like that. Nope, I'm not so into the idea of ice fishing myself. Seems like the best thing to do on a day like that is curl up with a hot coffee and good book INSIDE somewhere warm.

  15. Oh my this is so true. I have heard and seen this on the new where I live also. It is fun to ice fish. I did it last year.

  16. My hubby is an avid fisherman and keeps talking about going ice fishing – I had to show him and my older son this to prove to them that I was right and that it isn't a good idea.

    So thank you!! 🙂

  17. I almost woke the girls up from their much needed nap because of you.

    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

    Oh my gosh – I can't believe all those trucks fell through the ice… That was not a good day for a lot of men.

  18. What the hell?? That is the craziest thing I've ever seen. This is why I avoid winter driving at all costs.

  19. How crazy!! I remember a chunk of ice floated away with about a dozen fisherman and snow mobiles in Ohio this spring on lake Erie.

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