Happy First Day of Fall to one and all!  This of course is my favorite time of year, so I’m definitely enjoying the weather starting to cool down.  I sympathize to those in areas that don’t get to benefit from the changing of the seasons.  You’re always welcome to come visit and enjoy.  You can even help me put up all my fall decorations, you know, to fully ensconce you in the full fall effect.

It has been rather hectic the last week – between the wine making fun and last-minute detailed changes from some of my web design clients, I have had hardly a chance to come up for air.  But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  I can see it.  I might even need my sunglasses for it.

Let’s talk about Word Verification…is it really a necessary evil?  I mean, the ‘evil’ part I see, but necessary?  Especially the kind that comes up as surprise after you’ve hit ‘submit’…  I think I accidentally didn’t leave a comment on a few blogs with that feature, because I’ve moved on to another of my zillion open tabs.  I think I salvaged one or two purely by chance – because my little arrow didn’t quite hit that little red ‘x’ on the tab and clicked on the tab itself which then presented me with the word verification waiting patiently for my input.

But for those few that I ‘salvaged’ how many of my carefully thought out comments were inadvertently not left because word verification didn’t let my poor comment through the security gates?

The bird feeders ran out of seed last week, a day or two before my bi-monthly grocery shopping so the birds were a little miffed.  Then suddenly the birds were gone – it was eerily quiet outside when normally there are birds making lots of noise.  Then I saw it.  A dead bird hanging from the bird feeder upside down.  I thought about taking a picture, but it was too sad.

I wasn’t sure if it got his claw stuck in the feeder trying to get the last remnants of seed, or if another bird pecked him to death fighting for the seed, or if the hawk that has been skulking about and sitting on our grape arbor lately was the villain in this scenario. Apparently a dead bird hanging off a bird feeder is another type of scarecrow.   Because there’s been scarcely any birds hanging around since.  Even when I filled the feeders to overflowing.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the temperatures dipped into the mid 40’s Saturday and Sunday night.

So far, so good with Princess Nagger not making too much of a fuss going to school.  She’s only had a few instances where she started getting all teary eyed and saying “But I’ll miss you too much!” right before getting on the bus.  By the time she gets home she’s all happy and smiles and says she had a great day.  That makes me happy.

Now the only lament she’s having lately is the fact she has a dentist appointment first thing tomorrow morning.  I don’t blame her for the lament, after all, the dentist isn’t my favorite place, either.  Although she does get to wear an ‘elephant nose’ and inhale some laughing gas…I wonder if they’ll let me wear the ‘elephant nose’ for a few minutes when she does the inevitable loud wailing?  Hopefully she’ll actually breath through her nose so it’ll be effective.

Aside from the fact that it’s a dentist appointment, it also happens to be Library Day at school that day, so she’s bummed she’ll miss out on checking out new books.  If her library card was here, I’d take her to the library after the dentist, but I think she’s thinking more like a trip to Toys R Us.  Wonder if she’d think it was cool to buy a book there instead of a toy?  I might have to test that theory out.

Princess Nagger is single-handedly trying to revive the fad that once was.  The Furby.  My aunt sent her one a couple of years ago, but it scared her.  Now she loves them.  And wants more.  I found my old Furby and brought it back to life to ‘play’ with the Furby my aunt sent her, but that wasn’t good enough.  She wanted a whole ‘family’ of Furbies.  Luckily I found some on eBay and got her three more.  I know, I’m enabling her.  I’m going to regret it, I’m sure.  At least she’s been having fun getting them to talk to each other.  It is kind of funny and annoying all at the same time.

Why don’t you stop by the  Un-Mom’s and unload some of your own Randomness.  She won’t mind.


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  1. well, for my blog it is definitely a necessary evil!!!

    I took it off…after 2 days of peace I suddenly got 35 comments all made inside of 5 minutes to posts from the most recent to ones 2 years old! And each comment was a link with a virus that sounded plausible if not fot the email notification that showed me all 35 at once.

    So, back on it went. peace and quiet is restored.

    thanks for stopping by my place and braving the word verification….stop back by anytime.

  2. Ugh, that ever annoying word verification. It makes me so impatient! I just spent all this time giving bloggy love, but now, I have to type these random words? BORING.

  3. The girls I nanny for skip off to school each day while the boy I nanny for literally has to be dragged, kicking, screaming, crying, every day. Literally. Every single day. It annoys the crap out of me.

  4. Ahhhh…that's what I like about WordPress and Askimet. No need for word verification and all the spam goes into one, neat place where I can laugh at the bad English and then just delete it.

  5. oh the Furby!!! I worked in an a department store when they first came out and hubbie bought himself one. That thing is still here somewhere but MJ calls it a Owl! well it does look like an owl kind of but that sound. We never taught it to talk? and so it still says "uh uh uh" (almost sounds like puking) when it rocks. LOL

    I'm glad school is going well.

  6. Hey, there is nothing wrong with a Furby fetish. And I don't blame her for hating the dentist. Although my kids are FREAKS and love going to the dentist. Last night Madison was begging me to make an orthodontist appointment for her. Like I said, FREAKS.

    Word verification? People that use it are stoopid. What the hell do they think they're protecting? The other thing I hate is embedded comments. So after clicking on comments, then I also have to scroll all the way down to leave one. Ugh.

    Justine 😮 )

  7. I hate word verification and I don't use it. But, if I start getting a ton of spam I might. But it would have to be a whole lot of spam before I'd subject my readers to it.

    I must be really morbid cuz I laughed out loud when I read about the bird hanging upside down on the bird feeder. Then I went, "Aww, poor bird."

    The dentist. I hate the dentist. I'd want to go to Toys R Us after too! If I were a kid that is. Now I'd want to head to Half Price Books after!

    Great random thoughts, as usual.

    Have a great day!


  8. I see no use for word verification unless it's to join a forum. We approve our comments anyway and Akismet is good with the spam. Argh.

  9. Maybe the dead bird owed another some seed and wasn't paying up.

    …or maybe he caught a glimpse of the Furby through the window. Those things still creep me out.

  10. My bird feeder(overgrown mulberry tree) is now out of berries, and I am out of birds because of it.. Always collect something no one else is- it will be worth more. Baseball cards, beer cans, and beanie babies are prime examples of things that went down in value- not up!

  11. Happy FALL! It is finally here (well it will be in a few hours!)

    I totally agree about the word verification, sometimes on my laptop it takes so long for the box to come up I never get a chance to leave a comment when I'm not getting a great signal! Grrrr! I too wonder how many comments never posted because I was in well, a hurry!

    Furbies. We had a family of furbies, now did I donate them or are they stored away somewhere? Let me think! We even had a red Santa furby!

    Sad about the bird. I have noticed we have fewer birds, I guess it's the time of year!

    Well, have a great day. Tara's doing Art, soon she needs to get down to the "real stuff!"

  12. I think we've discussed this before but I HATE word verification too. And eww to the dead bird, that is sad. We have a hawk that hangs out around here sometimes and I'm always afraid he's going to try to fly off with one of the kids. Most days that's a bad thing.

  13. Man, I would love to go to the dentist if I knew there was an elephant nose waiting for me! It would be much more enjoyable! I hope Princess Nagger handles it well!

    The leaves here are slowly turning colors, very very slowly. I don't think it's quite Fall yet, but I can't wait to decorate for fall!

  14. Pop up captchas are evil. I don't like them at all but the ones that pop up after I hit publish are the worst!

    Furbies are a bit scary. Just sayin'.

  15. Pop up captchas are evil. I don't like them at all but the ones that pop up after I hit publish are the worst!

    Furbies are a bit scary. Just sayin'.

  16. I hate word verification. Please say you don't have one. Yesterday, I went to the dentist. I really hate that, too. I seem to hate a lot of things lately.

  17. Dental appointment.. outchy!!!
    And Furbies??? oo, my husband went coo coo over one last summer and he finally bought it from a friend and brought it home.. it was cute at first but then everytime i kicked him accidentally he started yelling that his back hurts and i need to scratch him… and it's German words for chicken sake.. rücken weh doesn't sound funny said repeatedly.. dang it:)
    And word verification sux! that's why i took it out(i guess?!) and replace that with owner approval for spam and such.. much better life.. i guess:)
    Happy Randomness!

  18. I am not a fan of word V but I understand why some have it. But please put it where you can see it while commenting not pop up as Stacy says.

  19. Personally, I LOVE the first day of Fall! Every year the Fall Equinox rolls around, it's like it was meant for me! Fall rocks! Seriously, my favorite day of the year!!

  20. Word verification is the WORST!! Hopefully you'll convince at least one person to change their ways…

  21. Duh, just got the comment window to come up. Ignore the email I sent you!

    Sorry about that poor bird…that's quite sad, really!

    And Furbies…now there's something I haven't heard in a while. Sorry about that, too! 🙂

  22. Word verification blows! I will take my chances.

    It was in the 40's? I hate to hear that. brrr!

    I hate dentists also! You cannoy imagine how bad I hate a dental appointment!

  23. My brain can't compute all that you wrote…

    I caught some of it, but nothing is registering today.

    I do miss my furbie. I want another one…especially on days like this.

    I am glad it is fall, too! Except I am still in shorts and it is HOT. I don't like that.

  24. That dead bird was a little freaky! I probably would've taken a picture anyway. I'm glad PN is doing well at school. J-Man is usually okay about going too, except for today. I'm not a fan of word verification either.

  25. Not the Furby! I have taken tape to those things and wrapped it all around the bottom so that there was no way they'd accidentally turn on. They were cute for about 10 seconds.

    I hate the surprise word verification too!

    I'm leaving tomorrow and I don't have even one post ready to go while I'm gone. I'm so not organized.

  26. The bird thing is kind of like seeing a dead guy in front of the BKs. You'd drive by once and keep going, you certainly wouldn't stop there to eat. 😉

    Fall is gorgeous. I wish I could see it in person. Down here it's still greengreengreen and hotter than allowed for September.

  27. wow. slightly surprised furby is still around. i think i have dropped a few comments b/c of word verification. after two spam attacks this month, i may have tobite the bullet at some point. love the fall, gald its here.

  28. Feeding the birds takes me a lot of time because I have to take down the bird feeders!!! If I leave them up the feeders attract a small army of possum, raccoons, skunks… Then, they try to crawl into my attic!!

    So… I put them up in the morning and take them down at night. When the hard snow hits, I can just leave them up while the critters hibernate.

  29. I find it hard to believe some still have WV and aren't even aware of it; spam protection for a coupla weeks is one thing, but please…..

  30. Ugh! I hate the WV ESPECIALLY the new one where you've already made the comment and then have to submit it again. So stinkin annoying!

    Poor dead birdy.

    Glad to hear PN is enjoying school more these days. Good luck at the dentist.

    I remember Furbies! I have one in a box somewhere that my mom got for me when I was in high school I believe. WTH? LOL

  31. I agree–word verification is EVIL! Annoying and Evil! Stop it bloggers! You don't need to use it!! : )

    And Furbies scare me!!!

  32. What a great post! I HATE word verification when I'm trying to comment. BTW my 10 year old daughter just got a Furby. Maybe they're coming back!

  33. Word verification is a pain. I agree.

    My daughter adores Furbys. We have the Furby movie, several Furbys, and a baby Furby that came with a bottle.

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