Mona has been a busy girl touring the blogosphere this week, and stopped to visit us here in Pennsylvania to experience our home town.

 First she wanted to inspect the birdhouse Princess Nagger painted:
Then she inspected one of the feeders to make sure there was enough food for everyone:

She couldn’t put it off any longer…it was time to meet the dogs:

Since the dogs thought she was a new toy just for them, she was relieved when Princess Nagger recruited her for a dinosaur expedition…so off we went:
Mona was a little miffed she didn’t get to drive like Toni let her do…  But she did enjoy riding in the cart at Target with Princess Nagger:
Mona decides to inspect the dinosaur loot:
It appears we got enough.

But wait…what’s this?  A Mona Wannabe?  Mona assured me that she does have one of those flirty skirts…but she just forgot to pack it:

All that work made both Princess Nagger and Mona hungry – Princess Nagger got to choose, so Mona willingly placed the order at McDonald’s:

Then we went for a long drive…there are so many roads like this here in Small Town, PA:
And lots of farmland…

It wouldn’t be a trip to PA without checking out the battlefields of Gettysburg:

Mona declined the hike up to the top of Devil’s Den – it was a bit hot for that:
But she sure liked looking at the landscape and barns in the area:

All the way over on the other side of the state, you can’t not visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia:

Or check out the awesomeness that is the Liberty Bell:

In York, she was a bit bummed that she arrived too late to go to the York County Fair, she’d heard that some great performers were going to be there this year.

David Cook

Bucky Covington

Kelly Clarkson
But she did enjoy learning about the history of York, starting with the old Colonial Courthouse:
York was capital of the thirteen colonies for 90 days when Congress was compelled to flee from Philadelphia. In the Colonial Court House (now a reconstruction) the Articles of Confederation, the founding document of the Union, were adopted in 1777.

Gates House/Golden Plough Tavern:

The building’s most notable resident was General Horatio Gates, president of the Board of War during the  American Revolution. Local legend tells of the Marquis de Lafayette attending dinner in this house, toasting the health of General George Washington, and disrupting the plot to overthrow Washington known as the Conway Cabal.  The “toast” is more myth than fact, and most historians today dispute that the Cabal was anything more than a letter-writing campaign of several disgruntled officers and Congressional delegates.

Cooke’s House:

The house, which was constructed in 1761, is listed on the  National Register of Historic Places, because of one of the home’s most famous residents, Thomas Paine .  He lived in the house during the  Second Continental Congress’ stay in York, and local historians believe he was hard at work writing “The Crisis” during this time period. 

Before Mona had to take flight to continue her trip across the U.S., she kindly offered to try to make Princess Nagger feel better at the dentist.  She tested out the dentist chair first:

She tried to comfort Princess Nagger in the chair:
When that didn’t seem to be working, she called upon her friend Nemo for help:

Since the laughing gas seemed to work its magic, Princess Nagger did just fine getting her spacer replaced.  Mona then assisted the Princess Nagger in the capture of a caterpillar, and helped her get it all settled into it’s new home:

She decided to relax with a glass of wine before she departed:

And left a little tipsy on a happy note – promising to stop by again to play with the Princess Nagger in the future. 

Tomorrow is Mona’s last day of her tour…go check out where she’s headed next!

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  1. That was fun. I had no idea that this was going on. I just recently learned about Flat Stanley. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You had everything covered for PN at the dentist… favorite sunglasses, comfy blanket, and wonder woman!!! Please take me to the dentist for my next appt.

    And, I love the recent pic of you. You and PN look so much alike!!

  3. It's okay that Mona missed the York Fair when she was with you; she hit the fair with me. 🙂

    I had no idea that we live so close!

  4. Oh, Mona really does get around! Loved reading about her visit in PA…especially the part about York. I learned something new today!

  5. So glad that Mona could help calm your Princess at the dentist! And the dino loot. Awesome! I have seen many of the sights in PA (since we're pretty close by in Maryland) but there is still SO much more for me to see there. It's a beautiful state!

  6. Moxie's face looked a tad bit, uhm…angry, until she relaxed with the wine!

    That was funnneeeeee!

    xo, Mango

  7. Its cracking me up to see Mona's adventures everywhere!!!!

    What a trooper to even go to the dentist with PN!

  8. Wow! Mona sure gets around. Not sure if she would survive in my house with my two dogs. They would think she is a new toy for them to play tug-o-war with. Love those shots of her with Princess Nagger in the dentist's chair. Glad Mona's moxie helped her. Take care.

  9. HEY! One of my most favorite trips we took when we lived in NY and NJ was pre-first baby.. I think we call that a baby-moon 🙂 Anyway… we stayed in a quaint B&B in Gettysburg.. I LOVED the history there.. you could FEEL it!?

    Now I'm dying to take my kids!!

  10. Oh you treated Mona well! I'm so glad Princess Nagger's dentist appointment went well!

    I'd say she left very happy! Judging on her size, that one glass of wine must have finished her! LOL!

    You're too funny!

  11. Mona did so much in Pennsylvania! I love the history lesson. I've been to Gettysburg and would have loved to explore more rural areas of the state. Thanks for being such a great host!

  12. Mona had FUN with you! And I totally bought that costume…the exact. costume. 🙂 I want to be Mona.

  13. Was Mona able to make it safely to her next destination? That was an awful large glass of wine for her.

    Oh well, she earned it after being at the dentist office.

    What a beautiful place she got to experience.

  14. Ooh I wish I could be like Mona and visit all those wonderful sights! Devil's Den, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell. Too bad she didn't get to see all those cool artists perform! But I'm sure she had wonderful memories to last her through 🙂

  15. Is Mona old enough to be sipping on your wine? I guess after that dentist visit, she needed to calm her nerves. Carry on, Mona.

  16. Thank you, Stacey, for such a fantastic post. What an amazing time you showed our girl. I adored seeing all the photos and reading about Mona's adventures.

    You did Pennsylvania proud! I think a visit to your great state is definitely in order.

  17. that was amazing. had my boys come in…they got a kick out of wonder woman (i mean mona) journey…

  18. When did you sneak this post in??? I did not see this one! I love the pa countryside! I just wrote a story involving pa!

  19. Okay, after reading all these Mona posts I have decided I want to be the Moxie mascot. How do you go about applying for such a thing? LOL Great post- I love Gettysburg and York!

  20. It has been fun to see Mona on her travels … but I love love love the one of Princess Nagger in the dentist chair! Those glasses make her look like such a Hollywood diva!

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