You ever have one of those days where you feel less than hot? Where your head is pounding because you didn’t get much sleep the night before, and the only plans for the day is an eye appointment followed by the second half of bi-monthly grocery shopping…

The kind of day you don’t feel like dressing to the nines and you really don’t care because some eye doctor dude is going to be peering intently into your eyeballs to check your sight after which you’re going to be practically running a marathon pushing a ginormous cart at a big-box warehouse store to finish up your twice-monthly grocery shopping. The kind of day where your hair is being uncooperative…

So you yank it back into a pony tail, but you have so much stinkin’ hair that the sheer bulk and length of it even in a pony tail will still increase your body temperature so you add a few extra hair thingies down the length of your ponytail to keep it subdued to keep cool during your marathon running around.

You throw on your comfy top forgetting it makes your boobs look more luscious than usual, but it’s long enough to hide the fact that your recent weight loss is causing your favorite Capri’s to slip constantly, which means you have to surreptitiously keep hiking up your waistband every time you get out of the vehicle, or after you’ve walked any distance in order to avoid the saggy butt syndrome.

Monday was that day.

So you’re taken aback when you see the same nice-looking gentleman you saw there two weeks ago back by the bread section of the big box store, and being the person that you are, you smile and say hello as you’re attempting to maneuver the now mostly full ginormous shopping cart without running into anything or anyone, and he gives you a funny look, a smile, and a body check. You are pleasantly surprised by the following dialogue:

Gentleman: “Have I seen you somewhere before?”

Me (grinning): “Sure! Right over there (pointing to the bread section) just two weeks ago!”

Gentleman (smiling, still doing the body check): “Really? I thought it might be someplace else.”

Me: “I’m here every two weeks or so.”

Gentleman (coming over to shake my hand): “My name is William.”

Me: “Nice to meet you, William, I’m Stacy.”

William (smiling and looking pointedly at my ring finger): “You tell your husband he’s a lucky man.”

Me: “Why thank you, I will!”

William: “You’re here every two weeks? If you ever need help with anything, come find me.”

Me: “OK, will do.”

William: “Be sure to tell your husband he’s a lucky man!”

Me (laughing): “You bet I will, and thank you!” (thinking to myself, to hell with that, I’m telling the blogosphere!)

In a simple moment, you go from feeling quite frumpy to feeling fabulous, just from a kind word and a smile. Needless to say, there was quite the spring in my step for the rest of the day.
And in case you’re wondering – you all look fabulous today! Be sure to tell your spouses or significant others they’re very lucky! 😉

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  1. That is awesome!! I love that. I will never forget the day the UPS guy offered to carry something into the house for me. 🙂

  2. Woo, work it girl!
    I know you will definitely be wearing THAT ponytail holder and jeans to the grocery store again!

  3. Those are definately some GOOD days!! Don't you love it when someone else realizes YOU still got it?

  4. It's like the Hollywood stars going to grocery shopping looking like a mess yet somehow some of them manage to still look sexy, right?!? I love those days!

    Happy Thursday and stop by to find the true story behind our door!

  5. good for you!! I wish I had more of those days, I seem to get more "ma'ams" these days…sigh

  6. Cool! Haha William REALLY made asked you to make sure that your husband is really lucky, huh? Good for you, you still have it. 😀

  7. This is great Stacy thank you!And this is almost exactly what happen to me last week!I was having that kind of day too,and a man I think I saw him before,but obviously he seen me cause he said,"anytime I see you,you are more beautiful",then he said the same thing,that my boyfriend was a lucky guy.It's true it cheers you up on days when you feel down or you don't care about anything,which was the case.
    Have a nice day Stacy!

  8. The only thing women ever say to me at the grocery store is "Excuse me, could you please move your cart"? haha!

  9. I LOVE IT when guys hit on me at the grocery store. My husband went shopping with me for a while. He also stalks me at the gym to make sure that the men know that I am claimed. Very funny!!!

  10. Oh, NO LIE!!! A compliment from a stranger can keep me going for weeks…

    Have a great day, you hot mama!

  11. Yep, definitely. But when that happens what irritates me most is that when I was single, that NEVER happened to me!

  12. Good thing you wore your Boobilicious comfy shirt. :>)
    It's always nice to get compliments when you are feeling like crap.

  13. LOL, (to hell with that!? I'm telling the I'm telling the blogosphere!) I'm laughing so hard I want to CRY!

    When I go grocery shopping, I'm UNAPPROACHABLE. So I'm told. I had a man ask me if I was married.. my 18 yo chimed in and said.. yeah and I'm a product of that marriage. Points to himself.. YOU SEE ME?! I'm her guardian.. her SON.. her watcher.. her BABYSITTER.
    If you think I'm big you should see my older brother. He's NOT as NICE as me! BACK OFF SHE'S MARRIED.
    I stood with my mouth open..not knowing WHAT to say..
    It's then I swatted his butt. IN THE STORE!
    Knock it off DANIEL! He thought the whole thing hilarious! He even growled at him. Like a DOG!

    My boys are my keepers.
    As I explained to my boys.. at my age if someone whistles I no longer give them the finger.. I
    call them back.. I'm HERE..I'M HERE!!
    They don't find my sense of humor one bit funny. LOL.

    So now I'm UNapproachable.. saves Daniel and his bad attitude.
    after almost 22 years of marriage you'd think they'd know better.

  14. I got up at dawn, put on full, baggy sweats-with hood, and tried to destroy two wasp holes, then ran like heck! A video of that would have looked like a Big Foot sighting- a bulky blur going by…

  15. Thanks for stopping by!

    And yes, I have those days more often than not, but I'm convinced that it's because I have an 11 month old who didn't sleep for the first 4 months of life and now he's teething, which equals no sleep!

    Maybe I should go on a grocery-shopping trip! 🙂

  16. Work it Baby, WORK IT!

    Makes you feel great to be alive!!!

    All of our s/o's are DAMN lucky to have us!

  17. I love this post. How awesome is that. We all need a little affirmation sometimes. Over the summer I had one of those days as well. It was when I was working in the hospital pharmacy and a doc came in and I was just chatting with him. I saw him pointedly look at my ring finger and his face droop for just a second. It made my day. I called hubby up right away and told him I had been hit on by a doc. Although he told me to "go for it" I knew it made him feel like the lucky man he is!!
    You go girl, you ARE beautiful!

  18. LOL! you were working it and you didn't even know it!

    The kid working the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland asked my boobs how many were in our party

  19. You go girl! As expected, when we go to NY, I will be the frumpy one. That's ok, I can bask in your beauty.

  20. Yeah! That's how you brighten a person's day! You deserved the compliment and bounce in your step!

  21. now why don't i get that? I'm the single one here. Okay, I'm now putting on capri pants and getting ready to go to Costco wearing a ponytail. this better work.

    I'm so glad you came by my blog. Can't wait to get to know you better

  22. LOL, I think your post was kismet. Today is the perfect day to tell hubs that he's very lucky.

  23. Awww! You know, this is why I am always outspoken with compliments. If I'm out running errands and I love someone's shirt, etc, I tell them. What good does it do for me to just think it and not say it? But when I say it completely brightens their day.

  24. Thanks you so much Sass! I really felt like poo til you said that!

    I told my husband and he just looked up and said "huh?"

  25. Well, as I get older, those days are further and fewer in between, so when they do happen, it's awesome. Young guys look right through me these days, but the "mature" men are still smiling and nodding. As Mr.4444 says, "I'll take it any way I can get it." 🙂

  26. *WHISTLE!! Way to go!!

    I love those moments…I keep them in a little box all to myself or on my blog…to hell with the hubby is right!!


  27. Awesome Stacy! I can tell from your profile pic that your hubby is indeed lucky 🙂

    But sometimes a little reminder is a good thing!

  28. Oh I love days like that – sometimes just a few words can make you feel so good. You are gorgeous dahling…your hubby IS a lucky man (make sure you tell him so)…

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