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You ever have one of those weeks where your brain is in a million different directions and you can’t remember what you’re supposed to be doing right now?  Yeah, me too.  What was I writing about again?  I can’t remember that either. 

Oh yeah, it’s FRIDAY!  Which means that it doesn’t matter if our brains are in a million different directions, because the awesome Mrs. 4444‘s has anointed us with her magic Fragment Wand to do just that.  And in case you need a second opinion, Sara steps up to the plate to offer one.  So that takes a load off my mind.  Even though it’s still in a million different directions. 


This week has been crazy.  Along with my usual bi-monthly grocery shopping, I had a zillion errands to run, so I was driving around more than I have in months.  Normally I try to get them all done in one or two days, since nothing is super close distance-wise, but I kept forgetting things and had to go back to get them.  Only to forget something else and have to go get it the next day.  So I spent way more time driving and way less time on my computer.  It felt sort of odd.  Like I was missing an appendage.  I think I need professional help.


One of the errands on Monday resulted in that purchase on my ATM Visa card morphing into unauthorized charges on that same card.  I don’t know if it was someone at the one shop I used the card at that day, or if there was something with their electronic transfer that info got hacked from.  I watch my bank account like a hawk, so I noticed the bogus charges on Wednesday.  I called the 800 number listed on the first charge that processed, and spoke with a thickly accented customer service rep who promised that all charges would be credited to my account within 10 business days. 

I’m not prone to trust those promises since I’ve been ‘had’ before, so I also called the bank right away and canceled that card to stop any further charges from happening.  The charges were in my name, but not my address.  If I had been able to understand the customer service guy more clearly, I would have done some sleuthing on my own to locate the offender. 

Luckily I caught it early before some greedy SOB wiped out my account.  The ‘pending’ charges disappeared overnight, so I have  more faith that the credits will be forthcoming as well.  Luckily my bank is a good one, so if the promised credits don’t hit by the 10th day, they’ll reverse the charges immediately.  I’ll be watching like a hawk.


The first day of fall is next week – I’m getting anxious to start my fall decorating.  I really need more hours in the day. 


I didn’t get to use my EA Sports Active very much this week what with all the running around I did, but all the walking and hauling of groceries and miscellaneous cleaning kept me worn out active enough to count as a workout.  That means I messed up my momentum with the 30 day Challenge, so I’m going to hit the reset button in my brain and start the 30 days all over again on Monday.  I figure my virtual trainer will be impressed because I’ll be ahead of the curve if I start over and do even better than when I started the first time.

In the meantime, all that extra running around and technical weight lifting didn’t initiate any pounds loss for the week, but since Aunt Flo is here for a visit, I consider being ‘even’ for the week a good thing, considering she always brings extra baggage (and cravings) along for her visit.  


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

Princess Nagger (waving her dentist mirror): “Today I’m going to be a dentist…want to be my patient?”

Me:  “Uh…not sure I’m too keen on that idea…”

PN:  “I know what I want to be when I grow up!”

Me:  “What, you wanna be a dentist?”

PN (sighing):  “Hmmm…well, there are really only 2 choices.  A dentist or a teacher.  I don’t know which one I want to be.”

Me:  “So are you going to weigh the pros and cons of each?”

PN:  “Well, raise your hand if you want me to be a dentist.  I know!  I want to be a dentist!  No, wait, I want to be a teacher… I don’t know!  They’re both good!!!”

Me:  “How are you going to decide?”

PN:  “Well, let’s make three choices!”

Me:  “Wait – now there are three choices?”

PN:  “Dentist, Teacher, or Nurse.  Hey, I’ll be better…hey! Don’t write that!!” (she erupts in a fit of giggles, since I’m typing this in notepad as she speaks to make sure I get it right…still giggling…)

PN:  “OK, write everything I say!”  (laugh laugh giggle giggle giggle I don’t even know)

Laughing   giggle giggle giggle   giggle giggle giggle   giggle giggle giggla hahahahaha  hahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahah stop! giggle snort love you giggle giggle giggle hehehehehe heheheheheheh hehehehehehehehe  hahahahaha  hahahahaha hahahaha heeee  hehehe heyaaaaaah gigglegiggle…..

Me:  “OK, I’m getting tired of typing the gibberish…let’s get back to what you were talking about.  Nurse, Dentist or Teacher.  What about a Doctor?”

PN:  “Hello here!  Nurses are the same thing!!!  Only they’re a girl!!!”

Me:  “Nuh uh, doctors and nurses are different – and there are boy doctors, girl doctors, girl nurses and boy nurses…..”

PN:  “Hey Mama!  Look at me!  I’m a Dentist!” (waving her dentist mirror around…)

PN:  “Let’s make four choices…”

Me:  “Ahhh! four now, huh?  What are they?”

PN:  “Dentist, Nurse, Teacher, or Paleontologist.”

Me:  “Ahhh!  You’re adding dinosaur guru to the list now, huh?”

PN:  “No, not a dinosaur guru, a Paleontologist!”

Me:  “I don’t know how to spell it…I’ll have to look it up.”

PN:  “Hold on, I can spell it for you…” (she retrieves her dinosaur play mat and spells it for me…)

PN:  “I just wanna be…uh, I know!  Raise your hand if you want me to be a Paleontologist.  Going once…going twice…Paleontologist wins!!!

Me:  “So you’re going to grow up and study dinosaurs?”

PN:  “Uh, let me think….YES!!!!  You know why?”

Me:  “Why?”

PN:  “Because I love dinosaurs!!! That should be enough….uh, Mama, you can stop typing now!!”


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (annoying boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. Dinosaurs always win! Uh, well..maybe not always. That whole getting wiped off the planet thing and all….


  2. I totally know what you mean about feeling like you're missing an appendage when you're away from your computer for too long! Happy Friday, stopping by from SITS today to say good morning and TGIF!

  3. My credit card number has also been used illegally twice now. Fortunately the bank catches it pretty fast and are good about crediting. It's always been for stuff like online software downloads so it's pretty easy to catch. Knock on wood, I've never had my card used at an actual store. It's such a pain though and as far as I can tell they don't try very hard to find the perps.

  4. I vote for the dinosaurs, too! Good choice PN, good choice.

    My brain is always in a million different places. I quit fighting it. Makes it so much more fun!

  5. Love that PN conversation. That might be one of the best yet. She is so funny. I was cracking up. I think it is so funny that she understands blogging in a way. She knows you type about her, and tells you when the 'story' is over. haha

  6. I was going to write a huge comment about your post until I read the bit about paleantologist and since then laughed so much I forget everything I was going to say. Wow, how random PN can be! lol

  7. That AF! she always messes up the place too. Between the snacking wrappers and the cleaning wrappers and the lack off wanting to do dishes.

    I love discussions with PN, I don't get those kinds of discussions with the boys, they want to get right to the point and as fast as possible. I'll bet PN will be a great writer in school she's got such great ideas, and discriptiveness. Teachers love discriptiveness.

    She would make an excellent teacher, nurse, dentist or dinosaur guru.

    I like the idea of the 30day challenge and the reset button. I wish there was a reset button for my butt though, Reset to 14yrs old~! 🙂

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on Grayson and Sadie in the pillows. Sadie is very connected to my husband and seems to have some issues when she sees him show attention to either of our Baby Grands! Silly dog. Blessings.

  9. How come we all know what we want to be when we're little, but don't know what we want to be when it really is time to pick a career?

  10. That bank scare is bad stuff. Glad you caught it quickly and it was resolved. I do wish, especially when I talking about something serious, that customer service could come in an unaccented edition.

  11. You grocery shop bi-monthly?! I'm jealous. Maybe if I planned better I could do the same. And how crazy about your ATM card! It's scary what people can & are doing these days. Hope it all works out okay for you. I'm impressed at PN's vocabulary! Happy FF! 🙂

  12. Happy Friday! You had a crazy week, and we had a LAZY week!

    (Now I need to figure out why Oliver's picture is showing as my profile picture over there on the blogfrog thing!)

  13. Sounds like a hectic week!

    I always love your conversations with PN, she cracks me up. What a cutie!

    Sadly, I will be home tonight. Even more sadly, I don't think I'll get the computer cuz my youngest will take it over.

    Have a great Friday!


  14. Good for you for staying on top of your bank charges. I've been lucky, since I use my card alot, and I've never had a problem, but I try to stay alert.

    It's awesome that you're going to have a paleontologist in the family!

  15. Since I live in the boonies, if anyone messed with our credit, it wouldn't be too hard to figure out who it was. The offender then runs the risk of winding up so far down a coal shoot, that even a budding paleantologist couldn't find him.

  16. That sucks about the charges, but it's great that you caught it so quickly. You are inspiring me to keep a closer eye on my charges. I hear of this stuff happening far too often.

  17. The last time I checked our charge card which we don't use, there was a weird charge. So I called my husband who said he didn't make it. I argued against the charge to the card company who reversed it. Come to find out it was an authorized charge by none other than MY HUSBAND, who had flatly denied it. So then the card reissued the charge again. (It was work related and he forgot. He paid me for it and I paid it off.)

    What a dimwit he is sometimes.

  18. Happy VGNO! I was here this morning, but it was too early for a party! I hope PN had a good ending to her week in school. We finally got rolling with virtual school! Our whole life is going to be VIRTUAL soon – virtual school, virtual friends, virtual parties! YIKES!

    My VGNO

  19. Do you really only grocery shop twice a month? I need a blog post on that one… What's your secret?

  20. You're reminding me of my promise to get out my wii fit when school started…two weeks ago & counting!

    Happy VGNO!

  21. Good for you for catching the fraudulent charges early enough to prevent them from taking over your account. I watched a Lifetime Movie last night "Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story" and it totally freaked me out. The thief charged insane amounts of money in this woman's name and when she was finally caught she was only sentenced to 2 years in jail. Sick. I hope you get your refund soon.

    The conversation with PN was hilarious!

    Happy Friday!

  22. I don't like the fall!
    I am not a fan of aunt flow!
    But I love the hell out of some dinosaurs!!!! Way to go Princess Nagger!!!

  23. How cute! If only it were that easy to make such major decisions! Or maybe it can be, who knows?
    Happy friday and happy GNO!

  24. It's funny when sometimes you're too confused of what to do because yo think of many different things and you don't know where to start. Sometimes, you don't know what to do because of mental block 😛

    Woohoo a future paleontologist! 😀 Maybe she'l' discover some new species of dinosaurs 😀


  25. Whoa. About your charges. Geez!!! I hope those credits appear soon.

    Well,… I opened the door to find my little Katie covered in Desitin. COVERED.

    I could not believe how difficult it was to get off of her skin.

    Happy VGNO!

  26. Teagan keeps saying she wants to be a dentist. And a mom. She always says she wants to be a mom- I think that's sweet.

    The fraud thing sucks! Good thing you caught it right away!

  27. Thank God you caught those charges so quickly. I have started bringing out some of my fall the last couple of days. As well, I have a few purchases from Etsy on the way of some great fall stuff!

  28. I watch my bank account like a hawk, too! Glad you were able to catch it so quickly! Hope you get your money back soon.

    Happy VGNO!

  29. You need to see my post tonight about Identity theft & our SecureNet program!

    Have a Happy VGNO!

  30. Crazy week!
    Love PN's conversation. Interesting choices she has there!
    Sorry about the card…I hope your bank gets it straightened out for you quickly! That is a scary feeling.
    You know that cereal ad over there? It keeps "Popping" up on me.

  31. It's good that you caught the unauthorized charges so quickly! Hopefully the customer service rep will follow through on his promise to take care of it!

  32. What a cutie pie, that PN.

    I want to thank you very much for mentioning the grocery shopping, because I left groceries (just a few) on the diningroom table three hours ago and was able to get them into the fridge! I figure butter and cream cheese can take it. If not, you are the only one who will know the cause of my death tomorrow from poisoned cherry torte!

    I'm so glad you caught that charge! It pays to be vigilant, especially these days.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend…

  33. Princess Nagger just cracks me up! I love the whole nurses are girl doctors. I could see that logic … my son uses it too. And my son wants to be a scientist — he will study dinosaurs (he tells me) but other things as well. And when I grow up, I will be a scientist with him and we will live in Florida. This is what he informed me the other day. I'm kind of excited about it. I hope he pays for all this!

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