Pausing to remember those who lost their lives or loved ones on this day eight years ago. We will never forget.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

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Is it Friday already? What happened to this week? Besides major chaos, of course… My brain is fried, I’m PMS-ing this week, so I was having trouble thinking about what to post today. I didn’t want to not post anything, you know, because that’s just not like me. But I also don’t want to post nonsense because you might need the sleep, but I’d rather be an entertainment factor, not a snooze factor.

Luckily the prettiest teacher I know, Mrs. 4444‘s (if I could roll my tongue it would sound something like this: “Mrs. Fourrrrrrs”…you heard that, right?) from Half Past Kissin’ Time and the multi-talented Sara from Ordinary and Awesome have made life easy for those of us with Fried Brains. Grab your frying pan and join in the cookout of fragments…nom nom nom!

So let’s find out what’s been going on with me this week. As you know I’ve hit the one-year anniversary of my blog. The year has flown by and I’m just kind of in surreal mode with how much fun I’ve been having. Especially lately. Because I’m finally coming out of my carefully constructed shell and being more myself. You’re welcome. And thank you.


Monday I finally had a chance to try a wine filter that I’ve had for a couple of years (but couldn’t use it last year because I needed one more ‘wide mouthed’ carboy). I was so looking forward to it… And Holy. Crap. It was a royal pain to set up, then it leaked everywhere.
I took that picture at the very beginning of the leaking…the beginning, mind you. It got a lot worse.

You have to run sanitizer through it first, then empty it out then run your wine through, so hubby and I figured (per the instructions) we needed to tighten the wing nuts…so we did, and it seemed to at least decrease the leakage. But man oh man – when I started filtering the wine? Chaos!

It was leaking like a sieve, the rubber cap kept popping off the one carboy from the pressure, my wine filler wand was drip-drip-dripping away and I was making a mess. So I disconnected the filter mid-stream (literally) and decided to just transfer it from one carboy to another ‘straight’ leaving the sediment behind that had settled to the bottom nicely.

I had wine everywhere. On the counter-top, on the floor, on me (wishing I was drinking it, not spilling it!)…. So then it took awhile to transfer from one 6 gallon to the other, then I was finally able to bottle from the second carboy…what a pain in the ass, I tellya! I won’t be using that filter again… It’s definitely one of those that falls into ‘you get what you pay for’.

But WooHoo! I got the Blackberry Merlot finally bottled – there are a number of people who have been waiting patiently for that to happen so they can buy it through Savannah*Haven. I quickly bottled the Kahlua which then enabled me to take pictures for my giveaway. And no, you’re not too late to enter – you still have a week and four days before the deadline.


Princess Nagger is still dragging her feet every day about going to school. Every. Day. But I started something new. Bribery. Yessirreebob, I’m bribing a 6 year old. With real money. I’m paying her to go to school. Well, not so much paying her to go to school, but giving her ‘tasks’ to do at school to earn cold, hard cash. And she’s buying it. Or am I buying it?
Tuesday I bribed her with a dollar if she would find out the name of the other girl sitting at her table in class. Of course I knew I’d been ‘taken’, as I was helping her across the street to get on the bus I heard her mutter “I already know her name.” Yep, she got me. Took me for a dollar.

Then she asked me on Wednesday what I’d pay her five dollars for. Five?! I had to think hard on that one…so then I suggested she find the girl she became best friends with on the bus last year (who is in the same grade but not in the same class – last year or this year, but apparently they’re ‘best friends’ according to PN).

They see each other on the playground periodically during recess, or those wonderful moments they get to have lunch together in the cafeteria, Princess Nagger is all atwitter when she gets home. So I told her to ask that girl the name of her first grade teacher. If she found that out, I’d pay her five dollars. You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Wednesday she gets off the bus and before she’s even off the bus, announces: “You owe me five dollars, Mama!” So I knew her mission was accomplished. And I owe her five dollars.


My update for Fitness Friday is pretty boring this week. No WiiFit again, but EA Sports Active yes. I’m discovering muscles I never thought I had – or swear weren’t there before but they now hurt. So I’m plugging along – this week there were no gains and no losses – but I’m retaining water in PMS mode, so I bet next week will be a loss treat. Hopefully not a lost treat. As long as I don’t overindulge eating chocolate. I’m not making any promises.


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

Princess Nagger: “I don’t like gym this year.”

Me: “Why don’t you like gym? Don’t you get to play fun games like last week, when you played ‘Simon Says’ with no rules?”

PN: “Well, yeah, that was fun. But Mrs. E taught gym last year, and this year it’s a boy teaching gym!

Me (laughing): “Oh, it’s a ‘boy’ teaching this year, huh? But I bet he makes it just as fun as Mrs. E did…isn’t he the one that came up with ‘Simon Says’ with no rules?”

PN: “Oh, yeah, I guess he did. I like it a little bit, then. But he’s still a boy, and I don’t like boys!”

Me (still laughing): “Wait – how can you not like boys when you say that Sean is your boyfriend and your other two friends are boys?”

PN: “Well I love Sean…but boys are just annoying!”


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (annoying boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. PN has got you where she wants you now! You are in trouble, missy!

    I can't even imagine the joy of wine cleanup. What a sticky mess! At least you don't have carpet in that room.

  2. I really think, some how that PN and Tara are related….. alien abduction maybe? I have always used bribery as my last line of defense. I even resorted to it a couple times this week!

    Can't wait to taste that wine! Maybe Tara and I can come meet you in your neck of the woods and pick a bottle up!!!

    Guess what, they got the fall decorations out at the salon while I was working last night… now I want to decorate at home. I really want to wait until 9/22 though!

  3. Ooh girl, I think you're doing it all wrong. Pay her to GET UP and READ for school, not for actually doing stuff AT school. There, she's already got her jobs outlined for the day. in fact, don't even pay her. Just swat her hiney into gear! LOL

    So glad you got some wine done, but what a PITA you had to deal with!

    Justine 😮 )

  4. Sorry to hear PN still isnt having fun at school… have you talked to the school about a teacher switch???
    I am in the middle of the 30 day Shred.. its kicking my fitness butt!!

  5. Paying kids to like school? Love it. If you pay me, I will like work more too!! 🙂

    PMS? Yuck. I just a silent thank you yet again to the surgeon that removed my uterus 10+ years ago!!

    What the hell do you filter wine for? Chunks?


  6. As usual, the PN convo of the week cracked me up. She sounds way too adorable.

    That wine filter sounds like a pain!

    Happy FF!

  7. It's taken me 23 years but PN has just hit the nail on the head when it comes to 'boys' lol – brilliant!

    Sorry to hear about the messy wine and it's such a shame that you were spilling it rather than drinking it – I'll have a few drinks for you myself tonight 🙂

    Also about PN – she's already tapping you for minor? Clever girl. VERY clever girl 😀 Sure it costs you a dollar to get her to do little things like introduce herself to different kids etc but at the end of the day, the life lessons that it's teaching her is far more valuable than a buck so think of it more like an 'investment' :-p

    Have a great weekend Stacy xx

  8. PN is a smart cookie. Maybe if you have her put all this money in a bank account, she can pay for college with it.

    I too resulted to bribery on an occasion or two or two thousand. We always bribed our son with books!

  9. Lol at the boy teacher!

    I can't believe all that wine spilled! Noooo! Can I come lick your counters?

    Have a great weekend!

  10. First of all Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary!

    That wine thing sounds like trouble…ugh what a mess LOL. You should have vlogged it – I think I might have laughed LOL

  11. I'm probably going to show my stupidity but I don't even know what a wine filter is. But I will say that Blackberry Merlot sounds DELICIOUS!

    And Princess Nagger hit the nail on the head…boys are annoying whether they're seven or seventy-seven!

    Nothing wrong with a little bribery if it gets her somewhat excited about going to school. I still can't believe her teacher isn't making things interesting enough that the kids actually want to come back. What a shame!

  12. Now I know why I don't make wine. Way to messy 🙂

    But I drink enough to compensate so I'm good, right?

  13. Oh, PN has a BOYFRIEND, EWW! 😉 Way to go with the bribery. I had to resort to it for the first time ever recently when Graham started flipping out about swim lessons. So now he gets one $.10 Dum Dum every week after swim class and he hasn't complained since.

  14. Did you at least get a few sips of wine!!!
    I hate it when things you are looking forward to just don't work out… like the retractable screen door off my kitchen… pain in the kiester!

  15. Mia offered to give me a foot massage every day for 3 bucks a rub. She's really good at it. And she'll paint my toenails too.
    She also loves her boy gym teacher. And most of the boys in her second grade class. hmmm

  16. The "boy" gym teacher, and she doesn't like "boys", but loves her boyfriend. That's priceless ! Have a great week-end !

  17. Boys are still annoying LOL

    I don't think I ever got paid to do anything at home. Maybe that's why I'm not motivated by money. Maybe that's why I'm not motivated??!!

  18. Poor kid! I hope you'll be able to figure out something so that she's not so miserable… and you're not so bankrupt 😉

  19. Holy cow, you're sweet-thanks for the kind words in your intro!

    Now you're resorting to bribery? That's a very slippery slope, my friend… You don't want to validate that school is so awful she should be paid to go…And BTW, background checks at our school go through within a week or two-Hopefully, you'll be in there soon and will be able to get some answers.

    I definitely feel our exercise pain!! Hurts so good, doesn't it?!

  20. The wine debacle…what a mess!! Glad you were able to save some! ;0)

    PN…hilarious!! She's going to be rolling in the dough by the end of the year at this rate. Hahaha!!

  21. I'm never against a little bribery, but I do a points thing with my kids. If I give them a task and they complete it w/out complaining and in the amount of time that I ask them to do it, they get a point. When they get 10 points, they earn a prize. They can lose points if they break rules.

    I have the EA active thing and the Wii fit and I think I like the EA sports thing better. The wii fit is too much clicking. I like just getting the workout over with as quickly as possible. I don't want to hear any tips from my trainer. Good luck this week with your exercise. I really need to get back to it myself.

  22. I am not against bribery. You do what you gotta do to get the kids to do those things you can't let them out of!! I may have to bribe my senior to go to school this year. She's already bugging me to let her take her classes online. Apparently you can even take gym online now. Go figure.

    Love the convo with PN. I agree, boys are annoying! hehe

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