After the hair-raising break-in on Monday, and even though A.C. Moore didn’t have Princess Nagger’s name appliqué in stock, the trip wasn’t a complete bust. They had a sale going on for their unfinished wood projects, so Princess Nagger decided she really needed to get a bird house to paint and put out for the birds so they’ll have a winter home.

She donned one of Dada’s old shirts and got to work:

Purple is her favorite color, so of course she decided purple was the color of the day:

She also wanted to add pink accents, and originally was going to paint the roof pink, but opted to do half pink and half purple, then add pink polka dots and designs to the purple side. Then she was having fun ‘creating’ a ‘brand new’ color by mixing the pink and purple paint together. She kept asking every five minutes if it was dry yet, and didn’t like having to wait until the next day to hang the house up for the birds. She did enjoy playing with it that night, though, as she let her little dinosaurs and bears inhabit the house and marveled at the fact that it’s technically a 2-story house.

The next day she wanted to put the house up first thing, so I armed myself with the drill to attach it to the grape arbor…you’ll note that she added bird seed on the top and bottom of the house, because she wanted to make it ‘convenient’ for the birds so they didn’t have to fly over to the bird feeder to eat. She also added a cracker just in case they were ‘extra’ hungry:
Travis was showing great interest in the house – I think he thought it was a treat house just for him:

He tried to stick his nose in the side windows to steal the cracker…

The house is now successfully hanging on the grape arbor, awaiting the first bird to decide to make it its home. Princess Nagger was a little disappointed that there wasn’t already a bird living in there by the end of the day…she was afraid they didn’t like the paint job. I reassured her that it was beautiful, and that they were probably waiting until the dogs weren’t around to inspect the new abode.
I’ll keep an eye on things, and if any of the birds decide it’s a great place to live and build a nest in it, you’ll be the first to know. Well, first after Princess Nagger, of course!
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  1. Oh my gosh, it's not even Wednesday yes on my side of the world and I already get to partake of your wordless/wordfull wednesday!

    She did a great job on the house! She is one creative girl!

  2. What a great birdhouse! She did a Great job! Too funny that the dog liked it so well too! I hope you get birds in it soon!

  3. Awwww, she did such a good job! I love how she did the roof opposite colors with the pink. Super creative. I love the picture of the doggy too!

  4. This a great birdhouse she has done here;Purple is indeed a nice color.Have a nice day 🙂

  5. She will be so excited when a bird uses it! I remember doing things like that when I was a child.

  6. I hope a bird finds it soon. For both you sakes. She will be checking constantly. The bird house is nice and she is adorable.
    Happy WW and WWW

  7. Great post! She did a great job on her birdhouse! I, too, have a 'purple and pink' girl, although, she's starting to move away from it some. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  8. That turned out super cute! I can't wait to see who will be the lucky resident!

    And school starts today…what happened with your teacher situation?

  9. She did a great job with the bird house. I like the purple with the pink polka dots. I hope some birds move in soon!

  10. What a great project! It turned out FABULOUS! I haven't even thought of doing a bird house with them – we still do pine cone bird feeders 🙂

  11. We are in need of some birdhouses. Will Princess Nagger be selling her birdhouse creations? She is adorable and super caring leaving the birds extra food. I love the pic with Travis's feet and the birdhouse. Happpy WW and take care.

  12. my kids keep requesting to do this project – but I don't want to clean up bird poop all over my deck!

  13. She did a great job painting!

    You might want to rethink actually putting her name in a visible spot on her backpack. Makes it easier for kidnappers to get personal. "Hey, Princess Nagger!" Get it?

    Justine 😮 )

  14. Beautiful birdhouse Princess Nagger. It is painted perfectly.
    They will come, give them time.

  15. Love the birdhouse! My girls would love how PURPLE it is! 🙂 Can't wait to hear if any birds make use of it!

    Found you via MBC and am now following! 🙂

  16. Oh how cute! She really put her heart into this! She is simply adorable and you can tell she is all about making sure the birds get fed and that their house is a pretty one!

    Well done!

  17. I've got a mulberry tree that the bird house would go with beautifully! The purple bird crap on it would blend right in with the paint job! I was locked out of my house once by my dog…but that is a post in itself…

  18. You are the funnest mom…she gets to great crafty projects! The birdhouse turned out great. 🙂

  19. That is one lovely bird house with an outstanding paint job… Once it gets cooler some rocking purple loving bird will move in..

  20. "Little purple houses… for you n' me!"
    Very sweet photos! (Purple is my fave color too!)

  21. She did a great job. We were headed to AC Moore on Tuesday until I got "mommy-tude" at something Tara said! Probably better, I spend way too much in those places, and I'm not even very crafty!

  22. I like Travis's paws in the one shot… ha! Nice project, I'm making a mental note for my kids to do in a couple of years!

  23. Wonderful!!! I loved doing arts and crafts with my boys. I hope a bird moves in for her. If anything, you could put some bird seed in it for her. I like buying the seedless variety.

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