Mother Nature has been giving us some hot and humid weather. It’s been the kind of heat that zaps the energy right out of you, so Princess Nagger and I have been hanging out in the air conditioned room goofing off. Yesterday was no different, the highs were supposed to be around 90-ish and above, so we were playing some video games to pass the time, even though it was warmish in the living room.
I thought Princess Nagger was trying to pull a prank on me when she said “Look! It’s 150-degrees outside!” pointing to the weather monitor thing we have hanging on the wall. I thought she was trying to distract me so she could swipe something of mine, like my vanilla coke, or something, you know, like saying “Look! There’s a unicorn over there!” *giggle giggle* She was very insistent that I check it out, so I did, and was greeted with this:
I also took a picture with the flash so you could read it better:
There aren’t any ‘city settings’ near us, so the closest we go by is the capitol of PA. Apparently the satellite was all messed up – maybe a sun spot or something was causing interference with the actual temperature, but it was pretty funny to see that it was 150 degrees and rising…and the high for tomorrow is showing as 88 with scattered snow… I scrolled down one city to see if it was messed up there, but apparently the satellite for Philadelphia was fine:
While I was taking pictures, Princess Nagger was thinking out loud:

PN: “Is today Wednesday or tomorrow?”

Me: “Tomorrow’s Wednesday…why?”

PN: “Oh, this will be perfect for you to put on your blog for Wordless Wednesday!”

Me (laughing): “Great idea, I think I’ll do just that!”

So there ya go. Wordless, Wordful, Whatever Wednesday – Princess Nagger was thinking of all my readers.

As I was putting this post together, a major thunderstorm swept through and cut off our internet and power…luckily it came back on long enough for me to finish the post and schedule it, so here’s hoping by the time you’re reading this, Mother Nature has moved on to wreak havoc elsewhere. 😉

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  1. Too funny! We got a thunderstorm this evening too (I had not watched the weather, since all they were saying was hot, hot, hot), so it was unexpected. I was taking a 'bio' break when the lights flickered, very thankful not to be left in the dark in that room!

    PN is a riot!

  2. I am a late owl tonight too!! Trying to soak in sun last minute fun before school starts!!

    I was worried that it was 150 degrees in your house. Thank heaves it was a mistake!! I remember that you have no central air.

    Poor PN… school for her very soon!!

  3. Thank goodness it was wrong. This 90 degree stuff is already awful!

    Love the convo though-too funny!

  4. LOL! What a great picture! Your daughter is too cute for suggesting this as a ww picture! Have a great day!!

  5. Wow, usually you want to cook meat until it is at an internal temperature of 150 degrees!

  6. Dear Lord child! Were you guys in hell or what? What kind of prank was "Mother" playing with your thermostat?

    I'm thinking there was a "Little Black Spot on the Sun Today"!(Sting and the Police)

    Anywho, here you are! Here I am! I somehow lost your site and a few others! Not sure I clicked the right thingys. But, at least I'm back!

    So there! Stay cool! Literally!

  7. I haven't seen a thermostat like that one. I love the little icons. I don't care for 150 degree weather, but I like the little pictures. LOL Happy WW!

  8. OK, I knew it was hot but that's ridiculous!
    I LOVE that she told you to blog it, that's too cute.

  9. OMG, PN is all about getting you blog posts. I love it! Do you think maybe your thermometer was hitting up your wine stash?

  10. gosh! hahahaha! oh boy. w-ll. i can use some snow here myself, send over some if you do get one, lol. hello to princess for a terrific idea!

  11. You have a future blogger there, what with her already thinking of blog post ideas! Oh my, can you imagine what her blog will be like?

  12. Apparently the weather in your neck of the woods has affected my computer. It took nearly 10 minutes for your post to load. Must be the 150 degree heat with scattered snow storms.

    PN is a smart young lass. Can't wait til she starts blogging, too!

    (so what do you wear today? A down coat or a bikini?)

  13. I am out in Bucks County, PA and it felt to me like 150 in the sun! The thunderstorms hit our area around 8 or 9pm. It knocked our power off for a bit too! Happy WW!

  14. Talk about Global Warming! I think Princess Nagger is ready for her own blog. Happy WW and take care.

  15. Ah, I'm not the only one, then. Whenever anything slightly out of the ordinary happens around my house, Beloved and The Young One will (often wearily) ask, "You're going to blog this, aren't you?"

  16. You can tell a blogger from a non blogger when we automatically see things and take pictures only to put it on our blog.

  17. I would love for my thermometer to be wrong like that! Mine easily says 120 on the worst days….ah, the price you pay for living in Phoenix. Although our winters are pretty peachy @ 70 or so. Happy WW.


  18. I couldn't post a comment on your blog for a couple of days- glad to see things are working again!

  19. Our car thermometer thingy is always wrong about the temp. lol We have been getting thunderstorms here too. It's hot & humid and supposed to be like 95 or something until the storms hit.

  20. I'd love to know if it's 88 and snowing today! LOL!

    I thought we were hot yesterday at 91, but really, 150 you have us beat. That's actually a contest I wouldn't want to win LOL!

  21. Don't you love when your kids are keeping your blog in mind! My kids do that same thing!

  22. How weird!

    My family is always thinking of WW posts too. I think that means I spend too much time on my blog. 🙂

  23. yikes! I like it sunny and warm but 145 is my limit! I would like to see 88 and snowing!

  24. That's what it's felt like here lately! LOL!! That is crazy though!
    It's funny that Princess Nagger thinks of WW posts for you! LOL! Too cute!
    Send that weather back across the country to us here!! We need the rain!
    Happy WW!! =)

  25. I hope your 150 degree weather, snow and thunderstorms don't come in our direction. We often get weather from Pennsylvania so keep it to yourself :). I hope it cools down for you (and us) soon.

  26. Oh my 150 degrees would be absolutely miserable. What I find funnier though is the snow prediction tomorrow when it is in the 80s.

  27. I love it when the entire family is conspiring to create blog posts.

    She'll be guest blogging in no time 🙂

  28. It feels 150 degrees in Phoenix today. I honestly don't even think about going outside anymore. Thank GOD for A/C!

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