My laptop finally succumbed to the Blue Screen Of Death and appeared as if it wasn’t going to recover. This weekend was spent re-doing the whole thing. So much fun. I hadn’t realized how many software programs I’ve accumulated over the years that needed to be reinstalled after I did the FDISK mode. It’s one of the reasons I have to stick with a PC vs. switching to MAC because I have way too many software applications that are ‘PC Only’ and wouldn’t be able to use them with a MAC.
I knew the day was coming that my laptop might not recover from the death screen, since it started to happen quite frequently as of late, so I moved all my important stuff to two different auxiliary drives just in case. That way I wouldn’t reenact the fatal crash of my desktop PC that caused me to lose a lot of important documents and pictures of the Princess Nagger from the early years. I learned the hard way that it’s always good to be prepared.

So for those of you who were wondering about my absence from the blogosphere this weekend, there ya go. I’ve just about gotten everything ‘fixed’ and installed, so by tomorrow I’ll be back to my regular posting and blog-hopping mode. That’s way more fun than the ‘hurry up and wait’ and ‘reboot now’ moments I’ve been not enjoying this weekend. The Wine Making post I was planning on doing for today is going to have to wait until next Monday…but it will be worth the wait, I promise.

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  1. Was it the weekend of the naughty laptop or what?! Mine decided early Saturday morning that it wanted to start making a weird rattly noise. The fan apparently decided to go on the fritz. OH yeah, and the hubby got to completely reboot our exchange student's hard drive after a crash on Friday night. Poor guy has to work at work and at home! 😛

  2. I knew there was a good reason that you were not around! A weekend without Stacy is like a weekend without sunshine! 🙂

  3. I am glad that it was just the computer. I was wondering what happened.

    Have a good school week!!

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with my computer too. I can't live with it, but I definitely can't live without it!

  5. I can relate. *shakes head.

    Boy, can I ever relate with the woman wanting to shoot her computer.

    heh heh.

  6. Oh no! The blue screen of death is the absolute worst. Try a program called Spinrite… I worked as a tech person before being a SAHM and I used that program to save many dying hard drives. My parent's died and they thought they had lost all of the pics of my grandfather but we got them. Woot!

  7. I've been having blue screen of death issues too! But our laptop is brand new and we can't find any of our old programs to put back on it (we're super organised) so it's not from anything we've loaded on except maybe plug'n'play stuff like the camera and external HD. Sorry, I'm dumping on you like your my computer guy… I might just call him tomorrow and save you from my ranting!

    I hope it's all sorted quickly for you!

  8. I knew that something had to be up when you weren't around!

    I was having trouble with my less than one year old laptop, and finally the other week I had to reintall VISTA (darn Vista). I think I lost a few recent photos that I hadn't backed up to my 2nd and 3rd locations! I've been working on reorganizing all my pics in all those places this weekend (along with my scanning project!)

    Glad to see you back!

  9. I'm still mourning the demise of my laptop a few weeks ago. We are too addicted to these things, aren't we?

  10. i just got back online myself in "full" my linux and new flash weren't talking to each other. It's fixed now. YAY!

  11. I saw your comment on SITS today and decided to hop on over. I think it was your "Princess Nagger" comment that drew me in, LOL. I call mine "Viva the Diva." It must be something about sassy little girls. Love your blog. Funny stuff!

  12. One of my coworkers just lost a lot of material on her work computer when the IT guy came to fix some things – stats, pictures, programming information, etc. What a nightmare!

  13. I just knew there was a reason but I was hoping that you were just enjoying a weekend off. I'm sorry your computer did that to you! But, I'm so glad you were able to restore it.

    I missed you SO much though! I kept popping over here to see if my reader had missed something.

  14. gotta love computer issues…my mac finally died a month or so ago…a poor death…but tomorrow you will be back so….

  15. I am glad you are back, I almost cried the other day because the computer I use (because mine blew up) gave me a blue screen and wouldn't move, i turned it off and it works but half they paycheck is going to saving for my next computer that will be bought SOON

  16. Oh yikes – that is scary stuff – that nasty blue screen. I'm so glad you were able to back up all of your important things before doomsday!

  17. Stacy. . . that is so sad! I see you had to take the horse out back and shoot it!

    That happened at my house about six months ago!

    I was just wondering what happened to you. I did miss you over the last few days!
    Glad you are back!

  18. that sucks.

    hubby was able to save my laptop from the brink of death but now it kind of sucks. it's decided that it won't play any sound and if i have the misfortune of needing to open a word doc, it takes 10 minutes for the program to "reformat" itself.

    then again…technology and i just don't get along.

  19. I hate it when the computer takes a dump. I also just replaced my old, tired computer. So glad I did. The old one still gets use, but it gets more rest than use.

  20. Ugh, computer problems totally suck! I learned the hard way too about backing up everything. I lost 6 months worth of pictures and videos a couple years ago and it still makes me sad when I think about it.

    Looking forward to your next post!

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